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Restless Heart

This was written because the person I love broke my heart. Love is complicated sometime we don't their action is just a simple friendly move


Restless Heart

No one will stop the heart that is beating

Unless it's purpose done for something

It's a restless heart I called for loving

Because loving means giving

Love is complicated

I won't be wrong because I was eliminated

For a love that never been properly dedicated

You know how my life is sophisticated

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I never wanted to try

But you know I can't forever deny

The fact that I fall and cry

My eyes is no longer dry

It looks like you stab me on my back

Not front because I know your lack

Your weakness makes you feel suck

Foolish heart, no more luck

Love is Complicated!!!

When will LOVE find me?

When will my heart attach to someone else

When will I love someone else?

Can someone love me just the way I love them?

Can someone makes me happy?

Restless Heart.

Why? Because I never stop loving someone. Maybe I’m just friend who makes him happy. I want to be the woman in his dream. I'm that someone who will always free my time for him. I would glad if he do the same as I did. I was once told to my friend that I’m stupid enough to love someone like him. But they oppose me, they said that loving someone won't make me stupid. I only fall in love and nothing is wrong in falling for someone that makes you happy. At least I'm not that desperate woman who will beg for his love. At least I am that friend who always there for him even if he don't love me just like how I love him. I wait for my time that someday someone will love me the way I love them. Someday love will reach me out to tell me THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO FALL IN LOVE!!!

© 2021 Jamaica Basilio

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