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5 Grade-Boosting Notion Templates for Students

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.


As a student, one of the most challenging tasks you face is keeping up with all of the activities studying involves. From making sure you fit in the right research time to fitting in extra classes and tuition, your academic life can be very busy indeed. There are, though, some very useful tools that you can use to better keep track of the processes you are undertaking. One of the best tools you could use, for example, is Notion.

Notion allows you to keep so much information stored in one easy to review and look over place. if you need a hand in making a choice about the best way to use Notion, though, here are some great Notion templates for students. Each template can give you something easy to work with, and make sure you are working with a reliable choice for improving your chances of academic success.

If you are looking for an easy way to change things up and make sure your studies never become a headache, then this is the best place to get started. What, then, are some of the best Notion templates for students you could consider trying?

Here we are going to cover the following Notion student templates:

  1. Spaced Repetition
  2. Daily Planner
  3. Goal Tracker
  4. Kanban Board
  5. Personal Budget

1. Spaced Repetition

Revision is a hard thing to get into the groove with, and for many students finding good study, times is the biggest challenge. However, the Spaced Repetition (on Notion) template can be a great way to solve that particular issue. You should definitely think about using this particular Notion template if you find yourself losing track of revision times.

It uses a specific learning technique that spaces out your revision for maximum impact. By using the right spacing you can make sure that you pick up information, learn it, store it, and improve your chances of learning. The main thing you might think about is the challenges involved in making sure you do not try to cram in too much repetitive revision to the point where it limits success.

Instead, you can easily overcome the issues you face by using this well-respected revision method for best results.

2. Daily Planner

For many students, the main issue they face comes from keeping a consistent plan each day. Well, the Daily Planner (on Notion) template ensures you are always learning appropriately. One of the main challenges you might face when dealing with life as a student is keeping yourself organised. One day can be wildly successful, the next a total non-entity. To help you avoid that particular headache, this can give you everything you are looking for.

The Daily Planner is something you can easily work with and learn from. It makes sure that you can easily enjoy planning and preparing items for each day. From making sure you fit in that study session to adding in a little note about a lecturer you need to speak to, this can easily make sure you are learning in the timeframe that is most suited to your own style. Now, you can avoid those unproductive days!

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3. Goal Tracker

Every student needs to have goals to follow along with, and this easy to use Goal Tracker (on Notion) ensures you are always on the right path with regards to meeting targets. This comes with a range of different blocks that allows you to view goals already achieved, tasks competed, and the things you still have left to do. This gives you a key sense of direction for each task, creating step by step points to help you easily stay on track with regards to the goals that you need to track.

Goals are a big part of your life as a student, and this gives you some very easy ways to make sure you do not fall behind on the essential factors that matter to you on a day to day basis. If you have some trouble following on with goals, this makes staying on-target much simpler.

4. Kanban Board

A great choice for most people would be the Kanban Board (on Notion) template. This works well as it is so easy to build upon and it gives you an easy way to arrange things like tasks and deadlines. Now, that pesky essay you keep forgetting about can make its way back into your list of things to do!

The various columns allow you to easily break down all of the typical tasks that you might be dealing with moving forward. This means you always know where you are dealing with issues and how you can best fit in all of your academic needs.

From essays to drafts to study sessions to anything else with a clear deadline, the Kanban Board makes keeping track of this very easy indeed. Why not take a look today and see for yourself what you can get from the Kanban Board?

5. Personal Budget

As any true student knows, one of the biggest challenges you will face revolves around your budget. Life as a student can be a hand-to-mouth existence at times, but it is not impossible by any means. This personal budget (on Notion)template, though, can give you everything you need to easily make sure you are making the best use of your budget.

Use this to easily spot gaps in your budget, find where your money might be used poorly, and make sure that you are in general much closer to achieving the aims and goals you have set out to find. Whatever your issues are with regards to budgeting, this makes it easier to track, care for, and deal with.

Break down what you spend, what you could save, and see for yourself the best ways to come more acquainted with the budgeting aspect of your day-to-day life.

Whatever you are dealing with when it comes to budgeting, there are many ways and solutions around this. The main thing to focus on when looking at Notion templates for students is improving daily productivity. Well, this selection makes that much easier to deal with. Why not give these Notion templates a try today?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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