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We Were Merged Into One - Lovers Poem


Our love is like an ocean,

Like a rain drop from sky,

And a tear drop from the eye

Gather to form an ocean.

I never knew you're born:

Neither did you know me?

But every single step I take:

Every single move you make,

Everything led me to thee.

Thou never knew the feeling

When I hold you gently,

Thy heart was pounding fast.

I knew thou haven't had past.

Sipping the nectar from thy lips,

Sweet was the dew of love,

But You refused the down thing

I said our love was not sweet

'Tis not the morning dew, it's saline.

My body shiver and yours cold;

'Tis Our love that kept us warm

Through the furious winter’s rage.

Warm is for comfort you said:

But hot is irresistible love feeling.

Thou want to leave me fleeing

But love trap had been laid;

You' were trapped down below

I sweat deep down inside thee.

Laying down together on mellow.

I tried to comfort and calm thee .

But all my efforts thou paid no heed.

Trying to heal thy pain but in vain:

I left thee saying time heals the wound.

And when in the garden we met again

Emerged into the one to pluck the fruit,

No longer thou said it's forbidden;

Thou said it's all yours forever

When I asked thee how you feel;

Shyly you said this time, time brings

A little nice feeling thing down here.

We both enjoyed when we rocked it,

On the top of love never knowing

A time when we need to climb down.

Like rain drops that came down

And lost in the wilderness of a vast ocean.

Unto love we emerged as one in two;



Beautiful poem. contains a meaning of silent prayer, liked it.

mokhai khithie on November 03, 2013:

Woo,, This is a very beautiful Poem, very inspiring and touching

its very really touch me and it reflects how love transform two persons into one, Mr, Beichhualai Johly keep it up,

lrsangaboihtlung@gmail.com on November 01, 2013:

This is a very beautiful poem, very inspiring,touching. Very touching.

Johly Beichhualai (author) from Mizoram on October 30, 2013:

This a poem about human relationships; how love transform two identities into one.

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