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The Procrastination Cure: Book Review

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Procrastination is like an illness. We all suffer from it at some time or another and its impact on our lives can be quite detrimental. We may procrastinate in certain areas of our lives but not in all areas. Our procrastination can be chronic or it can be acute - affecting us only now and then. We all have different reasons to procrastinate but there is a common thread.


The Procrastination Cure: 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off

The Procrastination Cure: 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off - explains with solid insight on the core reasons we do what we do. This book also offers advice on how to go about overcoming this affliction, by discovering the underlying cause of your particular procrastination style. You will certainly be able to identify yourself and your habits in this book. You may be surprised that you suffer from this "affliction" more than you thought.

Time is a very valuable resource that cannot be renewed. Learning how to overcome putting tasks off to a day that may never come is a good habit to develop. This book will improve your life substantially if you follow the advice. Thankfully, we can learn to stop procrastination, it just takes self awareness and a desire for change.


What is Procrastination?

Doing the Urgent

Procrastination can actually be defined in many ways. It is different things to different people. Generally speaking it is the putting off of tasks but more specifically it can be putting off less urgent but more important tasks for the urgent. Often the tasks that create more value are put off and ignored. This behaviour can be associated with the fear and anxiety of failing at those important tasks. So we do something easy and quick that we can easily succeed at.

Doing the Fun Stuff

Procrastination is also the putting off of tasks that we don't enjoy in order to do things that we do enjoy. The less enjoyable tasks may need to be done and they may be important but if we don't have fun doing them they get delegated to the bottom of a perpetual list. We naturally gravitate to things we love to do and that is okay as long as we get the less fun stuff done because there is always going to be tasks to do that aren't so appealing.

Doing the less fun but important tasks first is what we really should be doing once these are off our plate we can enjoy the rest of the day concentrating on the things we love.

Let's face it we can't enjoy absolutely everything we do but to some extent when we do accomplish a dreaded task we do achieve a strong sense of accomplishment. So even for the most mundane tasks there is a benefit to completion. Who would not enjoy that overwhelming sense of relief when the dreaded task is complete?


Time and Space

"All we have is time and space it is up to us to fill it with meaning". Time is a non-renewable resource. We cannot get it back - ever. There is no time machine. Procrastination robs us of our most valuable resource.

As we grow older we fill our days with more and more activities and it begins to feel like we are running on a treadmill. When you do get a rare moment to stop and think you may realize how quickly time has passed and what exactly did you do in that period? What were your achievements? Who did you spend time with? It is quite common for people on their death beds to wish they had spent their time more wisely on things that are important. Even worse than this regret is to realize you procrastinated on your dreams with the constant chant of "some day."

After reading the Procrastination Cure you will begin to realize how pervasive procrastination really is. It can become such a habit that you are literally letting your entire life be procrastinated away.

Days become weeks that become months and years. It is an eye opener to read this book. I always thought it was simple problem of putting off mundane tasks but it can envelope a life to the point where everything important waits indefinitely and next thing you know time has run out. Don't let this happen to you. Reading the book will open your eyes to this very serious problem. You may not even realize you have the problem until you see your habits described within its chapters.

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About the Author

Jeffery Combs

The auther, Jeffery Combs speaks from first hand experience when he wrote The Procrastination Cure. He relates his own struggles with trying to achieve his goals.

Jeffery would chronically keep putting things off or on an indefinite hold. In spite of many obstacles, that included alcohol abuse, Jeffrey fought his way through to a highly successful career as a coach and mentor.

The best coaches and mentors teach from the position of their own experiences and Jeffery does just that. He has developed a self awareness that allowed him to see his destructive path and redirect the course of his life.

Jeffery takes a much broader look a the problem of procrastination and how it impedes people's lives to the point it becomes part of their personality and their only way of doing things.


Days Go By

Procrastination Robs us of Precious Time

The Procrastination Cure is an easy read. I read it in one day. It describes different personality types and how these personalities interact with their world and in turn procrastinate. I will have to admit I saw pieces of myself in almost all the types. I had many "aha" moments and recognized my own patterns.

Jeffrey takes the definition of procrastination to a different level in his book. I really did not know how much I procrastinated until I took the book's quiz. It was very revealing. I was actually bordering on being a "chronic procrastinator" and it really frightened me.

The routine of your life becomes the norm and you just keep going through the motions not realizing that time is ticking away. All those ideas in your head and the "maybe some days" are all part of the procrastination epidemic. I didn't realize how much of an epidemic this was until I read this book. I had a very narrow view of the problem and saw it as only putting off tasks.

The Procrastination Cure made me realize how much I was putting off my entire life.

The Procrastination Cure

Is there a Cure?

I would not say that there is an actual "cure" for procrastination but just acknowledging the problem and taking steps to overcome it is an excellent first step. There is no magic pill for this problem it just takes work and awareness. Everything worth doing takes a little work! There is no avoiding it.

Habits are hard to break, its like digging up a well rooted tree. It's very difficult but not impossible especially with the right tools. This book is one of those tools. Knowledge is power and being self-aware is the beginning to a "getting things done" end.

What do you think?

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