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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

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rich dad poor dad

rich dad poor dad

Introduction: Things we need to become rich
The writer pointed out that the school education that we receive in schools does not teach us how to become rich and how to get out of the circle of poverty and debt that burdens most of the employees in the government and that most of the rich do not continue their studies.. In universities and schools, they learned the techniques of wealth outside of them. The world has changed its rules and laws. It has previously been said that advice for children to go to school and get the highest marks is valid. But now it is not completely valid. The part that works. Success is that education is something mandatory in order for a person to become conscious and able to run. Successfully studying and getting high marks is not evidence of actual strength and intelligence. Actual intelligence is financial intelligence and how we acquire it and my own view, about what the writer says is to abandon study in order to become rich and rich. This is something naïve and stupid. Education is something fundamental in school and self-education is right. We must study in school not to get a job but to learn and benefit, and at the same time, you have to self-learn how to spend money in order to become rich. Money will not leave you anything left of it if you do not deal with it well, and these are the characteristics of a poor father.



The story of the rich father and the poor father
The writer has told his story about where he had two parents with whom he lived. The first is the poor father, but he was successful in his life. He was a worker all his life, working hard and his income was high and he had to study hard and get the highest marks and get a safe job, and the second is, the rich father has the mentality of the rich and rich. He left his children millions of dollars after his death, and he recommended education, self-training and learning techniques that made him rich,

But the necessity of education is very great, it is the basis of success, so no one can fail in his studies. So he can go in the path of the rich easily, thinking that it is easy. Intelligence and learning are the basis of everything in this time, and both paths have difficulties. The first is very long, where in the end you get a simple job with a simple income sufficient for your daily needs, and the other is short, has great risks and is very difficult, but if you succeed in it, you become wealthy, so which of the two ways? Choose? "Accompanying different parents whom I loved led me to think and to be sincere in acquiring my own way of thinking," the writer said, "so you should think well (my own point of view is that man should learn normal education in school and learn the arts of money management, entrepreneurship and business in parallel with it, or when he becomes mature and takes responsibility for his decisions, it is not easy, especially in this homeland).

Quotes from the book:
The advice of the first father, the poor father, the average person, was 'to study well until he gets a good job in a good company''
And the advice of the second rich father is 'to study well until he finds a good company to buy.''
And one of them was saying, 'I'm not rich because of my children.'"
And the second says, 'I must get rich for the sake of my children.'"
One of them encouraged his children to talk about money and business, and the other forbade talking about that at mealtime.

The writer pointed out that the lessons we draw are that the rich father does not work for the sake of making money and the poor father is the opposite, and we must study financial culture and think about building a private business and the rich father invents many ways to make money, unlike the poor father.

''The poor and middle class work to make money, but the rich claim that money works for them.''

Tips in the book
His rich father advised him to go to school and learn skills, sciences or work from it, but when he did his studies, he did not do that. In the end, as most government employees do. They give in to a job and a fixed income and work for that income and, in the end, they spend it on debts and other expenses and their lives continue in that situation and they cannot change it, and to not make his only concern is to look for money but to learn. Gaining flexibility is the best way to get rich, and don't think that money is solving your problems. Intelligence is what solves problems and brings money, and money that lacks intelligence will be squandered quickly.

The writer referred to assets and liabilities that he knew:
Assets: It is something that brings money to you
Liabilities: It is the thing that reduces money from your share

It is really all that you need to really learn and really need. If you want to become a rich father, spend on buying assets, but if you want to become a poor father, all you have to spend your money in liabilities, knowing this rule is the origin of everything in the world of wealth and continuing to learn in the techniques of money and know how to use it to work for you and not to work for money, you must employ your money to work For your sake not to be an employee for money and you must also learn how to work for free, this is important that teaches you patience and how to use money to your advantage for what comes to you.

If the income of your assets is greater than your liabilities, then your wealth will increase day by day. You will become a rich father after a while, but if your expenses or liabilities are equal to the sum of my assets, you will stay in your place and nothing will change. But if your expenses are greater than the sum of your assets, then now you are in debt, then you always have a human being, has to reduce his expenses and make them much lower than income and invest that surplus of money in buying new assets that generate money for him. And in this way, he can expand his circle of expenses to live a life without debts, unlike the poor father, so all you have to do is put the liabilities capacity below the capacity of the assets and spend the surplus buying more assets to become richer.

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A person should always think about his own work. Private work revolves around the list of assets. It is a source of income, so a man does not wait for a job for some crumbs to spend it,,. Keep your daily job, but think about your own business, buy assets and reduce your liabilities in order to help yourself get money to add to the circle of income and assets in order to become a rich father and not a poor father.

The advice given by the writer to an adult is that you should keep your expenses low, reduce your liabilities, get a solid base of assets, and the little ones who have not come out of their parents' homes should learn the basics of assets and liabilities, and form a base of assets from now on and continue learning.

And we all know that success in life is not associated with university degrees or good grades. Apart from the gemi, success requires other things that you will not learn in school, such as courage, boldness, recklessness, dexterity, stubbornness and sharp intelligence. You must have one of these qualities and others in order to become a financially and socially successful human being.
And the writer talked about the journalist he met, where she had a very wonderful book according to his opinion, and I suggested to him to study selling and marketing and promise her that your book will become one of the most and best-selling books, but she thought that studying marketing is a waste of time and this is the thinking of the poor father, she holds a master's degree and does not need anything like this, he replied to her saying, "I am a great writer, but you are a great writer and I went to study marketing and selling. As for you obtaining a master's degree, and his book is considered one of the bestsellers of the book of the rich father and the poor father, it is not about the quality of the product but about how to sell the product. Some focus on doubling the effort and learning a lot in their specialization, but they do a lot in the management of money and business. The human being must be flexible and diversify his skills and develop them.

The world is full of poor talents not because of what they know but because of what they don't know, as they focus on upgrading their skills and neglecting many other things in money management.

The management skills you need to become financially successful (characteristics of a rich father):
1) Financial Flow Management
2) Self and self-management (time, family affairs, etc.)
3) People management
4) Understand sales skills and marketing methods.
5) Communication skill (talking and negotiating).

The five obstacles to becoming financially successful (characteristics of a poor father):
1) Fear (fear of loss and risk)
2) Sense of ridicule (questioning oneself and his abilities)
3) Laziness (preoccupation, drowning at work, lack of thinking about getting out of the circle of the job and financial slavery)
4) habits (adding habits of financially successful people)
5) Arrogance (ignorance and vanity of knowledge)

What am I going to gain?
You should add to your desire and greed a useful understanding, because without them you won't move and ask yourself the following questions: "What would I gain if I were attractive and looking? ''What would I have done if I had all the money I wanted?'' Do this to add more desire to yourself, and some ask me why you want to declare Soraya? And I will answer them that it's a combination of emotional needs and overflows, and I'm going to tell you what I want:
I don't want to work all my life.
And I don't want job security and that slavery.
I don't want to waste all my time working and working hard in order to make money.
I want to make the money work for me.
I simply wanted to be free to travel the world and live the life I hoped.

These were my deep emotional justifications. So what are your justifications? To become a rich father, you must have sufficient, strong, and deep justifications to have the motivation to become what you want.

You have to keep learning:
In fact, the mind is the only one capable of getting you out of the midst of problems and the most tools can control our destiny and control us in our lives. You must buy books and classes on financial planning and attend lectures on marketing and selling and most people enter the field of investment and have not learned anything before here who have condemned themselves to failure beforehand. And there are many people who think with their tongue and not by listening and drinking Ideas. Whoever hears and accepts the opinion of the other has a greater chance of success as he will be able to gain new potential and ideas that he did not know, and before you start flying you should take lessons in aviation first and try to learn new things when you master something.

Diversify your skills. This is very important in order to succeed.

And the sooner you train yourself to rule money and control and control this power in order to make it your slaves who work 24 hours a day instead of you, the faster you accelerate towards getting rich and achieving financial success. Do not be one of those controlled by money because of your little material intelligence. Make him a slave to you and not to be a slave to him all your life.

My conclusion about the book:

Higher education is important, but the development of financial intelligence is no less important to him. A man needs to learn how to exploit his money and employ it correctly to achieve wealth and get rid of the slavery of the job, which is the prison of most people and they can not get out of it. Achieving from now, study learn to look for risk, be patient and do not give up and try and try until you reach the permission of God and his success.

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