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night fugue

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Across the way

the images of dim windows

gaze back to his


Insomniactic cars sleepwalk down the boulevard,

past shop windows bathed in mists of quiet light.

Streetlamps attend the night.

The wires on the electric bus pause

doorways have emptied

their once occupied contents;

porch steps have abandoned companions.

As a traveler in a distant city

--the aroma of the sea and

cinemas occupied with famished eyes;

the visions of the pedestrians

and the pungent noise of traffic--

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he forgets.

A slightly bearded fellow

pushes himself off a hydrant

and lifts his hat as a woman passes.

She lends him a temporary smile,

pure enough to envy.

From the next alley over

a dog disturbs a chain;

the noise of dice,

the plea of small coins.

On the pink building,

above the blue marquee,

on the parapet is

a cat the color of

inebriate rain.


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