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Onomatopoeia Poetry About Peace And Happiness

These Poems Are Dedicated To Ashley

Thanks for your request.

Here are a few onomatopoeia poems about peace and happiness

I hope you enjoy them. Let me know.

The onomatopoeia words are in italics and underlined.


From the purr of my kitten

I find peace In a world full of turmoil.

Earthquakes that gobble up the land

With keepsakes of long ago

That no longer can be kept.

Tornadoes that swirl, whip and roar,

Pulling up houses and trees

Only to land with a bam and a crack!

Sometimes just going from the

Front yard to the back.

Landslides rapidly mumble in the night

The whisper of the earth in a downward flight,

Volcano spurts,

Brush fires crackling,

Tsunamis gulping...

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When the notice of

Devastating news gets too much,

I turn off the TV,

Put down the newspapers,

I reach for my kitty,

Hold her close to my heart,

Engulf myself in her purrs

And begin a new



Happy start.

D. Alsup


"Thanks mom",

The popcorn popped,

Smelling of extra butter this time.

Dad chuckled at my jokes

That didn't even rhymes.

My older sister,

Nadia helped me hum a song.

My older brother is out of jail,

Said, he wasn't going back no more.

The rattle of the keys,

Bam of the doors.

The only wood he wants to mop

Is at home on his own floors.

My neighbors dog

And our cat,

Finally seem to get along.

This neighborhoods not so bad after all,

And I guess I can say,

"There's finally peace and happiness in our home.".

D. Alsup


Happiness Is:

Helping someone in need

Always hanging in there

Praying daily for your loved ones

Praying daily for yourself

Inspiring others

Never giving up

Engaging in at least one new thing weekly to make you say "oh wow"

Success you've accomplished that will make you walk with a wiggle

Smiling to yourself and others enough to make you giggle


Thank You for visiting. Let us know if you enjoyed the poems. If you have any poetry using onomatopoeia words you would like to share, please send us a comment with your selections for all to enjoy.

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