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1 of "The All Internal Civil War"

When art mimics life....hmmmm. who would have thought? Not i.


Chapter 1 Overview

I started off down the gravel pathway, and made my way up to where I would park my car. I knew she was different. Daily I passed the sign in her front yard, it was letting the world know that she was able to “read palms”, and tell you the future. I see this sign often because I live down on the other end of this gravel pathway, and I pass it every day, multiple times on some.

She always waves if she is out on her porch, and she seems to be “normal”. I never get a strange vibe, or creeped-out when I go past her home. Because I tend to feel those vibes about people from time to time, I assumed it would be okay to see what she was all about.

I parked the car and hesitated before stepping out, hell, before even opening the door. But she came outside on her porch and waved at me like always, motioning for me to come in. “Weird”, I said to myself. I got out, and went up to the door. She left it ajar for me to push open and I heard her say “Come In”. I walked in and the house took me by surprise, I shouldn’t have judged, but the way the exterior looked...I figured it would be gross on the inside too. The house was like an old cottage, aromatic wood everywhere I looked. The main room had beautiful beams across the ceiling, and it smelled like coffee.

She offered me a cup, which I took gladly after scanning the room to make sure the house was cleaner than only surface level. We sat down on the couch together and I felt comfortable around her, automatically. I usually hold back around strangers, but I felt that I could tell her anything in the world, and be okay with it.

“I guess you know why I am here?”, I asked. She once again took me by surprise, and simply said “No. I have no idea, and just because I know things, does not mean I can read minds dear.”
“I am so sorry if I assumed, that was rude of me. I’m Bri, should have said that first as well. Guess I am just not on top of my game today.” I felt stupid for saying the part about her knowing why I showed up, she made so much sense though, mind reading must definitely be a separate superpower...and how the hell was I supposed to know that? I really thought psychics knew stuff of this caliber.

But she got me for a third time... “Bri, I am just kidding with you dear. I know why you are here because I was told you would come. Years ago. It is extremely nice to meet you, I am Gloria. I see you pass by here, and I knew that one day you would stop.”


My mind began to ask 24 questions at once, but all that came out of my mouth was, “How?” That may not even be the correct response to her statement, but I vividly remember that being my reply. I may have looked like a deer caught in the headlights, because she spoke loudly for one moment, seeming to bring me back to the present with her. I had zoned out in an instant, deep inside my thoughts, and running every probable scenario that would give her cause to be saying those things to me right that second. “I know you don’t understand, or believe it.

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I wouldn’t either probably.” She continued on as I sat there, being a good little deer, “You have intuition, empathy, curiosity, strong vibrations and energy, and the ones who have passed on can see you from the other side. You have two beings; they are battling over your soul at all times. You honestly have to feel it, you just don’t know. The power you have within.

Your whole life has been a test, since you were 5. Do you remember what you saw that night?”
I automatically knew that she was real, no games. I bet my eyes grew even bigger. “I can’t forget. I remember the fear, and the confusion. You really do know things about me, huh? This is blowing my mind, and I don’t know if I should be here or believe this. I feel like I will burn in hell for even asking you these things.

I know I may be over-exaggerating eternal flames and the mercy of the good Lord a little, but either way I do plan on praying as soon as I leave here.”

“Good”, she said, “Because that’s who told me you were coming. I am sure He has tons to fill you in on.” I rose from the seat, putting the coffee cup on her table. I know she’s crazy now, God doesn’t want us associating with the occult. Now she is mocking my beliefs too? I am already in pain, and she just literally mocks me and keeps talking? I asked her “Are you sure? I really thought you knew what happened to me when I was 5? I doubt God wants anything to do with me, and with this sorcery. I feel bad for being here now. I’m sorry.”

I told her to have a good evening and I walked to my car. I didn’t lock the door, so I grabbed the handle and opened it, slumping down so fast that I don’t know how I kept from knocking my head off my shoulders. Glad I didn’t, that would have been embarrassing considering the way I just hauled ass from her living room. As I backed the car in reverse to get out of her driveway, she was standing there on the porch, like I had just passed by and not stopped. Waving at me. She had a strange grin on her face this time, almost demonic. I decided I was not going back there at all, no matter what. I now had that weird feeling I lacked earlier, go me.


I honestly just wanted to smoke a joint and take a bath, go to bed and try again for a normal day tomorrow. Little did I know what I had just done, and how much I would regret the decision I made to stop there. I started praying, just like I said I would. I stopped before I could say “Amen”...and as I pulled up to my house at the end of that pathway, my eyes swelled up with tears.

I don’t know what overcame me, not fear, but yes, fear too. Strange chill bumps covered my arms and one of them jumped on the hood of my car. I don’t even own any cats...and I shit you not, 200 black cats are sitting around my house. I like cats, but these don’t resemble normal house cats. As the one on my hood walks up to the windshield, I can see it has glowing eyes. Red ones. Like the ones I saw when I was 5. I think the battle is about to take place in my front yard, because the minute I looked into his eyes... I knew he was the figure haunting me. I knew he was here to finish what he had started, and I did not want to see what would become of him when he decided he did not want to be a cat anymore.


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