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Radical Loser

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"To live — that means to be a long time sick". Socrates

Enervated acts and violent denial is the only way to break free from the society that radical losers despise the most. Perfection is beyond reach and so is the social synergy — but only for the introverts. They are entangled in a decoy due to meaninglessness of life. There is a full stop after the realization that not a single thing has a purpose. “Why is it. There was no need for it. It’s all futile.” The realization that the only thing that is actually happening is that we are breathing, no matter where we breathe whether in a palace or in a junkyard. After all, it’s just breathing. Right? There’s no way out after that realization.

The only solution to this problem is to engage ourselves. Engagement — as in getting your asses hit by the so-called social animals. The wildest beings to ever exist but the addition of the word “social” makes them different yet heinous. Human beings love each other, and they hate each other. In a cosmos of nothingness, human beings give words to life in order to remove them. Love, hate, envy, fear, mindfulness, and mindlessness — are all human values.

To add to the cognizance of nothingness, hot water is further escalated by “social compulsion”. Back in 12th century, it was possible to inhale air in some wilderness alone and forever but now it’s the counterpole. The escape to nothingness is a society. If you are an introvert then what’s the survival option for you? Go out to earn money and come back to your monkhood? The monkhood won’t be monkhood if you are stuck between social compulsion and complete isolation. It is not possible to survive in desolation in today’s world. Dismally, the losers have to engage themselves for the human beings that they despise the most.

The bewildered state between “social compulsion” and “complete isolation” gives birth to ressentiment and asceticism. Passivity and self-discovery are involved in their construction. Both of these concepts are subservient to nihilism. Both of them fail to accept the world as it is. The reactive forces prevail the active forces that subsequently leads to lethargy and the whole state of uselessness.

The major concept or idea of losers is:

Men of action are active just because they are stupid and limited.”

It’s hard to decide whether it is a desperate effort to hide their own impotence or a madcap imitation to satisfy themselves. Some nihilists believe that rationality is the only defining principle of life that itself is meaningless. When someone is engaged in a worldly affair, busy in studying, making money, running homes, gaining fame or anything, he can’t actually think to a level that ascetics believe they can reach. They consider the world to be fake, unreal and stupid.

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Human history would be a much too stupid affair were it not for the intelligence introduced by the powerless.
(Nietzsche 1996: 19)

See life from the outside (Currently, God is doing that work) and what we can see is,

What holds us together is will, value of values and their relation to life.

It’s not something other or higher or the values themselves. Nihilism is a incongruous, bitter concept, it is both the disease and the cure.

CIRCLE — It is all. Go, go, go and come back. Yes! we run in circles. There is no beginning and no end. The only thing is the constant motion, that deviates a little sometimes but never crosses the boundaries. Sometimes it all makes sense, sometimes it’s ridiculous and, sometimes we consider ourselves everything. Either there is nothing or we are everything.

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