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Life is a Spectrum

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How are we supposed to live?

Are we supposed to live as if everything is a miracle, divinely created, produced explicitly for that moment and place in time?

How frequently do we conclude that life is no more than a collective of random acts, no more connected than cars merging on a freeway?

When life goes well, we want to believe in a grander power, karma, our own divine being. We see each butterfly as an elegant creation. We feel the breeze press up against our cheek with the warmth of the sun. We have no hesitation in sitting and watching the wonders of life around us.

But when life gets bumpy and too turbulent to handle. Life is simply something we survive. No rhyme or reason. We blame Murphy’s Law and accept the chaos around us as just chaos. We don’t watch anything; we lose touch with those around us. We merely endure.

And nevertheless, life is just life. Time will tick the same way whether we perceive it as a miracle or a disaster.

When life is optimistic, we are happy, so we open our eyes and mind to the things around us. We take in everything.

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When life takes a turn for the worse, we disregard what we believed before; life is no longer purposeful. We can’t fathom this being a part it; too much pain and agony. How can this be what life is about? How can this be purposeful?

Those who have experienced true pain, who have been forced to shut off the world and simply survive, understand you can’t exclusively avert agony. By avoiding pain, you avoid joy as well.

Too feel elation, amazement, and excitement we must permit ourselves to feel sorrow and hurt.

Such is life, the experiences of all sensations. We cannot choose which emotions to feel or not feel. We must instead work on our perception; by defining them as phenomena or random acts of chaos.


maureen reed on March 01, 2017:

Beautiful article! Although I must say it speaks only to the extremes. Very wonderful times and very difficult times. I think there are moments that are difficult but that also have good. Remember the movie Collateral Beauty. Watch for those moments too, Lee.

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