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Book of Enoch: the story of Shemihaza


The Book of Enoch

Dated between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D., the Book of Enoch is an apocalyptic text written, according to the tradition, by Noe´s grandfather. It is part of the Jewish culture but it is considered an apocryphal text by Cristian Churches, excepting Orthodox Church.

It is divided in some books. The second, entittled the Guard´s Book, narrates the fall of a second group of angels after Lucifer´s uprising.

The Guards, commanded by Shemihaza, were sent to the earth to control human activities. However, because of their desire and passion for mortal women, they were expelled from heaven and chained in hell. Their sons spread the violence over the earth so they were considered guity of the Flood that Good sent to destroy humanity.

I decided to write this article because I want to share this beautiful, romantic and tragic story that it is not very known.


A few years before the Flood, God decided to sent two hundred angels to the earth. They were called Grigori or Guards, because their mission was safeguard and stay awake for humans and supervise their activities.

These angels travelled through the earth, visiting human settlements, but they felt sad. The could only watch people but they were not allowed to related with them.

Time passed, and the Grigori began to neglect their mission, attracted by the beauty of mortal women. Their leader, Shemihaza, fell in love with a young woman who found bathing in a river. He desired to be with her but he could not do it because their union was prohibited by heaven.

Afraid that someone could denounce him, he decided to convince the other angels to take mortal women as wifes. He gathered Grigori at the top of Hermon mountain, where they made an oath. Shemihaza also promises to assume the fault in case they were discovered.


Because of the passionate love the angels felt, they began to reveal celestial secrets to their wives. Shemihaza taught them how to cut roots; Asael taught them about antimony, makeup, precious gems and dyes; Hermony about magic and witchcraft; Baraquiel and Zequiel about the signs of the lightnings and the thunders; and Baraquiel, Shamsiel and Sahariel about the omens in the stars, the sun and the moon.

At the same time, they revealed some secrets to mortal men. Asael showed them how to make swords, shields and armors and how to extract gold and silver from the earth and use them to make bracelets and other ornaments.

The women got pregnant and they gave birth a generation called Nephilim or Giants. The daughters of the angels and the mortal women were taller and more intelligent and beautiful than their mothers, while their sons were very tall too and strong but also cruel and violent.

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Nephilim lived by human works, eating their food and stealing their properties. When humans could not maintain them, Giants started killing and eating men. Humans try to defend themselves, fighting agains Nephilim, but they could not face up to them because of their strength. The horror ande the violence spread over the earth and mankind begged God for help.

The archangels, who were watching what was happening in the earth from the sanctuary of heaven, heard their pleas.They decided to put an end to the war and they knelt opposite the throne of God, asking for a solution to that situation.

Michael and Gabriel, the warrior angels, received the order to fight against the revel angels and their sons. Rafael, was ordered to chain Asael under Dudael desert. And Sariel received the mission of meet Noe, and warn him about the Flood that would send to the earth to destroy the people who had been corrupted by the secrets revealed by the Grigori.

Enoch, who felt sadness because of the terrible punishment that awaited Grigori, went to the refuge of the fallen angels, to warm them about their destiny. He reproached them their decision of leaving heaven, taking mortal women as wives and revealing prohibited secrets to humans.He told them that they could never come back to heaven and they would be condemned to see the dead of their loved ones and then they locked up in Hell for the rest of the eternity.

The fright spread among the Grigori, who begged God forgiveness, but it was not given to them. The angels, crestfallen, stayed near the Fountain of tears, wich was located between Libano and Senir, criying and with their faces covered with their hands. They did not dare to look up to the sky because of the shame they felt.

After inform the angels, Enoc returned to heaven where a vision of a deep abyss was shown to him. There was a desert in there, surrounded by fire pillars, with seven starts similar to huge mountains burning. It has not got a firmament over there, nor earth below. It was the end of the sky and the earth, the prison of the starts.

This was the place were Grigori were locked up. After being defeated by the archangels, they were inmobilized with strong chains, made with bronze and iron by the angels of the punishment. These angels, carriying whips, led them to their prison.

As some Nephilim have survived to the fight and the mandkind were corrupted, God decided to sent a flood to finish of them.

The Grigori could not do anything to save their sons and wifes. They spent the eternity prisoners in the depths of the earth, crying for everything that they had love and then had lost forever.




Lavender Crownly from The Third Plane on November 20, 2017:

This is interesting. I love stories about angels. The drawings are beautiful.

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