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The Story About a Girl Whose Life Is Full of Unfaithful People


Life takes us through many tests that are very difficult to pass, but one of the benefits of testing is that we get to know people who are


What Are We

Life takes many tests. God Almighty has given a life, but everything given in life happens. In everything I'm not talking about comfort and ease. I'm talking about the situations, the tests and the problems we see in our lives. Man is so entangled in many troubles in his life that at some point he begins to accept these difficulties as his life. Heart attack at an early age is not an easy and common thing. At this age when man likes the colors of the world, he enjoys the world. At this age, if his heart becomes a graveyard, the life of such a person is not easy. He seems to be walking around but he is just a liar He is dead inside.

Starting Of Problems

There is a story of such a girl whose name is Sana and she belongs to Karachi city. She is a very playful and playful girl. Bright since childhood, adapted to all seasons. Even those who lived with her were happy to see the environment. She was a very good girl in terms of training. In her life, from birth to thirteen years, everything was great, every happiness was happy. Every relationship was full of love then suddenly one day.

The Extent Of Parental Distrust

Her family locked her in the house and told her not to go out. She was very upset about what happened all of a sudden. And she started asking her parents, "Tell me, what happened? Why am I being subjected to all these restrictions?" But none of his parents spoke. Sana's father asked his wife to lock him in Sana's room. His mother took him to the room and said, "Shut up now and don't be rude." Your father is very angry. Don't raise your hand in anger. You just stay here. Frightened, the poor girl went to bed in silence and started crying inside and said to Allah, "My God!" What did I do?

Next Life Exam Of Her

After some time, Sana's matriculation exams were held and after finishing the exams, in case of finishing school, the school friends made a program to go somewhere with each other. Sana was seventeen years old at the time.

Sana came home and told her parents about going and how many girls are there and where they are going and for how long. Sana's parents knew many of her friends well and allowed her to leave. She was very happy and left in the evening with her friends. Sana returned home as scheduled and then fell asleep. After a while, Sana developed a high fever and her family became worried about what had happened. Suddenly the Sana's father told his wife to take him to the doctor and give her medicine.
In the morning, when Sana and her mother went to see the doctor, the doctor said that she did not have a normal fever and would have to undergo some tests. Both mother and daughter agreed to it. But who knew that Sana's life would change forever from here. Sana was tested and the doctor said that the report would be received tomorrow. The next day when Sana and her mother went to get the report, the doctor said that something has happened to today's generation. Girls don't take a moment to sink their parents' names. Both mother and daughter get upset. After listening to the doctor's words, the mother nervously asks, "What's the matter, Doctor? Is everything alright?" The doctor says nothing is right. Your daughter is pregnant. On hearing this, the mother screamed and said, "What?" And she faints. Sana is very upset and does not understand what he is saying. She angrily asks the doctor, "Are you reading the correct report or not?" The doctor says, "Sana Raze Khan, are you?

While Sana's full name is Sana Nazi Khan, but she does not pay attention to this name in distress and starts crying. She wakes her mother, her mother regains consciousness, slaps Sana in front of everyone and says, "I created you for this day, she says I'm not like that. Believe me." Do, the mother takes Sana home and she does not take her report home.

At home, she tells Sana's father everything. The father slaps Sana. Sana roars and faints. She is in her room when she opens her eyes. She knocks on the door, but no one speaks. She screams that I have not sinned. Open the door to God, I am innocent, but no one listens. Even after being locked in the room for two days, she was sitting at the door hungry and thirsty. Mom opened the door and said what is your marriage contract? And she cries and says who is who and with whom? And why are you doing all this? I have a mild fever and nothing. She shakes her mother and says that the doctors are lying. Mom asks if the report is wrong? Sana says yes, everything is a lie, my God knows. I am pure, do not do this marriage without thinking. You will regret it for the rest of your life. You should fear Allah. Do not do this. Mom says stop your nonsense. Eat and get ready and don't come in front of the guests with this dead face. She asks Allah for help so that Allah does not allow this injustice to happen to me. She gets married after three days. They marry her to an old man. Sana becomes very helpless and she wears the bride's pair like her shroud and her marriage takes place at that time. The next day, Sana's mother got a call from the hospital. "I am very sorry to say that I read another Sana report that day," he said. Your daughter's name is Sana Raze Khan and the report I read was from another Sana Khan. Your daughter had a fever and nothing more.

The mother screams when she hears this. And she says how can you make such a big mistake by becoming a doctor? What happened to my daughter here because of you? Her father married her to an older man. Doctor, what did you do? A mother cries When she tells her other children.
The mother tells the father everything. The father has tears in his eyes and he leaves the office and goes to the hospital. And he puts a spectacle in the hospital. He ruined my daughter's life by hearing the wrong news. The doctor says you don't trust your children. The father came out of the hospital ashamed and came home shocked.

Mother calls Sana. Sana doesn't pick up the phone. The father says that in the evening we will go to Sana's house. When the parents and siblings go to Sana's house, Sana's husband ruthlessly says that Sana is now married. It has nothing to do with you anymore. She is my wife. Can't meet you, she can't meet anyone. The father called Sana without the man's consent, but Sana does not come, he calls again. Sana comes out. She has a head injury. The mother gets very upset when she sees this and runs to her daughter and asks what happened.

Frightened, Sana remained silent and looked at her husband. Then she says to her mother, "You sent me here. Now let me stay here. Then I am in the condition I am in. Sana tells her father to leave. They have left and they have left. She went to her room.