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The Journey - Death to Eternity


Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...


Death to Eternity

In Life, the only life will be the life,

Which will be cut in a separation,

Why cry in the grief of old age?

Which is already Lying on your doorstep,

Your sight and poor eyes,

What Hour will be that hour?

Arrows were coming from all sides to me

You must have taken some of them too,

Among those who raise their voices against me

There will be a noticeable voice of yours too...

Don't get lost in the prosperity,

The next destination will be very tight!!

Keep the candles of the heart burning dear,

Halfway there will be the night...

Here what we are counting the death,

There will be endless life in the other world...

The poem is about the journey of a mortal to immortal life. The life which will never end. All of us have to leave this world one day, here the eyes will be closed and on the other world we will be awakened.

Why we cry for the things that we know will never last forever. We cry when we lost someone or something on the journey of life. I know it hurts as our emotions get entangled with those things.

If we prepare our minds that everything will never last forever in our lives, life will get easier to live. And we can prepare much better for the life that will be immortal, a never-ending life. Surely, we are here in this world to go back one day, so why not take good deeds and light heart with us to make the everlasting life green and clean. The purest one!!