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Mistborn Is the Best

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Mistborn Trilogy

Mistborn Trilogy

Mistborn Trilogy

About the Author

The Mistborn series was written by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy authors and has created some of the most amazing magic systems within the fantasy genre.

Sanderson began to enjoy reading fantasy novels while in 8th grade. A rather astute teacher of his gave him a copy of the novel Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly. Sanderson devoured the book and apparently thoroughly enjoyed it. It sparked his love of the fantasy genre and inspired him to read more fantasy novels and eventually inspired him to try to write his own fantasy novels. According to Brandon, his first attempts were awful.

Brandon graduated from University with an English major and started down the path of an aspiring author. He apparently got a job in a hotel as a night desk clerk because his employers allowed him to write while he was working. He attended conferences about writing and about the business side of writing. He began to attend writing conventions in order to make contacts and to progress his writing career.

Eventually, in 2005, he had his first published novel, Elantris (an amazing piece of fantasy fiction). Since then Brandon has published many amazing fantasy novels including Warbreaker (one of my favorites), the Stormlight Archive, and the Mistborn trilogy. Brandon has become one of the most popular fantasy authors of our time and has gone on to teach classes to help other aspiring writers to reach their goals.

Brandon's love of the genre is obvious in his writing and is probably one of the reasons his novels have been so successful and received such love.

Mistborn series

Plot of the Mistborn series

If you have read the Mistborn series then you already know the plot so you may skip ahead.

If you haven't then feel free to read on. I will avoid spoilers.

Mistborn is a series of three novels:

  • Mistborn: The Final Empire (usually known either simply as Mistborn or Final Empire)
  • The Well of Ascension
  • Hero Of Ages
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Vin is the main character of the Mistborn series. She is 16 and is a thief who lives on the streets of a place called Luthadel. Luthadel is the capital of the Final Empire.

As the story progresses Vin gets discovered as one of the legendary Mistborn. The Mistborn have incredible powers that can be accessed by ingesting particular metal flakes. The powers one can access depends on the metal and the purity of the metal, they can enhance mental and physical abilities and can be utilized in a myriad of ways.

She ends up recruited by a group of thieving conmen lead by the powerful and charismatic Kelsier. Kelsier and his crew plan to rid the final empire of its corrupt and evil Lord Ruler in an attempt to bring peace to the final empire.

Why is Mistborn so good?

Mistborn is so good because the story follows the formulaic narrative of many previous fantasy novels that have been extremely successful. It uses a lot of the same tropes as many previous fantasy stories. This is one of the reasons why it was so popular and so well written.

Please do not misunderstand what I said above. A good story, no matter what the genre, is often formulaic and uses tropes that have been used before. This is not lazy writing it is using what we know to be entertaining and making it our own.

So many fantasy stories tend to follow a parentless street urchin who goes from being beaten down by life to fighting back and becoming a force to be reckoned with. The reason so many fantasies stories begin with a character like this is because the readers like to read about some street urchin becoming ruler of the world because it is interesting and does not often happen in real life. Tropes are often used by authors because they know that their target audience will be able to find their main characters not only entertaining but also relatable. This is why novels that follow tropes and are a little formulaic become so popular.

The thing is. If the story is too formulaic then the audience will not enjoy the story because they will feel that they have read it all before. This is where Brandon Sanderson excels. He is able to give his own spin to the usual story tropes and formulas. He creates a rich, complex, and expansive world. He creates rich, complex, and expansive characters that the audience can relate to. The audience can understand the struggles that each character undergoes and they empathize with them. If you can create a fictional character that the audience can empathize with then you have created an amazing work of fiction. If you can weave a story that causes people to feel emotions then you have done your job as a writer. Brandon manages this extremely well.

The magic of the Mistborn series is in itself an amazing work of fiction. Most fantasy novels use magic in some way or other but most of the time it is not described how the magic works it just does, sometimes there is a wand or a staff involved. Brandon explains the magic in the Mistborn in quite a lot of detail and gives it a lot of limitations and flaws, which makes it an incredible system because it means that the magic users cannot just wave their hands and destroy an entire army. This makes it feel more real and the audience can relate to this and understand it and can enjoy the series even more.

This is why the Mistborn series is the best!

Mistborn Adventure Game

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