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The Bride of the Nile - Egypt Is the Gift of the Nile!

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Bride Of The Nile

Egypt is the gift of the Nile

The famous Greek historian Herodotus rightly said: "Egypt is the gift of the Nile." Indeed, the Nile, the longest river in the world, is of great importance in the great Egyptian civilization.

Its valley was inhabited by people and there were great civilizations on its banks. The only source of prosperity and stability for the ancient Egyptians was the Nile River, where they could farm and provide food. The Nile River was very important in the hearts of the ancient Egyptians.

They even consecrated it and used its water for physical and spiritual purification, performing religious rites, and bathing the dead. They cared for the purity of the Nile. Believed that anyone who polluted the waters of the Nile would not be able to escape the wrath of the gods. This was mentioned in their religious books. That is why the ancient Egyptians proudly said that “they did not pollute the waters of the Nile” because the ancient Egyptians considered the Nile to be the primary source of life, they believed in it because the Nile protected their lives from drought. The ancient Egyptians sang Nile songs on their musical instruments.

They also considered the flood of this river sacred. That is why they appointed a deity for it. Thus the ancient Egyptian religious thought shows that behind this great river lies a spirit, through which flows the fertile flood water, and this spirit belongs to the deity.


Nile River and the Virgin Girl

The ancient Egyptians imagined the god Hapi as having the form of a fat man with a strong body, a drooping breast, a large belly, a green and blue color, naked and tall. They used to offer sacrifices to the God Hapi so that the gods would give them flood, goodness, goodness, and stability. Many stories about the sanctity of the Nile were invented according to ancient Egyptian beliefs and over time. The most famous of these stories is the Nile Bride.

Why the Nile did not flood?

The story is that the ancient Egyptians sacrificed a beautiful virgin girl for the Nile River every year. The girl was dressed like a bride, dressed in the best clothes and adorned with jewels. Then in a big national celebration, the bride would board a ship decorated with flowers and flags, which sailed at sea level.

Then people would throw it into the Nile. They thought that the bride was marrying a god in another world. In the same way, the river was happy and began to flow with their action and gave water to the people. It is said that the Nile did not flood for a year. That is why there was a drought on the land of Egypt. The Egyptians were in mourning, and the famine-affected them greatly. The king of Egypt was also very sad, who asked for the presence of the high priest and asked him why the Nile did not flood?

The high member of the clergy told the king that the reason for the famine was that the Nile was very depressed because he wanted to marry a beautiful virgin. The king then ordered the selection of a very beautiful girl to be the bride of the god Hapi.

Hapi: The God

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The Wooden Bride

This annual tradition continued for many years. Then the priest did not find a beautiful virgin, except for the king's only daughter, for a year. Nevertheless, the member of the clergy decided to celebrate so that the Nile would not be angry.

The princess' slave girl was very sad when she got this news. The slave girl hid the bride in her house and treated her like her own daughter because she had no children. He made a wooden statue in the shape of a bride, resembling a princess. In this way that he became exactly like a princess.

The slave girl decorated the wooden bride and prepared it to be thrown into the Nile. He also decided to throw the bride into the Nile with his own hands so that no one would find out. The ceremony was over and the celebration was over.

The Princess

Everyone thought that the princess had gone to another world with her beloved Nile. The king was saddened and disappointed by the separation of his only daughter. The king could not bear his grief, his health began to deteriorate rapidly and he was in bed.

When the slave girl saw that the king was about to die in the grief of his daughter's separation, he took pity on her and returned the princess to her. When the king saw his daughter, he recovered and was happy.

The slave girl then told the king the story of her trick. Every year since then, instead of the original girl, the Egyptians would have made a wooden bride in the form of a beautiful girl and decorated her and thrown her into the Nile River.


Loyalty to the Nile River

So far, many people consider the story of the bride of the Nile River, which is associated with the Pharaohs, to be a true story, but it is not really confirmed. That is why it is called an unproven story. According to Egyptian religious belief, it is not proven that they offer human sacrifices to any deity.

There are also Pharaonic tablets and manuscripts which describe the conditions of the Nile and its flood, and do not mention the virgin bride of the Nile, who was offered as a sacrifice for the Nile. Pharaoh's poets and writers do not mention this Nile bride in their writings. The fact of the Nile bride's idea is that the Egyptians consecrated the Nile River and celebrated it on a special day.

In honor of this great river gold coins and ornaments were thrown into it, and at the time of the flood brides made of gold, bronze, or clay were thrown into it so that its goodness and goodness may be good.

However, The Bride of the Nile is a story that is still repeated by the Egyptians. Egyptian poets and writers have also written about it. This story has also been shown through various films.

The Pharaohs left behind many festivals and customs of the Egyptians. But some of these festivals have either disappeared or disappeared in different periods and some are still going on, like the 'Nile Bride' festival. People in Egypt still celebrate this festival on August 15 and it is called the festival of 'Loyalty to the Nile River'.

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