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Life Part 2

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About life from my point of view


So what matters the most are we feeding ourselves with the good memories or the bad ones. Are we doing good deeds? Does our memories giving us a pleasant mind to think good about us? What I feel is if we have good things in our mind we will be happy from inside and outside because at the end of the day what actually matters the most is our happiness and that’s all comes from our choices.

The choices which we make each and every day in each and every path, If people think you are selfish, be selfish everyone else are it’s just you who are loudly accepting it in front of everyone and others are hiding it by covering with fake sugar coated personalities. Be selfish, be human but not inhuman, I would have rather compared it to animals but as per today environment they are far better than us. There is a difference in being selfish and being inhuman, selfish means we care about ourselves, we think about our growth, we focus on our happiness, we don’t interrupt in anyone’s else life, in short being selfish means loving yourself first. You give first priority to yourself without hurting anyone. As we all know you can’t love and pay respect to others when you don’t even bother about yourself, but now-a-days people have become inhuman rather than selfish. They put their interest more on hurting others than loving themselves, they care more about themselves than others who are in need, they think of growing by focusing on defeating others and make others life miserable to stand to compete against them, they feel happy to slay others. I’ll repeat again be selfish but not inhuman, without humanity there is no living.

Be true to yourself be free from negativity. If you have negativity in you, then nothing will seems right to you neither you will be able to do anything good because negativity is like a swamp once you steps in it becomes difficult to come out. Negativity damages everything your peace of mind, your heath, your life, your relationship with others. Its like a virus that will destroy your thinking power and all you feel is jealousy, hatred, irritation, anger and frustration. You become so ignorant of the fact that you take every decision just to keep your ego satisfied and still it makes you believe that you are right. Being ignorant and get yourself covered in lies can make your life beautiful for sometimes, but always remember that karma design your destiny. So stop ignoring your true self, start believing who you are and what you can do and stay away from all the negativities which may seems pleasing and easy right now but have worst consequences later. When we choose the path of truth and positivity in our life it becomes simpler, we might get caught in trouble but that will not stay for longer, start choosing things wisely depending upon truth, positivity and freedom which can make our life worth a living. And whatever you will have you will be satisfied.

At the end all we want a stable and happy life.

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