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It Is in Your Moments of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped

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The future you desire and want is for you to make in everyday moments. Starting each day, the choice you select will create the life you are living, so you need to find the answers to the crucial questions to make a wise decision.

Decision-making requires an open approach that incorporates all aspects, an attitude that looks at every perspective, and a broad vision that considers every possibility no matter how big or small it is. In short, there are neither shortcuts nor natural formulas for ethical decision-making.

What is decision-making? It’s when you are obligated to do something, but you are not sure of how, and what to do, you stand at the crossroads of decision-making. Policymaking is where you want to make the best choices. Although some decisions are simple, and others will become more complex, still, it is up to you to generate a suitable alternative.

Each day we encounter situations that require us to make choices. Some of these choices are easy, and some can be difficult. The key to making a wise decision is the ability to select the right course of action and to stop and think about the questions you should ask to examine each dilemma.

It’s hard living up to the expectations of being an adult. Some of us make adulthood needlessly harder. Being an adult means being responsible for every aspect of your life. So, you need to gather up the courage to decide on your own.

We all have everyday life’s decisions to make, and when we make wise choices; it assists us with the desires we want to achieve. Planning and setting goals for a living, for commitment and achievement, demanding more than what we have. Yet, many people will sit and refuse to decide, doing nothing, so they exit this life and not even be close to getting what they want.


When you walk on the straight path, you create destiny and fate for yourself, and you open the right doors that make it possible for you to choose the best decision possible.

Sometimes people make choices without thinking. When you take the simple route and make a choice to place the decision-making process in the hands of others, it becomes the outcome of a wrong decision.

Why put the right of decision-making in the palm of others, for how long can you ask others to guide you through the right decision? Eventually, you must learn to decide on your own as life is too long, and you cannot depend on others.

When it becomes a matter of your own lives, you need to gather up the courage to decide for yourself. However, the big question is, how do you shape a living, so it becomes alive and real for you.

There are many ways you can shape your destiny, but the first action is to start by knowing what you want from life. Then visualize the experience you wish to develop much of your life’s path.


What to do when the path gets bumpy to make sure you use your power of choices wisely

Throughout your everyday lives, you will face many decisions. Through choosing, you shape the choices made, and there will be times when you might make decisions that cause your life’s path to be like a series of hills.

When it’s time for you to choose, and you are not sure if the journey, you traveling comprises hills, valleys, or the straight path, the passageway becomes confusing, unbalance, and very bumpy.

Also, when the encounter brings about confusion, stop, and re-examine the choices you made and distinguished what went wrong so you will find a fresh opportunity that will bring you back to the original path.

People often spend lots of time trying to create a picture-perfect path for themselves. However, they cannot remember one thing. There is no such thing as an absolute path.

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The road you are creating can be comfortable, or it can become bumpy and very uncomfortable if you make the wrong decision along the way. Last and most important, remember you ultimately make the ultimate choice regarding your preferences and how you balance your life’s path.


The outcomes of bad decisions consist of the following:

  • An individual saying yes when they should say no
  • Making decisions, others think you should make
  • Doing things, you know you should not do
  • Living life, others want you to live
  • Making decisions so, other people are pleased with you
  • Doing things that you know you should not
  • Having to learn lessons the unnecessary way
  • Wasting money, financially lost
  • What kind of lives we should have

It is of pivotal importance that we keep a keen insight into the right decision making in each choice we make. There are several aspects of our day to day lives where we need to select the best among various alternatives.

Whether we want to be as an adult, a doctor, an engineer, a designer, or a writer? What are we to study in school science, or arts? Which types of clothes are suitable for us, considering the society we live in, besides the fashion and glamour?

Is it right for us to be single or having a family will be better for us? What type of life partner should we have? Is it okay to be in business or to work a job? Whether it is suitable to be an employee or an employer?

What is the best choice in renting an apartment, getting a house with a mortgage, or purchasing our own home on full payment? What should we eat for lunch? Whatever we choose, it ultimately determines how we live and what lives we should have.

To understand the effects of a decision, whether it’s a wrong decision or a good one, it is essential at first to determine what we mean by terrible choices. We can establish an adverse decision as one in which an individual ignores their sense, and choose an alternative; they know they should not.


Decisions are the developing blocks of our everyday lives. Making the right choice requires that a person must think thoroughly before he/she acts, as it is not a matter of luck or a toss of a coin; it is a question of life.

It is the self-mastery of taking control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You can be the echo of your past or the glory of your future. Why not let the past go and see a bright future pull you forward? Choose wisely. There are several reasons a person should think before they act; the major one being that they have to live their life with the consequences of their decisions.

In your lives, you are always being confronted by challenges of diverse kinds, but what matters is the ability to make the right decision at the right time. What is essential is to think well before you act so you can avoid costly pitfalls and irreversible mistakes?

If you cannot think straight, it might cause a significant permanent error, thus leading to a sticky situation that may end up only with regret and pain. Keep it in mind that you can learn from your mistakes just when you honestly admit that you had committed them, as this is the first step of learning.


Some people can never admit they’re wrong, and many people don’t want to be responsible for the choices they have made, and they take no responsibility for their actions and proceed as if they don’t believe their decisions have real-life consequences.

You can attempt to escape if you may, only you can’t avoid the consequences of your decisions, whether they are good or bad. Mistakes play a crucial role in your lives, and that is how you learn to live and how you survive. It is through errors we learn and understand the value of growing into an adult.

As an adult, it means to take full power over every part of your conscious existence. There may be times when you still have your moments of childish reactions, but you must know you are conducting your lives more from an adult mode over a child’s representation of different options.

When you live your life as an adult, Adults seek self-knowledge to know themselves and refuse to take the approach of a child who gives people control over their thoughts and decision-making ability.

There is excellent power in being able to make your own decisions in life. It gives you the artery to have the choice of what kind of life you’ll live and assist in the control you’ll have in life. You should never accept the unfortunate result of how someone treated you and don’t allow another to decide you’ll be forced to live with for the rest of your life.

Please understand that you need accurate self-awareness to be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of your everyday choices. And to have a realistic perspective of who you are, options give you what you need to take the approach required to decide.

When a person experiences the world in the child mode, they give up control of their everyday life, and they feel powerless, and at the mercy of others who now hold the responsibility for your right to choose your path in life, they decide.

Remember, accepting the premise that living in the adult mode is obviously preferable, and a decision is an approach where you must include as many perspectives as possible and for every big or small concerning choice.

There is no magic formula for making the right decisions. You have to live with the consequences of your choices, so you need to learn from your mistakes and think well before you act.

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