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The Weary Traveler

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Happiness is a choice; we choose to see every day as a miracle or a struggle. Our minds can change a situation and make it into a lesson lived and learned, or a thorn in our side; forever giving us pain and discomfort.

Life is full of decisions, determining to act with character and compassion or excuses. Some situations leave no choice to be made. No decision left in our hands. Our control is placed with someone else.

Anyone can come back from a hardship. It is a single anomaly in their lifetime.

So, an event knocks you sideways - you realign your arrows, pick yourself up; dust off the grief, disappointment, and frustration.

You chose to be positive - use it as a lesson lived and learned.

As you were knocked down, you lost something – lost in the kicked-up dirt. Something small and minute, but an item, nonetheless.

You stand back up knowing something is missing. But it’s as insignificant as a paper clip - it won’t deter you from your aspirations, so you continue to walk on your path.

Then there are the hardships that are not just one simple fall from grace.

You get kicked down, to stand up, to get kicked down again, to stand up, to then be shoved to the ground. Face jammed into the dirt, pockets emptied, scrapes and bruises left as souvenirs. You again, keep moving forward and stay positive.

As you travel down this road, hyper focused on getting out of danger. You do anything to move further; crawling, dragging yourself through the dirt. Without any desire to pick up the items that you have lost.

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The pain is too great to worry about anything left behind; it will be forgotten, left in the dirt. You move forward, hoping that tomorrow is better; hoping that you will soon be in a less dangerous area.

It is during those times when it is difficult to stay positive. The journey may last years. As soon as it seems like the road is less shaky and the area is safe; something kicks you to your knees again.

After being brought down so often, all you want to do is stand back up.

Take one more step forward; the hope of tomorrow becomes your battle cry and anthem.

You passionately believe that the laws of positivity declare that you can choose to be happy or sad.

And when it is finally safe, the road is paved, marked, and surrounded by beauty; only then do you realize what you left behind. Only then do you look back, into the dark wooded and tumultuous path that you just conquered. You realize what you must go through again to retrieve what you dropped along the way.

You must make a choice; return to the dangerous part of the road and pick up your mess or continue forward and hope that you won’t need them later down the road.

People do not become distant, closed, and angry from one event. Those people are the travelers that have been through more than one rough patch - who have tried to get up, even when everything else was knocking them down; and decided to take one step forward anyways.

© 2017 Elise


No name on March 06, 2017:

When something precious has been left behind, build a good fire and keep it going …. it may find you!

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