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I surely know my real feelings for you

I always asking why?

I wake up in the middle of the night

Thinking of you in my mind

Looking around you but you are out of my sight

Why I want to see you in my eyes

That kind of question I never answered yet

Until I can’t identify my real feelings

Who are you in my life?

Why you disturb my heart?

I failed at once

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I don’t like to failed it twice

I put in my mind that all men are the same

That is why until now I still looking for the answer

May be I am fall in love again

I want to fight my feelings

My mind argued and my heart can witness

Surely, I love you that is my real feelings.


Yes it's true! you can't dictate your heart

You can't dictate your heart

You don't know when it arrive

Where and when you will find your true love

You don't need to deny

Who choose you become your mine

May be you ignore it how many times

and you hurt many times

But the truth must prevail

That your heart truly can feel

The question herself why now anwered

Your heart can able to answer all you questions behind in you mind. What is the real happening. Your mind cannot dictate your heart what to do in the name of love. The are different between this two senses. Your mind can told your heart what you are doing to do. But there is an arguments inside in it.

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