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Night Sky

Lying here I watch the night sky,

Wind howling and wailing,

Yet never penetrating this dull sense of ache.

The world tells me to be strong,

But my heart is pleading for me to break.

Within each fleeting breath,

I watch the topaz tears shimmer and fall,

Falling through the darkness,

Falling into this squalid abyss,

An empty cool cavern,

Where young dreams once flourished, but failed to exist.

Now I see nothing,

I’m paralysed to the core.

Screaming to all manner of strangers to save this innocent soul,

To raise it to the heavens and let it sore.

The journey is tempered and is long,

With the jagged ere of doubt.

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I run to you,

I shake the very foundations of your house,

Begging for you to come out.

To face me, to face this unearthly passage of time in my life.

Where the night in endless, pitch black and ferocious,

Where unruly Gods do not even permit a sense of light to guide me through this strife.

Shamelessly you never hear my cries; you batten down the hatches and plead ignorance to my cause.

I’m left wasting in the perilous night.

It is a comfort to know that the darkness of the sky is a blanket to the blood that has been spilled.

We would not wish to cause you alarm or fright.

This is why loneliness is embedded in the shadows,

To cover up the cracks of life that never made it in this world.

All I ask as I bleed from existence,

Is that my heart be acknowledged,

For being so tender and warm.

That although I never was alive to shine,

To me love was the one forgiving word.

© 2011 Alana Bembridge


ExoticHippieQueen on July 12, 2011:

Beautiful imagery. Voted up and beautiful.

lets_talk on July 12, 2011:

This is bf loves to write poetry. Where do you get you inspiration?

Alexander Props on July 12, 2011:

Good atmosphere.

Ending is great but you should work on your rhytm :)

Continue on, I'll be checking this

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