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Perhaps - A Poem About Possibilities

Mohammad Yasir is a physics graduate from the University of Delhi and currently enrolled in the master's programme at IIT.

Perhaps - Cover Image Created by Mohammad Yasir via Canva

Perhaps - Cover Image Created by Mohammad Yasir via Canva


Perhaps the monster below their bed,
Doesn't cause the child as much dread,
As the demons that heartless haunt,
From behind a bully's currish taunt.

Perhaps the prospects of love in chains
And shackles on life or a patriarch's reins,
Hurt the princess as well, only more
Than what she'll suffer at the dragon's door.

Perhaps the dimes daily spent,
In trivial chase of hunger's descent,
Are worth the hundreds monthly saved,
While ones dined and millions craved.

Perhaps the joyful strokes of an artist,
With less name than if she were an economist
And the smile that her graceful moves bring,
Are lovelier than a cash register's easy ding.

Perhaps roads traversed with tingling sweat,
By maidens journeying solo or in quartet,
Are easier to trod without troops,
Than those frequented by wayward groups.

Perhaps love in times of hate,
Love easier to scorn and berate,
Is what the world truly needs,
To fight the fenders of selfish greed.

Perhaps hope will eventually endure.
Perhaps late, but I'll await that allure.

Author's Note

Beyond All Reasons - Book Cover

Beyond All Reasons - Book Cover

Perhaps was first published on my Instagram channel(@_onomato), and later, repurposed and reformatted for publishing in an anthology titled Beyond All Reasons.

In the anthology, word limit prevented me from including three or four stanzas. Luckily, it did not remove any context from the poem. However, that still meant displaying something incomplete to the world. On the other hand, Instagram had no such limitations. Unfortunately, due to limited visibility at smaller text sizes, I was again forced to leave out a few lines.

Thus, this is the first time Perhaps is being pitched to the world in its original, unabridged format, leaving no stanzas or lines behind and with no changes from what it looked like in the beginning. This also means that this version of the poem is a hundred percent exclusive. I would appreciate your valuable feedback about it.

The Idea That Led to Perhaps

A glimpse into my drafts notebook.

A glimpse into my drafts notebook.

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Perhaps - A Poem About Possibilities arose out of a random musing that started as the desire to create something that felt musical and simultaneously managed to trap the injustice and suffering that prevails over this world in its lines. Further, as an optimist, I have always tried to craft a melody of words that sings more about hope, love, and peace. Despite a slight dark tint to its origins, Perhaps embodies that very hope within its lines, ending on a crescendo of waiting for that allure.

Features and Continuity

Perhaps was featured by the Writers Share group and later by the Grandeza Cavern on their respective Instagram channels. Due to its nature and style, this poem sits alone with no sequels or prequels burdened by the task of carrying its melody forward. I do support creative thinking by all my fellow writers and would love to see variations or creative expansions. Don't forget to link back to my original work if you decide to follow through.

© 2021 Mohammad Yasir


Mohammad Yasir (author) from Lucknow, India on July 05, 2021:

Dear Mr. Hansen

I am so honored that you find my poem so pleasing. This is the first time I've received feedback on my poem ever since I started "hubbing" and these comments really make my day.

Thanks a ton.

Dear Misbah Sheikh

Thank you very much. Having my writing valued really means a lot to me. I am grateful for the compliments.

Misbah Sheikh from "a Serene Land" (This Existence Is an Illusion) on July 05, 2021:

What a beautiful piece of writing, Yasir. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Blessings to you

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 05, 2021:

Yes, I agree that this poem "Perhaps" is indeed melodious and flows beautifully. It also contains very important messages for us all. Thank you for sharing the entire poem here, Mohammad.

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