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my personal poems

Personal poems for someone very special

Originally written by Manuj for someone very special.

"My love is not a joke but it is all what drives my creativity towards the achievement of my dearest goal of having one & only one true friend in my life."

How easy it is to break someone's heart...

Please don't hurt. It really pains.

Please don't hurt. It really pains.

Poems from my heart

A note :

These poems were written by me in the year 2007 for someone I loved but unfortunately we are not together now. These poems tell you about reality & what life is all about with true love, true friend & everything that allows you to live your own life in reality & not fantasy.

Poem 1

"Love is an ocean of devotion of emotions,

Facts are here as life here is in complete motion.

There is a vast difference between fantasy & dreams,

Fantasy creates obstacles in life whereas dreams create life like cream.

Tame your anger as it will help you in the long run,

I am talking about love with roses & not about a war with guns.

I am living my life just to make you smile,

If that is not for long & if that is just for a while.

I am highly motivated whenever I think about you,

I won’t say anything from my side coz I am seeing myself from your point of view.

If you think then it is correct that I can surpass my pleasures in mere words,

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As I am not bound in this world & I am like a free bird.

I have the ability to bring your future in reality in the present now,

You know its real but you don’t know the reason how.

At every moment life teaches you more than you can ever think,

I am such a boat of hope that never sinks.

Life outside physical plane has no limits & laws,

I sacrifice my dreams only to serve some noble cause.

When dreams are sacrificed for good then rewards are in form of desires that are really small,

I never do anything for my selfish happiness but I do it for the happiness of all.

True love has the power to change your life by changing your thinking style,

This is all I mentioned in this particular poem in the form of a wonderful file."

Poem 2

"My love for someone is not general but a complete mystery,

Someday people will remember me & read about me in the books of history.

You try your best to forget me by doing whatever you want to do,

Just go ahead with your rigid thinking & without me happiness won’t come to you.

It is my kind of love that everyone seeks,

May be just because I am one of a kind & completely unique.

Situations in your life might have become tragic,

So why not go with my flow & I’ll show you the magic.

The world now is really selfish as the thinking is very mean,

Haven’t you had enough of this nonsense scene?

So why not give me a chance & give it a try,

I promise you one thing for sure that I won’t let you cry.

May be you don’t know how much I care for you,

It is just because my love for you is really true."

Poem 3

"True love is not always about passionate feelings,

It is more about friendship & long-term compassionate dealings.

It is all about excitement & fun,

I promise to give you so much that it won’t be in grams but it’ll be in tons.

I don’t know whether you love me but I always loved you,

Just ask me once & I’ll show what is there in my heart for you.

I always believed that true love has the power to change,

It’s in your heart so even you are far then too you’ll be within my range.

Your heart beats at a very rapid pace just because of love & not under pressure,

The feelings in my heart are a pot of pure gold & secret treasure.

How can I show you my feelings when you really don’t want to see?

I’ll keep these feelings to myself & tame this passionate fire within my heart to drive me creatively."

Poem 4

"My dream is only to spend some time alone with you,

Only & only if you want me to.

If someday I’ll show you my passion you will surely go nuts,

Just dare to ask me only if you have the guts.

There is so much of fire in my heart,

Don’t even try to break my heart again or else I’ll hit your heart hard like a dart.

All I want you to be my real true date,

Considering the fact that you can’t be my soul mate.

On my date with you I’ll serve you with the best of wine.

I’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly & by the end you feel fine.

It is my life & I love to live this way,

If you want something else then don’t hesitate to say.

Why can’t we enjoy our life to the fullest when we can?

I am saying so much coz it takes a lot of courage to be a man.

Don’t say no as now my heart will cry & scream,

Just say yes if you really care for me & fulfill my such a lovely dream."

Poem 5

"Just be with me for a day alone or even for a night,

I’ll present you my love in the form of an irresistible love bite.

If you only want me as a love guide,

I’ll show you this world from a different perspective when I’ll take you on a ride.

Don’t think about this ruthless world & don’t run after the unrealistic fame,

As someday later it will surely make you completely insane.

Life is not about all what you can see,

Just look at your past from your heart if you don’t trust me.

Wait for sometime you’ll see the reality very soon,

My love is like a cool breeze of that nightly full moon."

Here are my new posts for you people as requested by my fans.....

Poem 6

"My love is so innocent & it is so pure,

So there is no problem in my life that I can’t cure.

It has a tremendous power that it’ll bring you closer to me even more,

As I am gifted a blessing by the ultimate to join broken hearts for sure.

My love has the ability to join earth with the sky,

Don’t ever end up with me & don’t say the word bye.

And if you end up someday I’ll not question you why?

You might not understand my feelings for you when I start my conversation by greeting you hi!

My love is a real book with so much of knowledge,

Then why don’t you apply for a master’s degree in my loving heart’s college?

Whenever I talk to you in the night,

The fire in my heart takes the form of a very bright light.

May be coz the motivation you provide me is really pure & white,

So the very next day I feel flying in the sky like a kite.

Don’t be so selfish dear as it is not right.

Just hold my hand & together we’ll reach those heights.

Be my friend on a one to one relation,

Together we’ll guard our gates of such a wonderful creation.

My love for you is not a train but a perfect station,

Lets do something different to change this static tradition."

Poem 7

"I am so practical now as earlier I was so dumb,

When I sacrificed my dearest dream for you my heart felt so numb.

I proposed you to be my true friend so many times just with hope,

And every time you ended the conversation with the word nope.

Love is a game of cat & mouse,

Then why can’t I live my dreams & create my own virtual house.

There is not much difference between me & you,

We have so many things in common & the differences are very few.

I really don’t know how you feel coz I live so far,

You search me in the light of day & I search you at night after hours.

My love is so beautiful that is now in fashion,

It is all about feelings & not about possession.

Talk about love with me & please don’t hate,

And if you don’t want me to be happy then I would consider it as my fate.

Love is so magical that it can open your heart’s gate,

Say something nice, something wonderful before it’s too late."

Poem 8

"I work like hell to keep myself so busy,

When I am sitting alone in my room I feel so dizzy.

I’ll never tell you what is my dream,

The feelings in my heart are like leaves colored dark green.

You proved me once that you were a hottie,

Be like that with me & act a bit naughty.

Just ask me my life for anything & I’ll surely give,

But the true fact goes like live & let live.

Truth is something different that you can’t hide,

Just keep saying no-no at first & at last you’ll agree with me for such a ride."

Poem 9

"Be with me & be my very true friend,

All you have to do is to follow my personal trend.

Don’t just play with me, as it is my life,

Your sadness is cutting my heart into pieces like a sharp knife.

Don’t be unhappy, as I’ll be sad,

Please don’t leave me or else I’ll turn up to be bad.

I am a guy so I do have my reputation,

I can feel the pain I caused to you coz I can feel your heart’s sensation.

Is it because I happen to have some internal link with you?

Just try to see everything from the other side & you’ll understand my point of view.

If you think you have no reputation & you have lost,

Simply use the knowledge of my love & it’ll surely come back to you at all cost."

Poem 10

"Love is a fire of some affectionate desire,

None of the lovers are honest but they are all liars.

I am seeing all this from my very own eyes,

This gives me the motivation & the power to rise.

Love is a feeling that needs to flow in a continuous motion,

We are only drops of love but this feeling is like a powerful tide of an ocean.

If I am a sparkplug then you are my lead,

Together we can create magic in life at a very rapid speed.

I am your guitar then you are my strings,

I’ll show you someday what love in your life can bring.

All I am doing is checking the depths of love in your heart with the hacker’s tool called ping,

I promise you for sure that one day you will definitely call me a love king."

Poem 11

"What do you think about me now as a whole,

I give my love to everyone in different ways so that everything rolls.

Considering the acts of my past you think I am an emotional fool,

Then you are mistaken dear as you haven’t seen the other side where I am so cool.

At some point in your life things might be turning in your favor,

You really don’t know the reason coz I am behind it who is taking the pain & doing the labor.

I’ll make this world a very small place for you dear,

I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams & have patience till the road is clear.

According to you a guy is perfect just because of the looks in a physical way,

I’ll make sure to change this attitude & thinking you have one day."

Poem 12

"When you judge me not from your heart & do it from your mind,

You feel I am selfish & not kind.

My life is always on a play mode & never rewind,

One day for sure you’ll realize that the love I gave you is something that in this world today you can never find.

I’ve given you my life in this book & you are always welcomed to read,

Be very friendly with me & don’t ever treat me with anger & greed.

Don’t talk to me, don’t trust me but please don’t forget me at least,

I’ll definitely show you one day that with the power of my love I can even tame a wild beast."

Poem 13

"I am pouring for you so much of love from my heart’s jug,

Don’t you think that I deserve something in return, it can just be a smile or a warm hug?

Everyone & even you did not understand the love of my unfortunate soul,

Always remember one thing that to search a precious diamond you really have to dig the mines of coal.

Everyone & everything will surely change in your life at a speed so fast,

I’ll always be there for you till the end & till my life lasts.

I know that our relationship will last forever & all it requires is a little twist,

The day is not too far when I’ll have my name on top on your dearest heart’s list.

If you really want to know how much for you I care,

Just think about walking on fire with your feet completely bare."

Poem 14

You live your life the way you like & I won’t mind,

Someday I’ll disappear in this world so that you can’t find.

Fulfilling your dreams is the dearest path of my heart in my life,

If your life ends up soon then it’ll be hard for me to survive.

It is all happiness that I want you to gain,

Don’t worry how as I’ll take the necessary pain.

You are my dearest goal & you are my lovely aim,

Why should I be afraid of anything when I am saying everything that is in my heart without any shame?

I’ll make you my true friend someday as on that slot of my heart is only your name,

It is only you on my mind coz you are flowing with my blood in all my veins."

Poem 15

"If you are seeking my love just for the sake of your own pleasure,

It will go beyond those extents that throughout you life you won’t be able to measure.

We are not communicating coz there is some kind of an emotional pause,

Now every time I am thinking about you & for that I don’t know the reason & I don’t know the cause.

Every day & every night I am waiting for your call,

But I think that you’ve really kicked me out from your heart like some kind of an unwanted ball.

Do you think that writing such poems are easy for me,

Then you really don’t know how much pain I take to try my best just to show you the world hidden inside your heart that you can only feel but you can’t see.

After so much that had happened & you don’t care for me,

So live your life the way you like & therefore let it be.

Always remember that every problem has its own unique solution,

So why are you upset & what is the confusion."

Poem 16

"You may never know what my love is all about,

It is so mysterious that it can change your complete personality inside out.

It is a very powerful magical tool in my heart’s box,

My love knows all ways coz it is so clever & witty just like a wild fox.

If you want me then all you have to do is just look up,

And if we want to be together then why can’t we hook up.

I present myself to others the way I like,

If you want to know more about me then all you need is a ride on my bike.

I don’t like selfish people & I don’t like to fight,

I only listen to my heart & do whatever I feel is right."

Poem 17

"My love is a long term investment & not a short term loan,

So talk to me sweetly by changing your selfish tone,

My passion is aroused whenever I look into your eyes,

So tell me the truth coz whatever you are saying now is all lies.

I love to smoke coz cigarettes would certainly kill me at a very slow pace,

What is my life without you coz you are only my life’s base?

Just listen to your heartbeats & enter that wonderful trance,

Someday I’ll be in a country where there is only love & romance."


Poem 18

"Whenever I think about you I feel as if I am hurt,

Don’t you consider me as a human & with you I should flirt.

I know how to create my reality my way,

If you really want to end up with me then don’t just keep it to yourself but just say.

Don’t try to run away from me coz in this small world you really can’t hide,

One day you’ll realize that whatever I said was all true & then only you’ll take my side.

My love for you is a perfect web of a spider,

Everyday when I dream about you my vision for love grows more & more wider.

It’s all just love that hurts like a pointed pin,

The day when your theory towards love will change, you’ll fall in love with me & would certainly do a sin.

So lets be together for sometime & lets have fun,

Coz my love for you is growing more & more just like the heat of the almighty sun."


Poem 19

"You are not independent coz you follow only what you are taught,

I know that you love me in the same way but you hide it coz you don’t want to get caught.

It was all your heart that I wanted to win,

I know that I won it but I lost your trust in me so see in love what a fool I’ve been.

Please say those three words just for my sake,

You’ll surely be surprised to see the change that I make.

There is only love in my heart & there is no such word as hate,

So I do know the art to create my trust for you so intimate."


Poem 20

"Please do hate me from your heart & soul,

Coz I love to take the pain to reach the stars & attain my goal.

When I cared for you, I loved you with complete devotion,

If now you want to feel me then all you have to do is feel the power in the words that carry my emotions.

I don’t need your blessing but I just want your curse,

As I’ve almost lost everything so what can be worse?

Love is a sweet poison that can kill anyone for sure,

But when you’ll understand it completely then you’ll know that it is the best remedy for any cure.

So I want you to hate me even more & more,

Maybe then you’ll realize that my love for you was not selfish but it was always pure."

Poem 21

"You know in reality that my love is unconditional,

So in this modern world why you are scared & acting so traditional.

My love has the power to drive you with confidence in the territories that are unknown,

It’ll take you to those heights where there are no negative feelings & where the seeds of happiness are sown.

I love you not because of your looks but coz of your heart’s beauty,

My purpose is to preserve & protect you coz that’s my purpose in life & a final duty.

You are acting in a way that is really confusing,

And I think that you don’t know when I am pouring my emotions here for you what I am loosing."

The Secret Nobody Knows Why I Betrayed Your TRUST

Poem 22

"I never wanted you to love me the way you love others,

That’s why I betrayed your trust so that you hate me & would surely remember me forever.

My love is an art & not a game,

So in any case, on both sides of this coin I have my name.

I realized now that it really pains a lot to put life in certain words,

As now without love in my heart I am a dead bird.

Now you do whatever you feel is fine,

I’ll surely take a re-birth just to make you mine.

After knowing this secret you’ll surely cry,

Just remember love is always selfish but I still can’t figure out the reason why?

Do you realize now that why my love is not about passion?

This is something that I call a true compassion."

"This is what I call a True Compassionate Eternal Love."

The day when someone would love me the way I want then my poems for my love would be: -

Poem 23

"You gave me love when my life was tragic,

So you are the only one for me coz you literally showed me the magic.

Are you in love with me & are you really serious!

Please tell me the truth coz now I am curious.

If you are willing to be the love of my life,

I’ll definitely make sure to make you my wife.

Ask me anything & don’t be afraid,

Coz I only want your love & my love is not a chip for any trade.

If I’ll get serious for you then I won’t care about anyone,

I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill our relationship with surprises & real fun."

Poem 24

"Just give me your love in whatever form you can,

I’ll prove it somehow that I am only your best man.

If you have the guts then choose me,

But if you are afraid of anything so it would be wise to loose me.

It is all my love for you & I don’t want to share,

Just coz it is only you about whom I care.

So lets show this selfish world what our love is all about,

Let’s be transparent to each other so that there is no place for any doubts."

Hope you enjoyed......Please feel free to post your comments.

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venkatesh on May 06, 2012:

plz plz send me a poem on my dear name deepthi yar

amiya kumar sethi on March 08, 2012:

really there is a feeling in ur poem. i really like it. it touch my heart.nice.

Previn on January 21, 2012:

very inspiring poems. i really love it..

shane on September 16, 2011:

i think you have some potential as a poet but from what i have read you definitely need work. they rhyme and all but for the most part they are completely out of rhythm. best of luck to you keep practicing

bamstreak on December 08, 2010:

who wrote these and are they famous

BrokenButterfly on September 04, 2010:

These r amazing! make a promise 2 me and ur other fans that u will NEVER stop writing!!

dsaf on April 29, 2010:

Can you make more poems. MOOOOOOOOOOOOO. lalala pollo. loloollllll

dsaf on April 29, 2010:


manujkhera (author) from India on April 12, 2010:

I did not title any particular poem as these were the thoughts and feelings from my heart in a single flow of rhythm.

DON SHIELDS PHD on April 12, 2010:


Moulik Mistry from Burdwan, West Bengal, India on February 16, 2010:

You are so good, loved your poems - keep writing more and more...

Meagan Ireland from Maine on January 15, 2010:

These are very nice, thanks for sharing them!

Addie Blondefield on November 11, 2009:

question! are they titled, or are they just "Poem 1", "Poem 2", etc.?

Addie Blondefield on November 11, 2009:

question! are they titled, or are they just "Poem 1", "Poem 2", etc.?

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on August 09, 2009:

Beautiful poems!

Tony Sky from London UK on July 09, 2009:

I enjoyed reading{rapping!} your poems! Very very good!

Wire-Zone on July 07, 2009:

You've got talent my friend!

DarleneMarie from USA on July 06, 2009:

Very nice poetry. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to read them.

Cristina Santander from Manila on July 04, 2009:

Thank you for sharing your poetry, God bless you.

Lucey Knight from North Richland Hills, Texas on July 03, 2009:

Very moving! These poems are really good.

Darrell Roberts from North Carolina on July 03, 2009:

Really nice flow you have. Great work.

nsilife on July 03, 2009:

that was so nice a poem. i love it real.

williamblake on July 01, 2009:

It really hearts, Nice hub!

Jykeith Comal from Richmond, TX on July 01, 2009:

Always a pleasure to spend "well wasted time" love and welcome

christine almaraz from colorado springs on July 01, 2009:

Those were very good. I'm sad to hear that you are not with her anymore. At least you will always have the words as a reminder that you know the wonderful feeling of being in love.

Denny Lyon from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA on July 01, 2009:

These are some wonderful statements of reality, belief, inspiration - all connected to Love as the greatest concept.  You really do have a wonderful spiritual anointing going on here, still developing the ability to interact with your spiritual self.  I do believe you may develop into one interesting spiritual teacher at the rate you are progressing!

The poems talk a lot about interacting without vs. within.  You are at your best when your are expressing what is within as you know yourself quite well - most people do not.  Have you read any of the Kabbalah or the ancient system of the Enneagram?  It might help you on your life journey to take a look at the personality numbers from the Enneagram system as you will enjoy it. 

Also, on the writing level - any special reason you did not title each poem?  They read a lot like a stream of consciousness (a very good one at that!) and sometimes it helps to start dividing that stream.  I've often found when I write like you did here that I leave it alone and let it "rest" for months at a time, then return and divide it into categories and before you know it I'm writing additions to polish it some more! Of course, Life is like that; it goes on and on with a continuity! :)  Great writing!  Yes, put up the other poems too!

anjalichugh from New York on July 01, 2009:

Welcome to Hub Pages. Hope you enjoy being a member of this family for a long time. Good work.

mrsceo from Wisconsin on July 01, 2009:

I am also a poet..keep writing and sharing your feelings. It will help someone.

\Brenda Scully on July 01, 2009:

they were straight from the heart and received well..... sad you lost your love...

I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s on July 01, 2009:

Beutiful poems!!

blondepoet from australia on July 01, 2009:

Oh the poems are beautiful you certainly have a talent and a great heart. I will try and read your others too as soon as I can. Cheers!!!

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on June 30, 2009:

What beautiful writing, have you ever thought about getting them published? Don't forget to note copyright on the bottom of each one of your hubs so nobody has a chance of stealing them.:)

Arby Bourne from USA on June 30, 2009:

Thanks for sharing your poems. I enjoyed them.

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