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John 3:16


The Most Famous Quote Ever

This single quote from the Bible is probably the best known quote ever. In the King James Version, it reads:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

In this lens, I will also include verse 17 at times:

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

This particular verse might be explained as follows:

For God the Father so loved the world, that He gave His one and only God the Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not be deprived of God's presence, but spend eternity with God in perfect joy and happiness.

This particular verse has been translated into over 4000 languages. It is published in the most widely published book ever.

This verse often shows up at ball games, and in other unexpected places. Here is an example Eye Black Messages on Squidoo.

It summarizes the entire Bible in one sentence.

I have spent many hours looking for this verse in as many languages as I could find. In this Lens, I will share with you what took me a long time to gather: this verse in as many languages as possible.

Read on. You may find this verse in your favorite language. The more languages I find, the more I will post.

The Story Behind This Project

For years, I knew a woman named Hildegard Winter. She spoke English and German. I would take the children over to her house and we would read the Bible in German and pray in English, and I did this fairly regularly for awhile. She was a dear sweet lady who lived into her 90's and eventually went home to be with the Lord. She would go into nursing homes and sing and read the Bible to the people there, in either English or German. She befriended my mother-in-law, who has also gone Home. At some point, Hildegard asked me to take over her work when she went Home. That was the most wonderful inheritance I ever received from anybody! Going to nursing homes wasn't something I could readily do, but what I COULD do is present parts of the Bible in many languages, on the internet.

After awhile, Hildegard went to live in a nursing home herself. One day, I took copies of some of my language pages and showed her how I was carrying out her legacy. It made her very happy.

More About This Project

Languages have long been a passion of mine. I grew up hearing German being spoken whenever we visited relatives, but nobody bothered to teach me German. This led to an insatiable hunger to learn other languages. Eventually, I was able to start to learn other languages, but as a general rule, since I don't have a native speaker to practice with, I end up learning to read and not much else. I currently read 15 languages.

I have over 140 languages on my family web site. This Bible verse and others can be accessed in one of these languages, here: Seghea Bible Verses in Many Languages

On my site, I do a lot of VISUAL indexing because many of my visitors do not read English. I have a visual index that leads to pages where there is art work, which can be enjoyed by all, and to pages that have links in other languages, on various topics. On the page above, I used the images of national flags to help people locate their own language. I have not seen a visual index on any other web site. You can find my visual index to things people can enjoy in other languages: Seghea. I am not particularly a supporter of the United Nations, but the flag has a universally understood meaning, so I use it in that context.

Before getting into the alphabet, I want to mention some things. First, I give the name of the language either in English, or in that language, so if you don't find it under one, look under the other.

Fonts are often a problem, particularly since the world hasn't totally shifted to the new standard Unicode yet, and when I first did pages in Korean, for example, it was before the change. In such cases, I will present images. On my web site, I was often able to overcome this problem by specifying a character set, but as the changes are taking place, some of the pages are broken. :( As I have the time, I'm fixing the problem.

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In a few places in this Lens, I have had to use a Roman transliteration because I don't have anything else. I apologize for this, and will replace them when I find the original.

As time permits, I will also be adding photos of folk art from the region where the language is spoken.

Thank you to the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Catalina, Arizona, for their generous support, particularly in giving me access to print Bibles in many languages. Thank you also to Roger Doriot, missionary to Irian Jaya, and Wolfgang Kuhl of Germany for supplying some Bible verses.

I have many more languages to add, so if you don't see the one you want, please come back soon.


This material has been compiled from a number of different sources. All of the sources are listed in the Links List. In many cases, the verse or verses were hand copied from actual copies of the Bible. Some of these were placed in a context of a number of other verses, on web pages.

There are other pages with collections of John 3:16 (all listed below). This collection will undoubtedly be the most complete collection on the internet, when all of the languages I have are added.

When I have time, I will add some short descriptions that show the difficulties that Bible translators have, when trying to translate a verse in such a way that it MEANS the same thing as it does to English-speakers. Here is just one example of many that I hope to add. When trying to translate a verse that says our sins will be white as snow, what do you do in a country where the inhabitants have never seen snow? You look for a word that means something white, and purity. Often a problem is much more complex than that.

About the Folk Art

As time permits, I will be adding folk art from the region where a particular language is spoken.

About the dragons: there are dragon myths from all over the world. Some cultures have pursued dragons as sculpture and other visual arts. There are those who hold (I am one of them) that the dragons are representations of dinosaurs that the people used to see, and that the images are passed down through the generations in stylized form, something like oral tradition, until the present day.

The sculpture of the bird was carved from ironwood, one of the hardest woods known. The Seris carve many different figures and sell them for a living. How they do it is a total mystery to me.

All photos, except the one of the Bird of Paradise from Iriyan Jaya, are mine. That photo was taken by Roger Doriot, and is used with permission.

Copyright for the Bible passages belongs to God, with some secondary copyright holders. Using a single verse from a Bible translation is permitted under all applicable laws. This applies also to images of verses.

Letter A

Abor Miri (Tibet and Assam borders, India):

Depe emnam de Ishor bui tani amo sim siddipe aiato, depe bui agi-ke O atelem

bingum-shuto, emla seko di buim muingke-shuye di, bui nyogmape, decom turyr-namem paye.


Kapeila Shedi bi tani amongem airupe ayangkane seko Jisume arope mingke suyedi bi nyokmadope idakla turyar namem paadope emla bi agike Oo atelem bingumsuto.

Depe emnam de Ishor bui tani amo sim siddipe aiato, depe bui agi-ke O atelem bingum-shuto, emla seko di buim muingke-shuye di, bui nyogmape, dekom turyar-namem paye.


Want so lief he God de wêreld gehad, dat Hy sy eniggebore Seun gegee het, sodat elkeen wat in Hom glo, nie verlore mag gaan nie, maar die ewige lewe kan hê.

Albanian Gheg

Sepse Perëndia e deshi aq botën, sa dha Birin e tij të vetëmlindurin, që, kushdo që beson në të, të mos humbasë, por të ketë jetë të përjetshme.

Albanian Tosk:

Po, Perendia aq shume e deshi boten, saqe e dha Birin e tij the vetem, qe the mos humbase kushdo qe beson ne the, por the kete jeten e perjetshme.

Sepse Perëndia e deshi aq botën, sa dha Birin e tij të vetëmlindurin, që, kushdo që beson në të, të mos humbasë, por të ketë jetë të përjetshme. Sepse Perëndia nuk e dërgoi Birin e vet në botë që ta dënojë botën, por që bota të shpëtohet prej tij.


Amuzgo de San Pedro Amuzgos:

Nquii Tyo'tson t'man jndyi vaa na vi'nchjii jon nn'an tsonnangue, jo' nquii Jnda jon na nincüii ts'onhin, tyincyaa jonhin na ndyion jon jnan nn'an. Ndö' vaa na its'aa jon, cha' min'cya ro ts'an na vantyja ts'on juuhin, tyi'xe'quitsu ñuaan' juu, tsixuan juu na tyi'quintycüii na vando' juu. Ee chito jñon Tyo'ts'on Jnda jon ndëë nn'an tsonnangue, cha' quit'uiivi'han'hin tsojnaan' jnanhan. I'ua Tyo'tson ts'ian'ñeen nnon Jnda jon na ntsin'man jon ñuaan nn'an.


Dahpa vadote, Asapavan tuwng doltipam to unsah lopah nu, tutuwng vachara pasalsang to penu, tutuwng aku pajoso ama piidun tento itom inema ihringna to iphana hrangpa.


Bik'ehgo'ihi'nan ni'gosdzan bika' nnee dazho bil daanzhoohii bigha biYe' dala'ahi yaa yinltii, aik'ehgo dahadin bosdlaadihii doo da'ilii hileeh da, aida' ihi'naa doo ngonel'aa dahii yee hinaa doleel.


'Jiyanohua cua Que Pueyaso paniniuucua puetunu mijiria quiniaa pueyajanaa, nojuajaari Neyanujuanaa jiyaroquiaari puetunu pueyapueecuarajanaa mosocoriquiano. Puetunu cucua tiuuniaa pueyajanaari saniitioyaquishaanutaniya cutara. Nojori cutaraari pueyaracaanu rishijiaca quiniutianiya Pueyaso shuriucua. Pueyasoori maja na jiyaronu quiquiaari janiya pueya cua saniitionura. Seetanujuanaa cua jiyaroquiaari cutaraari pueyacuaji Tacuna cua quiniuria.


Lane ekja ahb Alle aloalm hti bjl abne aluhid lki la ielk kl mn iumn be bl tkun le alhiat alabdit.


Ekna gir ahb Alea lolma, aikna dlbre ihidia ntl, dkl mn dmeimn be, la nabd, ala neuun le hia dlolm.


Armenian (Eastern):

Armenian (Western):

Awabakal (Spoken in Australia):

Yanti, kiloa, wiyan bag nurun unnug ta pital katan mikan ta agelo ka

Eloi koba wakal lin ba yarakai-willug minki kanun.


Allah dvnyany ele sevdi ki, wz yekane Oglunu feda etdi; Ona kwre ki, Ona iman ketiren ner kes helak olmayyb, ebedi heyaty olsun.

Letter B

Bahasa Indonesia:

Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal. Sebab Allah mengutus Anak-Nya ke dalam dunia bukan untuk menghakimi dunia, melainkan untuk menyelamatkannya oleh Dia.

Bahasa Melayu:

Allah sangat mengasihi orang di dunia ini sehingga Dia memberikan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada Anak itu tidak binasa tetapi beroleh hidup sejati dan kekal. Allah mengutus Anak-Nya ke dunia ini bukan untuk menghakimi dunia, tetapi untuk menyelamatkannya.


The ah Apudyus, gapon anchi amchan way layadna hen tatagu, empalena hen anchi ih-ihà-an way anàna hen antoy lota way matéy ta heno way mangafurot hen anchi anàna, achi metap-ar the mì-iggaw an hiya ah ing-inggana. Iggay hennag Apudyus hen anàna hen antoy lota way i manusa hen tatagu, the anna hennag ta wachay kahara-an hen tatagu.


Tobikon Mian Bisa namamaasikanano kobanggapi nai dunia nia, tobikon yana beekene kona na Pau mo meeng sulano doi inde-indee komiano komaangga doi yana aki nasilaka, bai malaat tuboan mobisa tukon posidutukon.


Domi Gusunc u handuniagibun kiru mc ta kpa, sere u win Bii tcn durc teereru bu wx, kpa baawure wi u nun naanx doke, u ku kam ko, adama u n waaru mc the ta ku ra kpe.


Inyu ngandag gwéha Nyambe a ngwéh nkoñ isi,

jon a bi tine pombe yéMan, le to nje a nhémle nye

a ôbi bé, ndi a bana nom boga.

Basque (Guipuzcoan, N.Spain):

Zergatic aiñ maite izan du Jaungoicoac mundua, non eman duen bere Seme Bacarra beragan fedea duan guzia galdu ez dedin, baizic izan dezan betico bizia.

Basque (Labourdin, Pyrenees):

Alabain an Jainkoak haletan du mundua maithatu, non bere Seme bekharra eman baitu, hunen

daithan sinhesten duen nihor ez dadien gal, aitzitik izan dezan bethilo bizitzea.

Basque (South High Navarrese):

Cerén eci Jangoicoac aláco manéran onetsi-dú múndua, eci eman-baitu

bere Seme bacarra : galeztáyen niór sinestendueníc bera-baiten, baicic

guciéc logra-dezáten vicitza etérnoa.

Basque (Souletin):

Ceren Jincouac hain du maithatu mundia, noun eman beitu bere seme

bakhotcha, amorecatic hartan sinhesten dian guicçonetaric batere

eztadin gal, bena ukhen deçan bethiereco bicitcia.

Basque Batua (Europe, Philippines):

Izan ere, Jainkoak hain maite izan zuen mundua, non bere Seme bakarra eman baitzion, harengan sinesten duenik inor gal ez dadin, baizik betiko bizia izan dezan. Zeren Jainkoak ez baitzuen Semea mundura bidali mundua kondenatzeko, haren bitartez salbatzeko baizik.

Batta (Battak: Angkola from Indonesia):

Angke sai holong do roha ni Debata mida hasiangan on, djabat dilehen

Ija Anakna na sasada i, anso ulang mago barang ise na porsaja di Sija;

tapi marhangoluan na so mantak do ibana.

Bassa Kwomu:

Uwxnxpo Agwatana lubi nyizo duwa, be peni Yxu ubwa mokondo na be meci, maa butu be elele na titanx bu rishe bi zha shx nda ufu, ama bu yajx uraing nyizonom

Batak Toba:

Ai songon on do holong ni roha ni Debata di portibi on, pola do Anakna na sasada i dilehon, asa unang mago ganup na porsea di Ibana, asa hangoluan na salelenglelengna di ibana.




Ki nyin Unim le bendigye indee-indee; benyin be shi-e a kung 'iken unwaa-ma ke le he undi uyang-yang angwu a bong igyang-igyang ha ahe u nim ye, ukpor u kwu le likpan 'unyong angi li ngyor igye kpamm.


Huli ta an Dios namoot na gayo sa kinaban, na itinao nia an saiyang Aking bogtong, tagñaning an siisay man na minatubod sa saiya dai mapahamak, kundi magkaigua nin buhay na dai nin katapusan. Huli ta an Dios dai nagsogo kan sayang Aki sa kinaban na magsilot kan kinaban; kundi tagñaning an kinaban ikaligtas huli saiya.


Pathianin rammual lung a thlung tak tak sikin a Naipa neisun a peka; tukhom ama iam kan chu thi loia kumtluang ringna an nei theina rangin.

BoBangi (Zaire):

Nowele Nyambe aliki nde o tinda o Mwana w'o molongo na ntin'ete

atendele molongo ka, nde na ntin'ete molongo mokoswibwa

bokoswibwaka na Yeye.


Ishora shonsharkhou eshegrap' onbai, bio gaoni shashe lo sharijanai Bisha houakhou oroino hobai, bikhou phothaigra shaphrombo hophaioi badi, bobekhani jobno goioi gothankhou monnai badi.


Waaqi guddo lafa jaalate, tanaafi ilma ufi tokoca namaa kenne, aka nami tokoleen ka isa d'ugefatu imbanne, ammo jireena hegeri argatu.

Nowele Nyambe aliki nde o tinda o Mwana w'o molongo na ntin'ete

atendele molongo ka, nde na ntin'ete molongo mokoswibwa

bokoswibwaka na Yeye.

Borana (south Ethiopia and north Kenya):

Wonto akanatiifi Waaqi guddo lafa jaalate, tanaafi Ilma ufi tokocha namaa kenne, aka nami isa d'ugefatu tokoleeni imbanne, ammo jireenna hegeri argatu.

Bororo (Mato Grosso, Brazil):

Inaba boere ducodiba Aroe Midjera mearuducurire boe djamedu boedje tchare ure tonareguedo mitodo rogo macu, mare boe eiamedu boe emearutoruwo dji, boe ewogwadoducawo boe eragodji boe etamagadu inoduo ure.

Botolan Sambal:

Masyadoy panlalabi nin Diyos ha kaganawan tawo; kayà inggawà na hi Apo Hisos ya mimihay Anak na emem hinoman ya tompel kona ay ahè mipalako ha impirno, no alwan magkama-in yan biyay ya ayin anggawan ya bilang biyay nin Diyos. Ahè inhogò nin Diyos ya Anak na bayri ha babon lotà nin manosga nin tawtawo para parosawan, no alwan inhogò na ya para mangilibri nin tawtawo.

Brazilian Portuguese.

Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho unigénito, para que todo

aquele que nele crê não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna.

Breton (Treguier dialect):

Rag Doue hen deuz karet kement ar bed, ma hen deuz roet he

Vab-unik, abalamour da biou benag a gredo ennhan na vezo ket kollet,

mes ma hen deveso ar vuez eternel.

Bugotu (Soloman Islands):

Imanea a God vamua ke dothovia puala na maramagna, gi e

tamathaginia a Dathegna ke vahu sopa, gi ahai keda vautuutunia keda

bosi luvu, me keda tonogna na havi hau.


Sikila Wele kasima sibala lukali, mala karusia Omwana wewe omutelwa, mala oyoyo omusubilamo alekhe khutiba ta nekakhali anyole bulamu bwekimiaka namindali.



Letter C

The dragon on the right is from China.

Cabecar (Costa Rica):

Cakchiquel (occidental):

Ri Dios can sibilaj yerajo' ri winek ri yec'o chuwech re ruwach 'ulef, y rumari' xutek c'a pe ri Ruc'ajol wawe' chuwech re ruwach 'ulef. Riya' xaxu (xaxe wi) c'a jun Ruc'ajol c'o, pero xutek pe riche (rixin) chi xabachique c'a winek ri xtiniman riche (rixin), ma xtibe ta pa tijoj pokonal, xa can xtic'oje' c'a ruc'aslen riche (rixin) xtibe k'ij xtibe sek.


Car talment ha estimat Déu el món, que donà son Fill unigènit, a fi que tot el qui creu en ell no es perdi, ans tingui vida eterna.

Deu va estimar tant el mon que va donar el seu Fill unigenit, a fi que tot el qui creu en ell no es perdi sino que tingui vida eterna.


Kay gihigugma sa Dios ang kalibutan, sa pagkaagi nga gihatag niya ang iyang Anak nga bugtong, aron ang tanan nga motoo kaniya dili mawala, kondili may kinabuhi nga walay katapusan. Kay ang Dios wala magpaanhi sa iyang Anak sa kalibutan aron sa paghukom sa silot sa kalibutan, kondili aron ang kalibutan maluwas tungod kaniya.

Kay gihigugma gayud sa Dios ang kalibutan nga tungod niana gihatag niya ang iyang bugtong Anak, aron ang tanan nga mosalig kaniya dili malaglag, kondili may kinabuhing dayon.


Kia Ishyor ei jogodore en kuas pelo je, nijor eguagori Puare dan gori dilo, jen je kio tare bichas gore, the binash no oy, mattor Omor Jibon pay.


Sa taegüena6 na jaguaeya si Yuus y tano, janae ni linilsja Lajiña y para todo ayo y jumonggu güe, ti siña malingo, ya guaja linâlâña na taejinecog

Chatino de Tataltepec:

Ntsu'u tsa tyiquee ycui' Ndyosi ña'a Ni ji'i ñati chalyuu, bi' cha' cua nda ycui' Ni jna' nu laca Sñi' ycui' ca Ni lijya na' chalyuu. Ná tsaa ñati ca bilyaa si xñi ngu' cha' jna', nu laca sca ti Sñi' ycui' Ndyosi; caja chalyuu tso'o ji'i ngu' bi', chalyuu nu ná nga'a cha' tye --nacui Jesús--. Si'i cha' sta ycui' Ndyosi Sti na' qui'ya ji'i ñati chalyuu nda Ni jna' lijya na' chalyuu, na cua lijya na' cha' cuityi na' qui'ya nu ntsu'u ji'i ñati chalyuu; bi' cha' cua nda Ni jna' lijya na' --nacui Jesús--


Por causa del grande amor de Dios con el maga gente, ya manda le con el di suyo unico Hijo aqui na mundo, para aquellos quien ay tene fe con el hende ay perde el di ila alma, sino ay tene vida eterna. Cay Dios nuay manda con el di suyo Hijo aqui na mundo para jusga con el maldad del maga gente, sino para salva con todo el maga gente na mundo por medio del di suyo Hijo.




Pakuti Mulungu anakonda dziko lapansi kotero, kuti anapatsa Mwana wace wobadwa yekha, kuti yense wakukhulupirira Iye asatayike, koma akhale nao moyo wosatha.

Chin Haka:

Pathian nih vawlei hi a dawt hringhran caah a Fapa ngeihchunte kha a pek, cucaah amah a zum mi paoh cu an thi lai lo, zungzal nunnak an ngei lai.

Chin Khumi:

Tameuh my kaileaung pri y khri khri pa-rei tamen, hunaibaly my i Chapo leaungrei awm khyh nai pei keih, ami py mymy ai ym nai ngierei ly tamo y ai, deungtasarei hengra nga lawh ai.

Chin Paite:

Banghanghiam chih leh, Pathian in khovel a it mahmah a, huchiin a Tapa tang neihsun a pia hi, huchia kuapeuh amah gingta tuh a man that louh a, khantawna hinna a neih jawkna dingin.

Chin Tedim:

Pasian in a Tapa khat bek a piak dongin leitung mite a it hi; Tua Tapa a um mi khempeuhte in kisia lo-a nuntak tawntungna a ngah nading ahi hi.

Chin Thado:

Ajeh chu Pathenin hibanga hi vannoi angailut ahin, koi hijongle ama tahsan chan chu mangthah louva tonsot hin kemlou anei theina dingin, Achapa chang khat chu apetan ahi.


The dragon is from China.


Shen ai shiren, shenzhi jiang tade dushengzi cigei tamen, jiao yiqie xin ta de, buzhi miewang, fan de yongsheng.

Choctaw (Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, USA):

Chihowa yvt yakni a i hullo fehna kvt, kvna hosh yvmma i ymmikmvt

ik illo hosh, amba ai ikehayvt bilia yo pisa hi o. Ushi achvfa illa

holitopa ya auet ima tok


Come che'i tsi' wen c'uxbi jini ano' bv ti panimil Dios; Tsi' yvc'v cojach bv i Yalobil; Majqui jach mi' nop i Yalobil, ma'anic mi'sajtel; Mi' taj i cuxtvlel mach bv anic mi' jilel.

Chontal de Tabasco:

'Dios tä' u yajna'tan upetejob pancab, jin uc'a u yäq'ui u juntul Ajlo' uc'a upete machcatac u tz'omben uneba mach sätic, unejob paq'uin cuxlecob. Uc'a Dios mach u täsqui u Yajlo' pancab tuba u yäc'benob u toje' u tanä a'ajtäjob pancab, u täsqui tuba u japän a'ajtäjob pancab.


A kaapo feyx Wuribware a kpa kaye-rc asesx kebaqse-c se, ne cc taa mo gyi koqko wore kpeq ne o de-o sa ane feyx ckemaa ne c kccre mo a o gyi-o maa wu, amaa c nya qkpa na kukyure ne a moq de kxx-c.


Perche Diu ha tantu amatu u mondu, ch'Ellu ha dattu u so unicu Figliolu affinche quiunque credi in Ellu un pirisca, ma abbia vita eterna.

Cotabato Manobo:

Na, eghiduwan i Nemula temù sa langun etaw diyà tanà. Huenan di, pineangay di sa Anak di bugtung diyà tanà anì mealukan da. Sumalà dé sa etaw egpigtuu diyà kenagdi, endà mekesugsug di enù ka dumuen lalù di polo endà meelut di. Pineangay i Nemula sa Anak di diyà tanà anì alukan di sa langun etaw. Beken iya sa pesuwan di anì pigtamayan di sa langun etaw.


Deus ama jinti di mundu dimas, tok i da si uniku Fiju, pa tudu kil ku setal ka ta pirdi, ma i ta ten vida ku ka ta kaba.


Cuicateco de Teutila:

Tihca, the ama yahino Dendiohs ihyan iyehnse, ne andahre ama ndiyahn ra Daya ye, ate chihco mendahn ye ihyan, cava che nducoyaca ihyan che cotahno ye ihyan min ne, ndevahn ye, cuahtenan ye vahchetero numacuahn ro. Dechuh Dendiohs Daya ye muhn iyehnse cuh, ndiyu cava che din ye castigo ihyan iyehnse, ate cava che cotahno ihyan iyehnse ihyan min, ndedevahn ye ihyan.


Tenged nga beken lamang y maite ang paggegma y ang Dios sa tanang tao sa kalibotan animan ingtao na anang bogtong nga Bata agod ang maski sino nga magtoo kanana indi ren isilotan y ang kamatayen nga ara' kataposan, kong indi' tatawan tana y ang kaboi nga ara' kataposan. Ang Dios, ara na isogoa anang Bata digi sa kalibotan para magsilot sa mga tao sa kalibotan kong indi' ingsogo na anang Bata agod paagi kanana ang mga tao malibri sa silot.


Letter D


Thi således elskede Gud Verden, at han gav sin Søn den enbårne, for at hver den, som tror på ham, ikke skal fortabes, men have et evigt Liv.


Pathianin khawvel a hmangaih em em a, maleia chun a Naipa neisun a pek a, ama chu tupai a ring ta phawt chu boiral nawh ni a, chatuana nunna an neina dingin.


Osuo ogen ekein ewei odiom ivom akuvi kresei, odar oyau omo ovu nou ofaken, kokunu owei nu ekotun mu owei nu oda nyan umeme minwi nou, do odar wu vai mun, do moda nyana aswei nu iza vo dareken.

Deleware Spoken in Ontario (Canada), USA

Nititechquo Getanittowit wtelgiqui ahowalap Pemhakamixit, wtelli

miltinep nekti mehittachpit Quisall: wentschi wemi wulistawachtit

mattatsch tawongellowiwak, schuk nachpauchsischtit hallemiwi


Dhu Alur:

Kum Mungu maru ng'om mumbe, ketho emio Wode kulong', kara ng'atu ma tek uyie kud erwiny ki, endre ebed ku kwo ma rondo ku rondo.

Dibabawon Manobo:

Nalogonan to Diyus to mgo otow dini to babow to kalibutan hantod to Anak din no sobu-ukon, pigpatubus din no iyan ogpakimatayan din to mgo saà dan. Agad intawa no ogsalig kandin, konad ogkagawang kandin to atubangan to Diyus, di ogkabogayan nasi to kinabuhì no konad ogkawadà. Pagpaandini to Diyus to Anak din dini to kalibutan, konà no iyan tu-ud din to ogkastiguhon to mgo otow to saà dan dì oglipwasan din kandan to saà dan.

Dieri (S. Australia, aboriginal):

Ngangau jeruja Godali mitala ngantjana wonti, Nulia Ngatamura Kunakulno nunkani jinkina

wonti, ngangau pratjanali tana nunkangu moralu ngundranani, wata tintaterinanto, a-ai,

tepi ngurali ngamalkananto.

Dumagat (Casiguran):

Mahal na Diyos a tahod i tolay ta mundua. Kanya pinaange na se tu anak na a isesa, monda maski ti ésiya i maniwalaa diya, éy éwan mate, éng éwan mabuhay a éwan tu katapusan. Ewan pinaange na Diyos tu anak na ta mundua a maghukum ta tolay, éng'wan magligtas ta tolay.

Dumaget (Umiray):

Ta dehil de hanga a masakut a pagbuot ni Makedepat de kaagtaan dio de putok i ay binoy na i kádu a Anak na a nagpakalibun tangani i misan ino a nonulusun diya ay gekaduman ni edup an the kalog, a am pan nakkiblag de Makedepat. Ta pinakang ni Makedepat i Anak na dio de putok i tangani nalligtas i kaagtaan dehil diya, a wet na ide hahatolan.

Dutch (Nederlands):

Want alzo lief heeft God de wereld gehad, dat Hij Zijn eniggeboren Zoon gegeven heeft, opdat een iegelijk die in Hem gelooft, niet verderve, maar het eeuwige leven hebbe.

Want alzo heeft God de wereld liefgehad, dat hij zijnen eengeboren Zoon gegeven heeft, opdat allen, die in hem geloven, niet verloren gaan, maar het eeuwige leven hebben.

Dyak (Bideyu) (Ngaju dialect Spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia):

Krana kalotä kapaham Matalla djarai sinta kalunen, sampai iä

djari manenga Anake idjä tonggal, nakara genegenep olo, idjä

pertjaja huang iä, djaton banasa, tapi bara pambelom idjä


Dyak (Bideyu) (Land Dyak dialect Spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia):

Amai Allah Taala rindu ong, nug ka-i ngyen anak tamu-i, sa asi bait asi

adi sabah duh manyap, pak dapud udip ruro.

Dyak (Bideyu) (Sea Dyak dialect Spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia):

Allah Taala rindu ka mensia, datai ka iya mri Anak tunggal iya, ngambi

ka samoa orang ti arap ka iya enda lalu mati, utang bulih idup meruan


Irikoy ga ba ndunnya hal a na nga Ize follon-ka no, zama boro kulu kang ga cimi n'a se, a ma si halaci, amma a ma du fundi hal abada.

Letter E


Ohomorihi oo vavoo si ireyi anehe pooro, ne tu ka oo si Ozi ani ikonya gene-gene yi anehe; ka oza tura oza ana aa si ayi turaa, as'o kuku vuete, ama d'o zu yara ida Ohomorihi pooro zina-zina.


Rhunmwuda Osanobua ho emwe agbon na serrio zee o na rhie Ovbi ere ukpomokpa ne omwa, ne omwaikomwa ne o rhirhi yae yi ghe wirua, sokpan ne o gha mwe efe neimwe ofo.


Koro Abasi akamama ererimbot ntem, tutu Enye osio ikpcngikpcng Eyen emi Enye obonde cnc, man owo ekededi eke cbuctde idem ye Enye okutak, edi enyene nsinsi uwem.


Esowo njini kor-e na, wo, a rodo Mmon mmon awohng ewe ka re, nne awohng awohng no l' taame tv-e, a nehm tiki kpo tan, a kpi eklpin ni li go njinanjini.


Naki Nyasaye ayianchete ense, goika akarua Omwana oye omomoima, erinde 'monto onde bwensi oyomwanchire tasira, korende anyore obogima bwa kare nakare.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Eskimo (Labrador dialect):

Imâk Gûdib sillaksoarmuit nagligivait, Ernetuane tunnilugo,

illûnatik okpertut tâpsomunga assiokonnagit, nungusuitomigle




Sest nonda on Jumal maailma armastanud, et ta oma ainusundinud Poja on annud, et ukski, kes temasse usub, ei saaks hukka, vaid et temal oleks igavene elu.


Thathi kho Osinegba kho inyo mho uyemhi nitsa agbo, Li o za zo Omozao okpa gheghe nitsoi re, na the mie kho oya kho oya kpo no thio I o, o gea pua, ghuena o mho ele nitete.

Letter F


Ti so elskadi Gud heimin, at Hann gav Son Sin, hin Einborna, fyri at hvor tann, id tryr a Hann, skal ikki fortapast, men hava aevigt liv.

Tí so elskaði Gud verðina, at hann gav son sín, hin einborna, fyri at hvør tann, sum trýr á hann, ikki skal fortapast, men hava ævigt liv.


Zira Hda geanra ainqdr mhbt nud ke fsr ikane hudra dad ta erke br au aian aurd elak nkrdd blke hiat gaudany iabd.


Ni sa lomani ira na kai vuravura vakaoqo na Kalou, me solia kina na Luvena e dua bauga sa vakatubura, me kakua ni rusa ko ira yadua era sa vakabauti koya, me ra rawata ga na bula tawa mudu.


Silla niin on Jumala maailmaa rakastanut, etta han antoi ainokaisen Poikansa, ettei yksikaan, joka haneen uskoo, hukkuisi, vaan hanella olisi iankaikkinen elama.

Jumala on rakastanut maailmaa niin paljon, että antoi ainoan Poikansa, jottei yksikään, joka häneen uskoo, joutuisi kadotukseen, vaan saisi iankaikkisen elämän.


Want alzoo heeft God de wereld bemind, dat Hij zign eeniggeboren Zoon, heeft gegeven, op dat al wie in Hem gelooft niet verga, maar het eeuwige leven hebbe

French (Français):

Car Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu'il a donné son Fils unique, afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse point, mais qu'il ait la vie éternelle.

French Creole:

Car Bon Dieu té r’aimé créatures-li si tant, que li baille seul Pitite-li, pour que ça qui croit-n’en li pas perdu, mais pour li gagné la vie éternelle.


Hwent sa ljeaf hat God de wrâld hawn, dat Er syn ienichstberne Soan jown hat, dat in elts dy’t yn him leaut, net fordjerre, mar it ivige libben hawwe mei.


Bana ni Allah yidiri duniyaaru, haa o hokki Biiyiiko bajjo ngam koomoye nuddindo mo, taa o halka, ammaa o heba ngeendam nduumiidam.


Allah yidi duniyaaru masin, Ngam maajum o hokki Biddo maako bajjo; Koomoy nuddini Biddo oo, halkataa, ammaa o heban ngeendam nduumiidam.

Letter G

Gaelic, Scots:

Oir is ann mar sin a ghradhaich Dia an saoghal, gun tug e a aon-ghin Mhic fhein, a-chum is ge be neach a chreideas ann, nach sgriosar e, ach gum bi a' bheatha shiorraidh aige.

Ãir do ghrádhuigh Dia an saoghal chómh mór sin, go dtug sé a Aon-Mhac féin, ionnas, gach duine creidfeadh ann, nach gcaillfidhe é, acht go mbéadh an bheatha shíorraidhe aige.

Garo (India):

Maina Isol agilsakna inditan kasaaha, ua antangni saksa kamkam Depantekon onjok, maikai uo beberagipa sakanti gimagija jringjrotni janggiko mangen.


Vinaidan ise sheiqvara Hhmerwma xuwisofeli, rom misca wavisi mholodshobili dhe, rawa qoveli misi morxmune ar daihhupos, aramed ykhondes saukuno sicochle.


Denn Gott hat die Welt so geliebt, dass er seinen eingeborenen Sohn gab, damit jeder, der an ihn glaubt, nicht verloren gehe, sondern ewiges Leben habe.

Denn also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, daà er seinen eingeboren Sohn gab, auf daà alle, die an ihn glauben, nicht verloren werden, sondern das ewige Leben haben.


Kwani ndo Mulungu arizhouhendza urumwengu, hata akimulazha Mwanawe ariyezhalwa hake-ye, kwamba kila amukuluhiraye iye atsaangamika, akale na uzima wa kare na kare.


Bxxtxiye Jiscs bee kcc: Dui lo Nda, dxdxx booro eo siitcm vaa nyxxto a bai mxn, mx Ndai nxi bosei.

Greek Textus Receptus:

Outw gar ygapysen o Veos ton kosmon, wste ton uion autou ton monogeny edwken, ina pas o pisteuwn eis auton my apolytai, all ehy zwyn aiwnion.


Silamiut Guutip ima asatigai ernitui tunniullugu kinaluunniit taassumunnga uppertoq tammaqqunagu, naassaanngitsumilli innuussuteqaqqullugu.


Matena God e veila koaza na maramana, me mololuani a Dalena na

vasu pesche, ti asei the tutunina ke tau mate, ma ti ke taho nina na

maurisali tuhudani matena


Gujarati (WBTC translation)

Gullah (SE United States):

Cause God lob all de people een de wol sommuch dat e gii we e onliest Son. God sen we um so dat ebrybody wa bleebe pon um ain gwine dead. Dey gwine lib faebamo. God ain sen e Son eenta de wol fa condemn um. God sen e Son fa come sabe de people shru e Son.


Na Jiwheyewhe yiwanna aihon somo bo e yi Ovi deton eton dopo akan name, na medepope he yi i se ma nado don, sigba e nido tindo ogbe madopodo.

Letter H

Habbe (Dogon) (Mali, Burkino Faso):

Sabou Ama adouna gai ibebe, Aini wo se tourou go obou, ine woi wo le gawase ye, yamar' ka omo sogo wo bemo ga:

Haida (British Columbia, Canada, USA):

Shanung-itlagadas het-tligai kwoyadagun alth, Gitang swonshuns tla ga il isdagun, la nung yetdasdlu gum il gu-uns gien, il henung-a-swonung-ai una.


Paske Bon Dieu telman rinmin le monn, ke Li the bay sell Pitit Gason Li, ke ninpot moun ki koue nan Li, pap peri, min yo ginyin lavi etenel.

Paske, Bondye sitèlman renmen lèzòm li bay sèl Pitit li a pou yo. Tout moun ki va mete konfyans yo nan li p'ap pedi lavi yo. Okontrè y'a gen lavi ki p'ap janm fini an.

Paské, Bondié sitèlman rinmin lézòm li bay sèl Pitit li-a pou yo. Tout moun ki va mété konfians yo nan li pap pédi lavi yo. Okontrè ya gin lavi ki pap janm fini an. Bondié pa voyé Pitit li-a sou latè pou kondannin lèzòm, min pito pou-l té kapab délivré yo.


Saboda kaunad da Allah ya yi wa duniya har ya ba da makadaicin Dansa, don duk wanda ya gaskata da shi kada ya halaka, sai dai ya sami rai madawwami.

Gama Allah ya yi kamnar duniya har ya bada Dansa, haifaffe shi kadai, domin dukan wanda yana bada gaskiya gareshi kada ya lalache, amma ya sami rai na har abada.

Hawaii Pidgen:

God wen get so plenny love an aloha fo da peopo inside da world, dat he wen send me, his one an ony Boy, so dat everybody dat trus me no get cut off from God, but get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. You know, God neva send me, his Boy, inside da world fo punish da peopo. He wen send me fo take da peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey doing.


No ka mea, ua aloha nui mai ke Akua i ko ke ao nei, nolaila, ua haawi mai oia i kana Keiki hiwahiwa, i ole e make ka mea manaoio ia ia, aka, e loaa ia ia ke ola mau loa.

Haya (ruHaya) (Tanzania):

Kuba Katonda akagonza ensi obutagonzibwa kugihela Omwana owo yazaile omo, buli muntu amwesiga aleke kubula, nawe atungwe

obulola obutahwaho.


Yira nc, nggamc wdunya ra; Ma wamara mdi kc zcli ra na, ka dzcgc njc ntahc mc nkutli wc; mdi shc dzcgc tlayi nggamc mkyc ma kcri.

Hiligaynon, Ilongo:

Kay ginhigugma gid sang Dios ang kalibutan sa bagay nga ginhatag niya ang iya bugtong nga Anak, agud nga ang bisan sin-o nga magtoo sa iya indi mawala kondi may kabuhi nga walay katapusan. Kay ang Dios wala magpadala sang Anak sa kalibutan sa pagtagudili sang kalibutan, kondi nga ang kalibutan maluwas paagi sa iya.


Pathienin khawvel a hmangai emem a, chuleichun a Naupa neisun chu a pek a, ama chu tukhawm a ring taphawt chu an bohmang nawh a, chatuona hringna an nei lemna dingin.


Yog Vaajtswv hlub hlub tuabneeg nplajteb Vaajtswv txha le khaiv nwg tuab leeg tub lug tsua huv nplajteb; Sub txhua tug kws ntseeg hab tso sab tsua nwg leej tub txha tsw tuag, kuas yuav tau txujsa ntev moog ib txhws tsw kawg.

Houailou (Ajie or Wailu) (New Caledonia):

We, na do meari ve kauau boejë na Bao, na bori kayai mi o xie ka do rhazaro, ceki da mè na dexa kamo rai pai pa tanewei e, ae nè

ye ma wi na moru xere ka ye da tawai seri.

Huasteco de San Luis Potosí:

Cum a Dios lej ichich hual in tsu'tal an inicchic, jaxtam in aba' in lej juncats Tsacamil ca chich teje' tsabal. Patal jitats quim bela' in Tsacamil a Dios ne'ets ca pithan i it ejattalab abal ca ets'ey c'uajiy c'al a Dios yab ca q'uibey. A Dios in aba' in Tsacamil abal c'al jaja' ca jec'ontha an inicchic, yab abal ca jolbiyat.


'Teat Dios xeyay ajiür lasta intera nipilan wüx mundo. Por aag ayaj tüüch miün anopü'yan Micual nej para ngo mamb tiül castigo jangantanej leaw apmataag nej creer, pero apmapac meáwan tiempo niüng ajlüy Teat Dios. Teat Dios ngo müüch miün wüx mundo Micual nej para mataag castigar nipilan, más naleaing para ndom mawüw wüx asoetiw intera nipilan wüx mundo por nej.


Mert úgy szerette Isten e világot, hogy az õ egyszülött Fiát adta, hogy valaki hiszen õ benne, el ne vesszen, hanem örök élete legyen.

Letter I


Kuruga iddukan na Dios ngamin i totolay, yatun i gafuna tu zinog na ta davvunaw i tattadday nga Ana na, tapenu ngamin i mangurug sa ay ari matay, nu ari matolay tu adde ta ngangangay.


N'ihi na Chineke huru uwa n'anya otu a, na O nyere obuna Okpara O muru nani Ya, ka onye o bula nke kwere na Ya we ghara ila n'iyi, kama ka o new ndu ebigh-ebi.


Pvi ao svo elskadi Gud heiminn, ao hann gaf son sinn eingetinn, til pess ao hver, sem a hann truir, glatist ekki, heldur hafi eilift lif.

Ãví svo elskaði Guð heiminn, að hann gaf son sinn eingetinn, til þess að hver sem á hann trúir glatist ekki, heldur hafi eilíft líf.


Ohigbu ka Cwcico ya ihectu tu xcx aa fix abc, ancc o je Cyincnyilc eekponu ku nu, ka ccx duuma nx o lx ctu ce c i gaaa ya ifi ng, amang o gee lx oyceyi opioo.


Hiyah ne aatna, ti nidugah di pamhod Apo Dios hinan tataguh tun luta, at hennagna han oh'ohhan imbaluynan dida, ta an amin di mangulug ay hiya, ya adida milahhin ay Apo Dios, at mi'tagudan hiyah mid pogpogna.

Ifugao (Amganad):

Hiya naey inalin Jesus the hi Apu Dios ya nunhiglay pamhodnah nan atagutagu ta hiya nan hinnagna nan binuktung an Imbabalenah tun luta ta an naminda nan kumulug i hiya ya adida mihiwwe i Apu Dios mu ondaot mi'itagun hiyah munnananong. The hi Apu Dios ya bokon hay pangiballohanah nan numbahulan di tatagu di nannaganah nan Imbabalena mu hinnagna ta hiyay manapung hi bahulda ta wan mabalin an mi'itagudan hiya.

Ifugao (Antipolo):

Hi Meknengan ey nakappinhed deitsun tuud puyek et humman gaputun agtu kawwanan etan binugtung ni U-ungnga tu nem intu-dak tu ma-lat amin ida etan mengullug ni hi-gatu ey meidwatan idan neikadwan biyag ni endi pappeg tu et ag ida umlaw di nandaul. Ag itu-dak Meknengan U-ungnga tud puyek ni an manhuwet ni tuun mekastigu nem intu-dak tun an menellaknib ni tuu.

Ifugao (Batad):

Hiyah ne aatna, ti nidugah di pamhod Apo Dios hinan tataguh tun luta, at hennagna han oh'ohhan imbaluynan dida, ta an amin di mangulug ay hiya, ya adida milahhin ay Apo Dios, at mi'tagudan hiya mid pogpogna. Ti hay nannagan Apo Dios hinan imbaluyna, ya bo'on hay pummoltaanah nan tataguh tun luta, ti hay dumalat ya ta baliwana dida.


Todu, abu k'Ojo fedo ile le de, todabele i m'Oma-wn okpono duchele, todu k'ene du ki akedon'o ki we elenyo, k'i muda n'inmi ogbegbele.


Saji, alodeheh ole ha Oheh Oluhyeh lume gbeeh ko duh Onyewe olookpokpoh nyamwu wari kaka gbuh wonu nyaa jwuh, saji ka ong mi ong ole ko mi loo le, a ka ta ayirejih kaka; Ma, ko ka la ohihi omimi-ka.


Ta casta la unay ti panagayat ti Dios iti lubong; nga intedna ti Anacna a Bugbugtong, tapno amin a mamati kencuana, saan a mapucaw, no di ket adda biagna nga agnanayon.


Gapu iti kasta unay a panagayat ti Dios iti lubong, intedna ti kakaisuna nga Anakna tapno ti siasinoman a mamati kenkuana saan a matay no di ket agbiag nga agnanayon.


Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan AnakNya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepadaNya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

Iroquois (Quebec, Canada, USA):

Aaeken ne niio tsini sakohnoronk8ahon nonk8e, iah tatesakohnonhianiheki n'enskat ok ro8iraien, asakaon tosa aiahiheie tsini, iakon tiaka8etakon raonhake, ok eken tanon neh aiakoientake ne raonhake aiestsenri atsennonniat.


Ata gapu kiya abay pànang nga amminya ne Dios kadaya ngámin tolay, ay ittu ya nidde na ya sissa nga An-anà na, ta senu akkan na mesibna ke Dios oray iinna nga mangurug kaggína, nu di mepagbiyág kaggína ka áwan panda. Ata akkan wayya nebon ne Dios ya An-anà na nga magpabásul kadàtada nga tolay, nu di mangalà katàtada.


Keme Oghene o you akpo na hro, o je reho Omovo rie ke, re kohwo kohwo no o rowo rie o gbe vre he reko o re wo uzuazo ebede bede.


Perciocche Iddio ha tanto amato il mondo, ch'egli ha dato il suo unigenito Figliuolo, acciocche chiunque crede in lui non perisca, ma abbia vita eterna.

Infatti Dio ha talmente amato il mondo da dare il suo Figliuolo unigenito, affinchè chiunque crede in Lui non perisca, ma abbia la vita eterna.


Teri Oritse fe ofo eye we gidigbo, o ka mu Oton Ro okpokporokan tsi gin, oniyekoniye ti o ma kpe Wun oronfo, di o ma ku, keniken a ne emi ti e ne ogun.


Takwan makayamot do oyod a rakoh a addaw no Dios no tawotawo do mondo aya am tinoroh na o mavoyvoh naya a Manganak tapian an sino o manganohed sia am ara pava o abo so pandan a kadimanan na asna makarawat so viay a abo so pandan. Ta tinovoy ava no Dios o Manganak naya do mondo aya a mapagtin so kastigo an dia voken a no nakawara na a omlibri so tawo.

Letter J



Awitdene Gusti Allah anggone ngasihi marang jagad iku nganti masrahake Kang Putra ontang-anting, supaya saben wong kang pracaya marang Panjenengane aja nganti nemu karusakan, nanging nduwenana urip langgeng.


Letter K

The sculpture is from Kenya. I was told it represents friendship.


Kaning rai nme law, Karai Kasang a Kasha hpe kam sham ai ni nlang the gaw, hten bya n hkrum ai sha, htani htana asak lu la mu ga nga, Karai Kasang gaw shi a Kasha shingtai hpe jaw kau ai kaw du hkra, mungkan ga hpe tsaw ra wu ai.


Amu kicham Jehovah ng'ony mising', kot kogoito Werinnyi ne kigii inegei, si malus age tugui ne iyani inendet, ago si konyor sobondab koigeny.


Nycnxbee Bari bee wereloo nycuwe doo wo, kc a bee su aba ye Nwi-nxxdam a bee xrx nx, lokwa xrxgeba nxx a ye yira nx naale epe mx a e'xrx dum a naa tah.



Awoa Alaye dinaga zauro scragcna nankaro, hattaa Tadanzc tilo logga kaino, saawu adcbero ndu duwo shiga kasatscnamadc wande yizcnyi, amma ro abadabe scwandc nankaro.


Thangbakma Sopo aphan kekroi atum angbong pen baduta ke-virvedetji bonta kejut une achethe kedoji aphan Arnam amethang aSopo po epumpet pilo; Arnam lapu anta pirthe aphan inghonlo.


Jo'ca'in nak quixra li Dios li ruchich'och, nak quixq'ue chak li Ralal junaj chi ribil, re nak chixjunil ani tapabank re a'an, inc'a' tasachk, cuank ban xyu'am chi junelic.

Li Dios c'ajo' nak quixraheb li cuanqueb sa' ruchich'och' nak quixq'ue li Ralal junaj chi ribil re nak chixjunileb li ani te'pabank re inc'a' te'sachk. Tacuank ban xyu'ameb chi junelic. Li Dios inc'a' quixtakla chak li Ralal sa' ruchich'och' chixtenebanquil li tojba mac sa' xbêneb li cuanqueb sa' ruchich'och'. Quixtakla ban chak re nak sa' xc'aba' a'an te'colek'.


Naba U Blei u la ieit katta katta ia ka pyrthei, katba u la aiti noh ia la u Khun ba la kha marwei, ba uei uei ruh uba ngeit ha U un ym jot shuh hynrei un ioh ka jingim bymjukut.


Nundu Ngai niwendete nthi, niwanenganie Mwana wake e umwe, ni kana o ula umwitikilaa ndakae, indi ethiwe na thayu utathela.


Kwanyama, Oshikwanyama KUY Osesi oso Kalunga okua li e hōle ounjuni, mokujandja omo na uaje euifa; kisae ou the mu itavele, a ha kane, ndele no a kale nomuenjo ualuse.


Amu Ngai, tondu wa uria endete kirindi gia guku thi, niaarutire Muru wake wa mumwe, ni getha mundu o wothe umwihokete ndakore, no agie muoyo wa tene na tene.


Tontu bwa uria Murungu eendere kirindi kia nthiguru, naaritire Mutanowe-wa-mumwe, nikenda muntu kinya uriku uria ukamwitikia atikeeje kuura, indi eeje agite mwoyo jwa kenya na kenya.


Naki Nyasae ayianchete ense, goika akarua Omwana oye omomoima, erinde monto onde bwensi oyomwegenire tasira, korende anyore obogima bwa kare na kare.


Kwa maana jinsi hii Mungu aliupenda ulimwengu, hata akamtoa Mwanawe pekee, ili kila mtu amwaminiye asipotee, bali awe na uzima wa milele.

Kom Rem:

Ajarchu Pathenin vanhnoi ralei hi hingtuk hrep alungset jarra ASapa inkhat rok kha apek jo, tuachang innum ama kataksen rakip thi inhmangmak ning, takkha kumlei koa hringna anei jo.


Kadi bonso bwabu Nzambi wazola nza, vo wavana Mwan' andi mosi kaka, mpasi wonso unkunlekilanga minu kabungwa ko, kansi kala moyo wamvu ya mvu



God bin laigim ebribodi detmatj, en imbin jandim im ronwan san blanga dai blanga olabat wulijim ebribodi hu bilib langa im garra abum det olagijawan laif en nomo dai; En mi na det san blanga im.

Kuki TCZ Ajeh chu Pathenin hibanga hi vannoi angailut ahin, koi hijongle ama tahsan chan chu mangthah louva tonsot hin kemlou anei theina dingin, Achapa chang khat chu apetan ahi.

Kuna CUK Ar Pap Tummat neik tirpir nait nue sap sokku, E Machi warkwenna kueti uiksa ye, ati toa tule ulup ki keke penkueti E ki nikkus tipe, keik yokkule ye, ar purpa keik perkueti nikkuleko ye.

Kurdish, Sorani:

Kuteb KUB I si ikyaen ti Rimam ye ure the ande ti utense ko ken tag, ne iken ti nde awu nda Umbae-wu ti si nyang kinjo-wu amam ru ba ikyaen ti ko unde titini ti a ru uwae kinjo uwog-wu, awu na u tenji-wu be amaa awu na u tu unyang ti tsi kukunn.

Letter L

Lakher (Mara) (India, Myanmar):

Khazopa-ta khizaw kyu a pacha ngaita kawh, cha tana chata a Sawchapawpa matlupa a hneipa, pi ta, ano cha ahyrai a ngiapâpa mai leidia leip'aw ta, chhazaw hrona ama hnei n'awpata.


Pien Obanga rik omaro lobo amannono, omio Wode acel keken, me dano acel acel ame ye en kur rweny odoco, ento bed kede kwo a perakino nakanaka.


Dastgo nuft lae Ibmel rakistam mailme, atte son lae addam su barnes, dam aidnoriegadam, amas oktage, gutte su ala osko, lapput, mutto vai agalas aeleem son oazzo.

Lapp (Finnish dialect):

Dastgo nuft lae Ibmel rakistam mailme, atte son lae addam su barnes, dam aidnoriegadam, amas oktage, gutte su ala osko, lapput, mutto vai agalas aeleem son oazzo.

Lapuyan Subanen:

Shapap dlelamen thandeng nu Diwata su dunya muhà bigay en su gbuntung Gbatà en dlai, dari su dlemon sumalig ryanin gendì matay ugaid dun hetubù en methunay. Shapap henà hin sinuguan nu Diwata tu Gbatà dini dunya pù maya uhumen nen binesan su dunya, ugaid dari gonen nen su dunya.

Latgalian (Latvia):


sic enim dilexit Deus mundum ut Filium suum unigenitum daret ut omnis qui credit in eum non pereat sed habeat vitam aeternam



Zambi Nzambe alingaki mokili mingi, boyo Ye apisaki Mototo moko Ye abuti, boyo soko motu andimeli Ye, ye akufa na mikolo mikolo the, kulamoko ye atikala na kubika na mikolo mikolo. Zambi Nzambe atumaki Mototo na Ye na mokili zambi na kutia ngwanga pai na mokili the; kasi boyo mokili akuki abiki zambi na Ye.


Amangami yi tv jw nya ma myyesi, thizhithipama svmya mynama, Wusa nya yi qati gykq kwachi, minv zhoqa tv ninwlo.


Dievas taip mylejo pasauli, jog dave savo vienagimi Sunu, kad kiekvienas, kuris ji tiki, neprazutu, bet turetu amzina gyvenima.

Lithuanian (Samogit dialect):

Livonian (spoken in Latvia):


Khubeela Weele asiima sibala mala aana Omwana wewe omutelwa, nio buli mundu omusubila alobe khutiba ta, mala anyoole bulamu bukhaliwayo ta.


Nikech Nyasaye nohero piny ahinya, omiyo nochiwo Wuode ma miderma, mondo ng'a ma oyie kuome kik lal, to obed gi ngima mochwere.

Nikech Nyasaya noher piny ahinya, omiyo nochiwo Wuode achiel makende, mondo ng'ato ang'ata moyie kuome kik lal, to obed gi ngima manyaka chieng'.


Nyasaye ya yanza avomkivala ndi, ya va ha Mwana wewe muderwa, ku vosi u mu suuvira a ta diva mba, navutswa a ve nelivamwoyo li ta hera mba.


Okhuba Nyasaye yaheela muno eshialo, okhuula khukhuhaana Omwanawe omuteelwa, mbu omundu yesi oumusuubilila aleshe okhutiba, ne mbu abe nobulamu bwobumeli.

Luba-Lulua (tshiLuba) (Zaire):

Buala bua Nzambi wakatamba kusua be ha buloba, yeye wakabaha Muan'andi umuehele mulela ne, wamuit abuxa, kena ufua, neikale ne muoyo wa cendelele.

LuGanda (Uganda):

Kubanga katonda bweyayagala ensi bwati, nokuwayo nawayo Omwananawe eyazalibwa omu ye'ka, buli muntu yena amu' kirya aleme okubula, naye abere nobulamu obuta' gwawo.

Letter M


Amu etonyora engAi engop, neishorua engerai enye nabo, ore oloiruk poki nemeimin, naketum engishon nemeiting.


Bog tolku go vozlyubi svetot, shto Go dade Svoyot Edinoroden Sin, ta sekoy shto veruva vo Nrgo da ne pogine, no da ima Zhivot vejen.


Rubanga a 'ba vu dri ri leka ndro si, eze ana Ngwapi ni alu tende rii, ausi ni 'ba cidru ani a'ika rii kudra dru ku, kesuki dru lidri olure tadru ri 'i.

Malagasy (Malagasy Republic):

Fa toy no nitiavan' Andriamanitra izao tontolo izao: nomeny ny Zanani-lahy Tokana, mba tsy ho very izay rehetra mino Azy, fa hanana fiainana mandrakizay.

Fa toy izao no nitiavan' Andriamanitra izao tonotolo izao: nomeny ny 3anailahy Tokana, mba tsy ho very izay rehetra mino Azy, fa hanana fiainana mandrakizay.

Malay (Low Malay):

Karna demikian-lah Allah mengasehi isi dunia ini, sa-hingga di-beri- nya Anak-nya yang tunggal itu, supaya barang siapa yang perchaya akan dia jangan ia binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

Malay (High Malay):

Karena demikianlah Allah mengasihi isi doenia ini, sehingga diberinja Anaknja jang toenggal itoe, soepaja barang siapa jang pertjaja akan dia djangan ia binasa, melainkan beroléh hidoep jang kekal.


Kerana demikianlah Allah mengasihi dunia ini sehingga diberikannya Anaknya yang tunggal, supaya tiap-tiap manusia yang percaya akan Anak itu tidak binasa tetapi beroleh kehidupan yang kekal.

Malayalam (IBS version):


Ghax Alla hekk habb id-dinja, li ta l-Iben wahdieni tieghu, biex kull min jemmen bih ma jintilifx, izda jkollu l-hajja ta'dejjem.

Ghaliex Alla hecca hab id dinia illi tâ l'Iben tighu unigenitu, sabiex collmin jemmen bih ma jintilifx, izda icollu il haja ta dejem.


Porque cyja'tzun tten ma tc'ujla Dios ke xjal, ma chin tzaj k'o'ne tu'n, ayine o'cxcu jun Tc'ua'l, tu'nttzun mi'n tnaj tcyakilju alcye ma tz'ocslan wi'je, nok o'cx tu'n tten tchwinklal the jumajx.

Kun ictsunja ulakjtanmi Dios quij xjal, tun tsunju tsajtgkon ocxcujun Tkual, tuntsun jniju intxontanmi tij, mlai cubxitj, tuntsun titen angkbil jumajx.


Chang giun kell nor bo ka la wong a seeh, naa heh giu bal-eh Mun a hehne chehne, a na bu eh heh ndil-eh temal a hehne eh hehn a ndia, bu cheh kwohl, bu kor yar chuchu bu dididi.


Maramdi Iswarna taibangpanbabu asup nungsibire, haibadi, Ibungo mahakki amata nagaiba macha nipa adubu pibire; aduna macha nipa adubu thajaba mi khudingna mangdaduna, lomba naidaba hingba phangnanabani.


Su pighigugma to Diyus to kalibutan, no tongod to sikan imbogoy to bugtong no Anak din, agun to inggad hintawa no ogtuu kandin kona'g kayagyag, di meduon kinabuhi no wada katapusan.


Laban kyakarugunan nang Dios yang manga otaw disining donya, wakaw syosogo naan yang bogtong na Anak naan antak magpakamatay tungud sang sara nang manga otaw, na yang kariko nang masarig sang Anak naan di isilotan nang silot na way kataposan, awgaid atagan silan nang kinaboi na way kataposan. Kay wa magasogo yang Dios sang kanaan Anak ani sang donya antak magsilot sang manga otaw, awgaid syosogo naan yang kanaan Anak antak magpasaylo sang manga otaw sang kanilan sara.

Manx (Isle of Man):

Son lheid y ghraidh shen hug jee da'n theihll, dy dug eh e ynrycan Vac v'er ny gheddyn, nagh jinnagh quoi-erbee chredjagh aynsyn cherraghtyn, agh yn vea ta dy bragh farraghtyn y chosney.

Maori (The Reo):

Koia ano the aroha o the Atua ki the ao, homai ana e ia tana Tama kotahi, kia kahore ai e ngaro the tangata e whakapono ana ki a ia, engari kia whiwhi ai ki the ora tonu.


Fey tüfa ta feyngey Ngünechen am rume piwkeyefilu ta kom mapu mew mülechi pu che, feymew wüli ñi kiñen Fotüm femngechi kom tati feyentulu kisu mew chumkawnorume ñi lanoael, welu may ñi nieael ta rumel mongen. Fey Ngünechen am werkünolu ñi Fotüm ta mapu mew, tañi kondenayafiel ta che, welu may tañi montulafiel kom che.


Bwe jonan an Anij yokwe lol, ear letok Nejin eo ej make wot, bwe jabdrewot eo ej tomak ilo e en jab jako, ak en mour indrio.


Dios wuj ta ihumnhen hap wichi ta i'pe honhat, wet hi'wenho Lhas ta weihalha, wet hapkhilek elh at che hape che t'ekhaye lham, 'yinhit'ala, mat ikatej le'watshancheyaj ta t'un.

Mauritius Creole:

Parski Bondié ti telman contan le mond, ki li fine donne so éne sell Piti, pour ki némport ki met so confians an li, na-pa al dan perdision, mé gaïne la vi eternel.


Tu yo'lal tu sen yabiltilac Jajal Dios yokolcabe', tu dzaj u juntulili' Pal, uti'al tulacal le max cu yocsic u yol tie', ma' u saatal, baale' ca yanac ti' cuxtal minaan u xul. Tumen Jajal Diose' ma' tu tuxtaj u Pal yokolcab uti'al ca u xotkint yokolcabi', baale' uti'al ca toococ yokolcab tio'lal leti'.


Mbata Nzambi ua zola o mundu katé kia suku mu kubana Mon' ê umoxi-elele, pala uoso u mu xikana muene, kafue, maji a kale ni mueniu ki uàbua. Mukonda Nzambi ka tumikisa Mon' ê mu ngongo mu kuêlesa o mundu; ua mu tumikisa mu ku u bana mueniu.


God i gat wanpela Pikinini tasol i stap. Tasol God i laikum tumas olgeta manmeri bilong graun, olsem na em i givim dispela wanpela Pikinini long ol. Em i mekim olsem bilong olgeta manmeri i bilip long em ol i no ken lus. Nogat.


Yog Vaajtswv hlub hlub tuabneeg nplajteb Vaajtswv txha le khaiv nwg tuab leeg tub lug tsua huv nplajteb. Sub txhua tug kws ntseeg hab tso sab tsua nwg leej tub txha tsw tuag, kuas yuav tau txujsa ntev moog ib txhws tsw kawg. Qhov kws Vaajtswv khaiv Vaajtswv leej tub lug huv nplajteb nuav, tsw yog khaiv lug teem txem tsua tuabneeg nplajteb, yog nwg khaiv lug paab tuabneeg nplajteb kuas puab dim puab lub txem.


Thangbakma Arnam pirthe athak amonit aphan laan akanghon do, la Alangli Sopo aphan badule bisaslote, lake virvedetsi, kejut un-e achethe kelongji aphansi, Alangli hala Po epumpet Asopota pidetlo.

Mixe de Coatlán:

Mixteco de Yosondúa:

Ni cundahu xaan ini Yandios yivi ñuyivi. Ja yucan cuu ja ni taji ya Sehe ya ni quii ya, vasu maa in ya ni cuu Sehe Yandios. Ni quii Sehe ya nuu ñuyivi nava taca yivi na candixia ya, ti tucaa jnahnu ndatu i, ti cunchucu i jiin Yandios ja cuu taca tiempu. Siahan ni taji Yandios Sehe ya nuu ñuyivi. Co tu ni taji ya Sehe ya ja na cahnu ndatu ya yivi, chi suhva ja na nama ya yivi naa i.

Mixteco de Chayuco:

(Cahan ca ra Jesús, ta catyi ra:) Cuñi xaan ra Ndyoo sii ñiyivi, ta i saha ra sii sa minoo tuhun ñi zehe ra vatyi tandihi ñiyivi, ñu sino iñi sii ra, ma cunaa ñu. Cua cundito ñu tandihi tyiemvu sihin ra. Ãá zaquisi ra Ndyoo sii zehe ra ñuu ñiyivi ya sa cuenda sa cua tasi tuñi ra sii ñiyivi. I zaquisi ra sii ra vatyi cua zandasi ra cuatyi ñiyivi ta cua zacacu ra sii ñu.


Pathianin khawvel a hmangaih em em a, chutichuan a Fapa mal neih chhun a pe a, amah chu tupawh a ring apiang an boral loh va, chatuana nunna an neih zawk nan.


Gar haha Zhikle a woy herkeda a ndav na, aman a mva ta kra nenga'a, kra nenga'a stadgene, aman ko wawa man a nco nenga'a a ndav na, a zi azbai, aman a ngotso nsheffe a medep.

Mohawk (Ontario, Quebec, Canada, USA):

Iken ne Yehovah egh ne s'hakonoronghkwa n'ongwe, nene rodewendeghton nen raonhàon rodewedon rohhàwak, nene onghka kiok teyakaweghdaghkon raonhage yaghten a-onghtonde, ok denghnon aontehodiyendane ne eterna adonhèta.


Ertwnciyn Ezen hvn twrwlhtwnd vneheer hayrtay ujraas ganc hvvgee ilgeesen yum; Ujir ny, mwnhiyn zovlond oroh yostoy hvmvvs hvv Esvst ny itgevel mwnhiyn amydrald orzh jadna.


Yeeyi Karunga kwa here uzuni unene-nene, yiyo ga u pere Munwendi gelike a huru, asi nkenye ogu a mu pura a dire kuzonauka, nye a kare nomwenyo gwanarunye. Yeeyi Karunga kapi ga tumina Munwendi asi, a ya u pangure, nye asi uzuni u parukire mwendi.


Hesaketvmese ekvnv vnokece mahat hiyomen orvtet omekv: E'ppuce hvmkuse heckuecvte emvtes, mvn estimvt o estomet oh vkvsamat estemerkekot, hesaketv yuksvsekon ocvren.


Uria na tha God e liothau una eri ana fanua nei iano, nia ka falea mai tee fa kaluwane nia, fasia ni tei bana na kai fitoona ka ai si sui, ma kai to ana marukia tatha.


Letter N

Naga Konyak:

Hangjingne Kahwange kahta nyuhate huke kenpuwe aoyinne Ite utinglak lakei yemahlak huyangpoi jintepu uyin ngohlak jingne Iye yoi halom pha.

Naga Liangmai:

Palamra Tingwang niu kadihpiri haitu haijiukha lungsakhai-e, chiubora paniu panah pumlibo situ pikhai-e, sichiujiu patu malum mai hina shaimakjiu ting theng ringbo daorabo-e.

Naga Rongmei:

Kalumthu Ragwangh ruai mbanta heidi kum njianlou the, tumeithu, Kamei ruai Ka Nah Mpouh kalu akhut nameita tilou the, mitei ruai thou punih Ka khou lummei ruai mman muknga ring suangmei latou khung nge.

Naga Tangkhul:

Khikhala jila Varena okathuili leishina kahaiwui vang awui Naoho chi miya; Nao chili shitkasanga mi kachiva mathila katang makhavai kharing samphangra.

Náhuatl del Centro:

Tej, Dios sanoyej oquintlajsojtlac on tlalticpactlacamej hasta oquitemacac isenteConetzin para nochi on aquin quineltocas xpolihuis, yej quipias yencuic nemilistli para nochipa. Dios xocuajtitlan iConetzin, intech on tlalticpactlacamej para quintlajtlacolmacas, yej para on tlalticpactlacamej ma nomaquixtican itechcopa.

Náhuatl del norte de Puebla:

In Dios oquintlasohtlaloc tequin in tlalticpac tlacamen, onechualtitlaniloc nehhuatl aquin Tetlasohconetzin ic manechneltocacan nochten, ic ahmo mapolihuican, huan ijcon maquipiyacan in nemilistli nochipa. Dios ahmo onechualtitlaniloc ic niquimpohpolos in tlacamen, tlahmo ic niquinmaquixtilos.

Náhuatl de la Sierra de Puebla:

Huan in Totajtzin Dios semi quintasojtac in talticpacuani. Ica ya nojón Yejuatzin cualtitanic Iyojtzin Iconetzin de Dios para ma nochi ne ten ihuantzin tacuautamatisque, yejuan nojonques ma amo ixpolihuican. Ta, ma quipiacan ne yec nemelis nachipa. porín Totajtzin Dios cualtitanic Yejuatzin Iconetzin de Dios nican talticpac amo para quintelchihuas in talticpacuani. Ta, para quinmaquixtis in tagayot.

Nalca (Nalja) (Irian Jaya, Indonesia):

Al Imik Neyung adya nimi soko nim ek, hyak wana' ulusuukanya, alja me hyak hnonok bok, nimi soko nim amba bokol yeilisuk. Nimi nidya' hnonok-hnonok alak dib senewoka dobnamak dara, somoganggunumak bok, embenga' una' diba' dorowanamak aboka, alja me bokol yeilisuk. Imik Neyung alja yando me sokok sam bokol yeilimoka' ara, anyagan yana lelelesulula' aboka bokol yanggumok bok, alda alja me nedya soko nim ek blebsulula' aboka bokol yeilimok.

The photo on the right is the Lesser Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea minor) from Irian Jaya. The photo was a gift from the missionary who translated the New Testament into Nalca.


Weica Kuma leloeca kela pet ka ca kese ha laglag, ba sei be deng de Kwami ku ker ker, weikere wei wei ne ne bi sende na, ba ne dda wuja ddi, ama ba ne de gele ku gag germeleng.


Lun ellin Jehovah an Pornum an Narrinyeri: pempir ile ityan kinauwe Brauwarate, ungunuk korn wurruwarrin ityan, nowaiy el itye moru kellangk, tumbewarrin itye kaldowamp.

Navajo (Dineh):

Haala Diyin God ei nihokaa' dine'e t'aa'iiyisi ayoo'ajo'niigo baa haYe' t'aala'i ha yizhchinigii baazhnilti, ako t'aa haiida boodlaago baa dzolihigii ei doo adoodiil da, ndi iina doo nint'i'ii bee holoo dooleel.

Hálah, God êi nihoka dineh t'ai'yisi ayoayo 'nigo banh Biye 't' ala 'i bayîzcîn' igiyenîltnh, t' a-hai-dah bodlan'igi ei do á dodine dah nidih hola'go inah hwe hodolel.


Ngokuti Mnari wakaida nyika kudai, wakahina Mukororo wake wakabarwa ari ega, kuti veshe vanomutenda vasafa, asi vaone kupona kusikaperi.


Ngombana uZimu walithanda kangako iphasi, wabe wanikela ngeNdodana yakhe ekukuphela kwayo, khona kuzakuthi kiloyo okholwa ngiyo angabhubhi, kodwana abe nobuphilo obungapheliko. Ngombana akakathumeli iNdodana yakhe bona izokwahlulela iphasi, kodwana uyithumele bona ihpuluse iphasi.


Oshoka osho Kalunga kwa li e hole uuyuni, oye a gandja Epona lye, opo shaa ngoka e mu itaale, kaa kane, ihe a mone omwenyo gwaaluhe. Oshoka Kalunga ina tuma Omwana muuyuni, a pangule uuyuni, ihe uuyuni u hupithwe kuye.


Mbal Pem Nagawan-nen ki nap pidsa nenabuwa nggulok juruk, at Ambara misiget nderak wok nendamu-o; Inndi at ebem angin tubu juwa nab-e lak jigit lag-et, are, pem-et unlug-et woralik nalik irit tena wolma-o.


UNkulunkulu walithanda ilizwe waze wanikela iNdodana yakhe iyiyo yodwa ukuze kuthi loba ngubani okholwa kuyo angabhubhi kodwa abe lokuphila okungapheliyo.


Ayeba mi-bara eke segboru mi tari eresine, anine o emene kpokpo gbori Yai bei eke pre, anire tubo tubo tene o gho meremu bo bo, la fa mokufa, nte befie befie numo nyana nyo.



Allah ndigi deouje lai-laido nang nee, unda dee dann kemee'g bba unn Ngonnee ge ged-ged kara ba ula ar dee mba kar nana bba ge om meee dea'g ndaa, a shi qe khem qe non le, boo a kudu ndan el.


Eem ti nôque lhjunash ti uj ti yen lhacôm'a napi yie' na cotsjaat ja Dios, lhe'naa can jutey na ve'lha Lhaôs, secl'esh ca ni'nac'oyeesh jayu lhacôm'a papi nincacu na Lhaôs, pay vooy jayu pa lhmônhajayash ayjôlhôyech can jutey. Lhayaash ninteesh ja Dios ti nichenshicham na Lhaôs can cloyit napi yie' na cotsjaat, am, yit'esh ca lhecha ca nalhjenesh jayu lhavaatsha lhacôm'a napi yie' na cotsjaat pava lhsasch'e.

Northern Sotho:

Gobane Modimo o ratile lefase gakaakaa, a ba a le nea Morwa wa gagwe e a tswetšwego a nnoši, gore mang le mang e a mo dumetšego a se ke a lahlega, a be le bophelo bjo bo sa felego. Gobane Modimo, Morwa wa gagwe ga a ka a mo romela lefaseng gore a le ahlole; o mo romile gore lefase le phološwe ke yena.

Norwegian (Norsk):

For sa har Gud elsket verden at han gav sin Sonn, den enbarne, forat hver den som tror pa ham, ikke skal fortapes, men ha evig liv.

Nsenga (chiNsenga) (Zambia):

Pakuti Mlungu etemwesya ngako charo chino, ni pechipa Mwana wake wovyalikwa yeka, kuti ali wonse ommvwila yeve angataike, sembe awe na moyo wosasila.


Gama Soko yebo yize tun acin, na u la Egimaci nini kete u ya u na, ebo eza ndondo na a yakpe u na, wun a gbin a, ama wun a de rayi hari lo.


Baitu Ruhanga nukwo yagondeze ati Ensi, nahayo Omwanawe ayazairwe omu wenka, omuntu wena anyakumuikiriza aleke okubura, baitu atunge obwomezi obutahwaho. Baitu Ruhanga atatume Mwana omu Nsi okucwera Ensi omusango; rundi Ensi ejunwe habwe.

Letter O


Mije Awaji imun ebi linyon me chieen enenen, me inyi okpokpo Gwun ge kan, inyi ene geelek ochechieek me lek Gwun ya ikachep, ire, ikaan ugwem ikakaange itata.


Enaan atulan ni memar-arooy obho apu molo odi anogho mogini Oony odi, molo kooy kooy olo amoruom, ope dio, ateeny maghudum olo kamen kamen.

Ojibwa (Ojibway, Cree) (Ontario, Canada):

Gaapij shauendv sv Kishemanito iu aki ogionjimigiunenvn iniu baiezhigonijin Oguisvn aueguen dvsh getebueiienimaguen jibvnatizisig jiaiat dvsh iu kagige bimatiziuin.

Oriya (WBTC translation)

Otomi (Mexico):

Matá ahe goguibyi àmahêtzi, dahnaen manhò ànimachâ thuthû, dabaêhe, àmaxihè nuaningunguepahà. Dadacha aninahnê nugua anximahay, teangugadichá amahêtzi.

Letter P

Palityan (Bulgaria):

Pampangan (Pampango) (Philippine Islands):

Uling king lugud ning Dios king yatu, binie ne ing Anak nang bugtung, bang ing ninu mang maniwala kea, e ya mate nung e mirinan yang bie alang angga. Uling e ne pin tinubud ning Dios ing Anak na king yatu bang atulan ne ing yatu; nung e báyang mikabus ing yatu king pamamilatan na.

Panayan (Philippine Islands):

Kay ginhigugma sang Dios ang Kalibutan, sa bagay nga ginhatag niya ang iya bugtong nga Anak, agud nga ang tanan nga magtoloo sa iyn, indi mawala, kondi agud nga walay katapusan.

Pangasinan (Philippine Islands):

Ta ontan la'y impangara na Dios ed mundo, ya inter to so bogbogtong ya Anak to, pian siopaman á manisia ed sikato agnatawtaw, no ag wala so bilay to'n andi angaan.

Ta ontan la'y inpangaro na Dios ed mundo, ya inter to so bogbogtong ya Anak to, pian siopaman á manisia ed sikato agnatawtaw, no ag ingen wala so bilay to'n andi angaan. Ta say Dios ag to inbaki so Anak ed mundo ya mangokom ed mundo; no ag ingen pian say mundo nilaban ed panamegley to.


Papiamento (Netherlands Antilles):

Pasobra Dios a stima mundu asina tantu cu El a duna Su unico Yiu, pa tur cu kere den djE, no bai perdi, ma hana bida eternu.

Pasoba Dios a stima mundu asina tantu qu El duna su unicu Yin, pa tur qu quere den djé, no bai perdí, ma haya bida eternu.


Ambu nivwo vuntu Mrungu ekundie si ii, mhaka akamwinkija Mwanawe ere mmwe, nesa kila mntu emwitikija asiteke, mira avone nkalamo ya kae na kae.

Pennsylvania Deitsh:

Fa Gott hott di veld so leeb katt es eah sei aynsishtah geboahranah Sohn gevva hott, so es awl dee vo an een glawva, naett faloahra gay sella, avvah sella ayvich layva havva. Fa Gott hott sei Sohn naett in die veld kshikt fa di veld fadamma, avvah es di veld deich een saylich vadda kann.

Pitjantjatjara (C. Australia, aboriginal):

Godalunku panatja uwankeraku mukuringkula Katja kutjukurutja unga, ka anangu uwankarampa

palumpa mulamularingkulampa ilu wiya titutjara wanka nyinama.


Koro hivihivi Muungu kajudsaka lumwengu, hata kamuyavya mwanawe madiani, kwa kwamba yude jwonse amuhikizie jeje adsekwara, ela awe na mojo usiwosia.


Ombuwolo ku le nyu kicham Totorut ng'wuny, tukutu Werinyi nyo le okong'o, tumepot chi tukul nyo ghunei nyinde, wolo tukusuch supon nyo pu kokoi.


Albowiem tak Bog umilowal swiat, ze Syna swego jednorodzonego dal, aby kazdy, kto wen wierzy, nie zginal, ale mial zywot wieczny.


Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho unigenito, para que todo aquele que nele cre nao pereca, mas tenha a vida eterna.

Porque assim amou Deus ao mundo, que lhe deu seu Filho unigénito, para que todo o que crê nêle não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna.

Portuguese (Brazilian):

Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho unigénito, para que todo

aquele que nele crê não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna.

Provençal (Modern: Grasse):

Car Diéu a tant ama lou mounde que i'a douna soun Fiéu soulet, per que tout ome que crèi en éu noun perigue, mai ague la vido eternalo.


Letter Q

Quechua (Bolivia, Peru):

Imaraicuchus Dios chai jinatapuni cai mundota munacurka c’ata Churinta Korka tucuy jakai paipi creej ama huañan-a1, antes huiñay causaynijoy cananpaj.

Quechua (Ayacucho):

Diosqa runakunatam kuyarqa, sapallan Churinta qumunankama, pipas paypi iniq mana puchukanampaq, aswan winay kawsayniyuq kanampaq.

Quechua (Bolivia):

Dioska tucuy runasta maytapuni munacorka; Chayraycumin c'ata Wawanta korka; Cay pachaman payta cachamorka paypi tucuy jap'icojka ama winaypaj wanupunanpaj astawanri winay causayniyoj cananpaj.

Quichua (Canar):

Taita Diosca, cai pachapi causagcunata mai c'uyashpami, paipa shuglla Churita cai pachaman cacharca; Pipish paita crigca ama chingarishpa, huinai cuasaita charichunmi, chashnaca cacharca.

Quichua (Chimborazo):

Diosca cai pachapi causajcunataca ashcata c'uyashpami, paipaj shujlla Churitaca pipish paita crijca ama chingarishpa, ashtahuanpish huinai causaita charichun cai pachamanca cacharca.

Quichua (Imbabura):

Taita Diosca, cai pachapi causajcunata ninanda juyashpami, paipaj shujlla Churita caramurca; Pipash paita crishpaca, na chingaita chingagringachu, ashtahuangarin causaitami causagringa.

Quichua (Lowland):

Casnami Dios cai pachara llaquica, paihua sapalla Churira cuca, maicans paihuajpi quirisha ama chingarichu, astaumbas huinai causaira charichu.


Chi' cakil wi chi ri Dios sibalaj quebulok'ok'ej ri winak cho ri uwachulew, rumal rech chi xuya ri u C'ojol, ri xa jun, rech conojel ri quecojon che, man casach ta qui wach, xane cac'oji junalic qui c'aslemal.

Letter R

Rarotonga (Cook Islands):

I’aroa mai the Atua i to e ao nei, kua tae rava ki the oronga anga mai i tana Tamaiti anau tai, kia kore e mate the akarongo iaia, kia rauka ra tee ora mutu kore.


Fiindcà atât de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea, cà a dat pe singurul Lui Fiu, pentru cà oricine crede în El, sà nu piarà, ci sà aibà viatza vecinicà.


Fiindka cade but iubindemen o Del kai de so sazles mai scumpo dea peska racles fiindka orcon pakhial ande leste the na merel so the aveles viata vesniko.

Romansch (Lower Engadine dialect , Switzerland):

Perche cha Deis ha tant amâ il muond, ch’el ha dat seis unigenit figl, acio cha scodün chi craja in el non giaja a perder, ma haja la vita eterna.

Romansch (Upper Engadine dialect, Switzerland):

Perche Dieu ho taunt amo il muond, ch’el ho do sieu sulgenuieu Figl, acciò cha scodün, chi craja in el, nun giaja a perder, mo hegia la vita eterna.

Romansch (Oberland dialect, Switzerland):

Parchei Deus ha teniu il mund aschi car,ca el ha dau siu parsulnaschiu figl, par ca scadin, ca crei en el, vomi buc á perder, mo hagi la vita perpetna.

Rundi (kiRundi) (Burundi):

Imana yakunze abari mw isi, n’icho gituma yatanze Umwana wayo w’ikinege, ng’uw’umwizera wese adapfa nabi, ariko ahabwe ubugingo budashira.


Ibo tak vozlyubil Bog mir, jto otdal Syna Svoego edinorodnogo, dabw vsyakiy, veruyuxiy v Nego, ne pogib, no imel zhizny vejnuyu.


Letter S


Kicham Yeyiin koorooni miisin kut kukoon lakwanyii nyooto akeenke baateey sukung'eet chii ake tukul nyoo koosee keey lawanaa meebere makubot, nteenee makunyoor soboontaab kibchuulyo.

Sakata (kiSakata) (Zaire):

Lebombi Nzambi ahuni bari ti otime nde Mua nende nendamo, lebo leyiqa muri nama namokika la, the ayiko ya moi mo itito.

Samareño (Philippine Islands):

Kay an Dios naghigugma gud han kalibutan, nga iya iginhatag an iya bugtong nga Anak, basi nga an ngatanan nga natoo ha iya, dira mawara, kondi ma may kinahguhi nga waray katapusan.

Kay ginhigugma gud han Dyos an kalibutan, nga iginhatag niya an iya bugtong nga Anak, basi diri unta mamatay an ngatanan nga nasarig ha iya, kundi makaangkon han dayon nga kinabuhi. Kay waray magsugo an Dyos han iya Anak nganhi paghukom han kalibutan, kundi pagtalwas hito.


Aua ua fa'apea lava ona alofa mai o le Atua i le lalolagi, ua ia au mai ai lona Atali'i e to'atasi, ina ia le fano se tasi e fa'atuatua ia the ia, a ia maua e ia le ola e fa'avavau.

Awa wa faapea lava ona alofa mai o le Atua i le lalolagi wa ia au mai ai lona Atalii e toatasi, ina ia le fano se tasi e faatuatua ia the ia a ia maua e ia le ola e faavavau.


Ualingu Mawu Ruata kereneeng kakendage su ralohon dunia e, hakiu i Sie nenarakangu Ahus'E mang sembau tadeau apan taumata ku mangimang si Sie tawe mawinasa, kaiso kawe makahombang pebawiahe kakale.


Ente Isor do dhartirenko nonkae dularketkoa, acren eskar janam Hopongeye emkedea, jemon unire patiauk mit ke mit hor aloko nostok bickom jaejug jion tahentako.

Sarangani Blaan:

Du Dwata toon kanbong nawa kdee dad to di tah tanà ani, taman blén i Tingaan tunggal, du fye ku sinto faglut di kenen là ale malmo di salàla, kabay nun nawala landè sen. Du là tì febe Dwata i Tingaan dini di tah tanà du mlayam i dad to, bay feben kenen du kenen falwà dad to di dad salàla.

Sarangani Manobo:

Ontò nedekelan the Timanem the pedowan se kedita the otaw, aw yan se doun the insogò din se Batà din temisa amon eked pelumuni se kedita the otaw memenal kandin, meneng begayan dan the kaling pedowan wedad temanan. Insogò the Timanem se Batà din dini te keneyonan kenà amon ipelumun din se otaw, meneng insogò din amon megpelowà te otaw.

Scots (Braid):

For God sae loved the warld as to gie his Son, the Only-Begotten Ane, that ilka ane wha lippens till him sudna dee, but hae Life for aye



Jer Bogu tako omilje svijet da je i sina svojega jedinorodnoga dao, da ni jedan koji vjeruje ne pogine, nego da ima zivot vjecni.

Seri de Sonora:

Mos ox imii: --Yooz quij ziix quih quiisax coox cah camsisiiniha yax yaazi quih tazo tiquijo toc cöquiij ihaha xo hant com iqui imaaca. Tiix ihiisax com cöcacaaatj zo haquix piihx ihiisax com hant quih quicoopol com contsamaha. Iquiisax quih cmaa quiih quih hacx immiih taax cösiisaxaha Yooz quij cöpoofpx. Taax oo hant cömiip taax Yooz quij yaazi quih hant com iqui maaca taax ziix quih cöimiipla zo cöisaaiipita oo cöimahiha. Ox oo mpacta xo hant com iqui mpacatax tiix xica quih quiistox com Yooz quij ziix quih imiipe cop iti ziix quih iti cmique cöisahcaant ta taax hapx hant hizi saailx ta toc cömocaha.

The bird was carved out of ironwood by a Seri. The people make a living carving many different animals out of ironwood, the hardest wood known.


Hobane Modimo o ratile lefatshe hakalo, o bile wa le nea Mora wa wona ya tswetsweng a nnotshi; hore e mong le e mong ya dumelang ho yena, a se ke a timela, a mpe a be le bophelo bo sa feleng. Hobane Modimo o romile Mora wa wona lefatsheng, e seng hore a ahlole lefatshe, empa e le hore lefatsh le bolokwe ke yena.


Nokuti Mnari wakada nyika nokudaro, kuti wakapa Mnanakomana wake wakaberekwa mumne woga, kuti aninani unotenda kwaari, arege kufa, asi ave novupenyu bgusingaperi.


Yuska Ashi shuaran ti anea asa, ni Uchirin chikichik ana nuna Shuaran uwemtikrarat tusa tsankatkamiayi; Ashi shuar Niin Enentaimtana nu, jinium wecharat tusa, antsu Yusnum tuke iwiaaku pujusarat tusa ni Uchirin Akupturmakmiaji.


Sioux (Dakota):

Wakantanka oyate kin cantewicakyan, heon Cinhintku ísnana icage ein wicaqu, qa tuwe awacin kinhan owihankekte sni, tuka owihanke wanin wiconi yuhe kta


Lebo tak miloval Boh svet, ze svojho jednorodeneho Syna dal, aby nikto, kto veri v neho, nezahynul, ale mal vecny zivot.

Slovene (Slovenian):

Kajti tako je Bog ljubil svet, da je dal Sina svojega edinorojenega, da se ne pogubi, kdorkoli veruje vanj, temvec da ima vecno zivljenje.

Somali, Af-Soomaali, Af-maxaad tiri:

Ilaah intuu dunida jacayl u qabay ayuu siiyey Wiilkiisa keliya oo dhashay in mid kastoo isaga rumaystaa uusan lumin laakiinse uu lahaado nolosha weligeed ah. Ilaah Wiilka uguma soo dirin dunida inuu xukumo dunida, laakiin wuxuu u soo diray inay dunidu ku badbaaddo isaga.

Sorbian (Germany):


Porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigenito, para que todo aquel que en el cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna.

Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que dió a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que cree en él, no perezca, mas tenga vida eterna.


Shapap dlelamen thandeng nu Diwata su dunya muha bigay en su gbuntung Gbata en dlai, dari su dlemon sumalig ryanin gendi matay ugaid dun hetubu en methunay.


Dako gazod an kalooy nan Dios sa tanan mga tawo dinhi sa kalibotan, kay taghatag niza an iza isa ra na bata, dakan an bisan sino na motoo diza dili madaya ngadto sa impirno; Basta kay hatagan siza hinoa nan kinabohi na wayay kataposan.


Maana Mungu aliupenda ulimwengu hivi hata akamtoa Mwana wake wa pekee, ili kila amwaminiye asipotee, bali awe na uzima wa milele.

The carving above right is from Kenya.


Nkulunkulu walitsandza live kakhulu kangangekutsi wadzimate wanikela ngeNdvodzana yakhe lekukuphela kwayo, kuze kutsi nome ngubani lokholwa ngiyo angabhubhi, kodvwa abe nekuphila lokuphakadze. Ngobe Nkulunkulu akazange atfumele iNdvodzana yakhe emhlabeni kutsi itewulahla live ngelicala, kodvwa kwekutsi live litewusindziswa ngayo.


För Gud älskade människorna så mycket att han gav dem sin ende Son, för att de som tror på honom inte ska gå under utan ha evigt liv.

Ty sa alskade Gud varlden, att han utgav sin enfodde Son, pa det att var och en som tror pa honom skall icke forgas, utan hava evigt liv.


Edka muhble Alea lolma, daki dlbrune ihidia ieble, dkl mn demn bie la tlq, ala eui le hia dlabd.


Letter T


Sapagka't gayon inibig ng Diyos ang sanlibutan, na ipinagkaloob niya ang kaniyang bugtong na isinilang na Anak, upang ang sinumang sumampalataya sa kaniya ay hindi dapat mapahamak, kundi magkaroon ng walang-hanggang buhay.

Gayon na lamang ang pag-ibig ng Diyos sa sanlibutan, kaya ibinigay niya ang kanyang bugtong na Anak, upang ang sumampalataya sa kanya ay hindi mapahamak, kundi magkaroon ng buhay na walang hanggan. Sapagkat sinugo ng Diyos ang kanyang Anak, hindi upang hatalang maparusahan ang sanlibutan, kundi upang iligtas ito sa pamamagitan niya.

Tagalog (Filipino):

Ito ay sapagkat sa ganitong paraan inibig ng Diyos ang sanlibutan kaya ipinagkaloob niya ang kaniyang bugtong na Anak upang ang sinumang sumampalataya sa kaniya ay hindi mapahamak kundi magkaroon ng buhay na walang hanggan.


I aroha mai the Atua i to the ao, e ua tae roa i the horoa mai i ta 'na Tamaiti fanau tahi, ia ore ia pohe the faaroo ia 'na ra, ia roaa ra the ora mure ore.


Angu Mlungu oregukundiege wurumwengu, hata ukamfunya Mwana wake uvalwaga wa ititi, uo ose urumiriaga kwake usetote anduangi, ela ukaiege na irangi ja kala na kala.


Zero Hudo jahonro junon dwst doxt, ki Pisari yagonai Hudro dod, to har ky ba W imon ovarad, talaf naxavad, balki hayoti jovidony yobad.


Ana waugu Mawu Ruata aroddi arangngune su taumata n runia indi, na'oma n sara Itou nanantillu Anang-Nge tinggassa, tadea'u suapa n taumata apan mangngimanna Sitou tawe mate, ewe'e maasomba wiakka tutune wurru saran malannu-lannu.


Car Dïeu så ameva el mundeu, që o zoneva sieu viensplet Figlheu, svo ath qitevri qi créa în lo fost non pieriçar, más tenadra la vidâ eternál.


Dhevan, thammuxdaiya ore berana kumaranai visuvasikiravan evano avan kextu pohamal nithiya jivanai axdaiyum baxdiku, avarai thandharuxli, ivvaxlavai ulahathil anbu hurndhar.


Tey ali kbong nawa Dwata kul yo kem tau be klamangen benwu, gloken todo hama klowil yem Ngaen tek sotu, ani yo kihu tau hemtahu beleen la gogowen elem lanaw ofi, okom gutahen yem klowil laen du sonen.

Tepehua de Huehuetla:

--Ju Dios chunchach ju apumapaini ju lapanacni ju ani lacamunutpa' ni quilhitap'uxlh ju quit'in ju lakatami ists'alh icjunita. Ju chunch tachi chun ju aquintalhilaca'anach jantu cats'ank'aya'. Alin is'atsucunti'an ju conk'alhiyanta lact'iyan. Ju Dios jantiyu' quilhimacamilh ju ani lacamunutpa' ni va ac'ulanilh ixtalak'alhin'an ju lapanacni. Para alai va quilhimacamilh ni laquimacni cataputak'alhtaxtuyach ju lapanacni.

Tepehuán del Norte:

Diuusi s^^lic^d^ oig^dai ^oodami oidigi daama oidacami casc^d^ ootoi ^gai g^mara, mosali^^maduga ^gai marad^, dai g^muaatu sai tomasioor^ sioor^ vaavoitudagi is^gai ^r^c^^gac^r^ vuviadami camaiimi agai ^Diaavora ^^madu baiyoma imia agai t^vaagiamu dai Diuusi ^^madu oidaca agai tomastiugaco. Diuusi ootoi g^mara tami oidi daama sai c^^gac^r^ vuvaidana oodami sioor^ vaavoitudagi maisiu isootosa ^gai ^Diaavora ^^madu.

[note: I copied this verse a couple of years ago. I don't remember the reason for all the carats, but I will check it out.]


The dragon on the right is from Thailand.


I Tuluse toow fo mégédaw bé kéluhanay de étéw dob duniyae, mélaw nirayén i buntunge Ngaén inok i kéluhanay munure dob Beene, énda méléhu ro, yamula gédoté roy umule magufusa. Non békén sénugu i Tulusey Nga ne dob duniyae ni inok kukumé noy kéilawane. Yamula inok fukasé noy kéilawane dob de sala ro.


Gadla tar ne doo Aondo ishima je, nahan A na Wan Na u mom mom la sha er anti or u nan ne Un jighjigh yo, nana de timin ga kpa nana zua a uma u tsoron.

Toaripi (Motumotu) (Papau New Guinea):

Ipi Ualare mearovaekala maeaforoe mori leipe Aré Areve Atute farakeka hariala miarope, ipi Arero sukaerereaita lea karu foromaila levi saroroapai roi; a-, eré peeita makuri orai veia.


Karana ma Jou Madutu hoko genanga wa dora o nyawa o duniaka nenanga, hi adono unanga wo hi doaka ai Ngohaka wo ma tengo-tengoka, hupaya moi-moi o nyawa i wi ngaku unangika yo binaha ua, ma' ya make o wo wango ma dutu de' i kakali.


Como ja Diosi, jel yaj huax yab juntiro spetzanil ja cristiano, jayuj seca con ja único yunini. Jaxa spetzanil ja ma' huas sc'uan ja yeni, mi ni oj ch'ayuquea. Oj ni stae ja svida jau ba mi ni nunca huax ch'aqui. Porque ja Diosi mi seca con ja ba mundo ja yunini ba oj xch'ay snaajel ja cristiano. Seca con ba oj huajuque libre soc ja smulei cuando huax c'uaji ja yeni.

Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham (Papago-Piman):

Pegih neh, ab o si t-tatchua g Jiosh ch hiwigi g e-alithag mat am i e thagito k e muhkith am t-wehhejed mach d pi ap chu'ijkam. Kut pi wo bei g s-ko'ok e-namkithadag matp hedai ab wo hiwig k wabshaba g pi ha huhugetham thoakag wo bei. Jiosh at am cheha g e-alithag mat in wo i wuhsh jewed thahm k wo ha tho'ibia g hemajkam. Kut pi heg hekaj in i wuhsh mas ab wo ha'ichu t-mohto'i.


Ura tataru va sisigitini Tamasa sarina tinoni pa popoa pepeso, ke poninia Sa sa tuna ekei, pude saripu ranea Asa si lopu kaqu mate palae ba kaqu tagoa ri sa tinoa hola.


Hikuva Xikwembu xi rhandzile misava swonghasi, xi ko xi nyika N'wana wa xona la nga un'we, leswaku un'wana ni un'wana la pfumelaka ka yena, a nga lovi, kambe a va ni vutomi lebyi nga heriki. Xikwembu a xi rhumanga N'wana wa xona emisaveni ku ta avanyisa misava, kambe a ku ri ku endlela leswaku misava yi ta ponisiwa ha yena.


Kona kolong aminar Akuj ngitunga a ngakwapin tolemik ngesi Lokookeng lo edounitoe erai epei bon, sodi ani itwaan ni enupi ngakiro keng, nyebukor, nakaneni toriam akiyar na nyedaun.


Zira Allah dwnyayy hyle sevdi ki, biricik Oqlunu verdi; ta ki, ona imam eden her adam helawk olmasyn, ancak ebediw hayaty olsun.


Tanri dunyayy hyle sevdi ki, biricik Oqlunu verdi; soyle ki, ona her kim iman ederse mahvolmasin, ama sonsuz yasama kavussun.



Jvnki Huday dvnycni kwp swyycnligi vjin Ogluna iman edenlering hij biri helck bolman, ebedi yaxayxa govuxsyn diyip, Wzvning ekezhe Ogluny berdi.


Gonne Modimo o ratile lefatshe mo go kalokalo, wa ntsha Morwa one yo o tsetsweng a le esi, gore le fa e le mang yo o dumelang mo go ene a se ka a nyelela, mme a bone botshelo jo bo sa khutleng. Gonne Modimo ga o a ka wa roma Morwa one mo lefatsheng go sekisa lefatshe, mme e le gore lefatshe le bolokwe ka ene.


Como lom bayel c'uxu'baj ta yo'tan Dios the bahlumilale; Ja' yu'un laj yac' tal the jip jtuhl Sni'ch'ane scuenta yu'un spisil te ma'ch'atic ya sch'uhunique ma' ba yax ch'ayic; Ya me xcuxajic sbahtel q'uinal yu'un.

Tzeltal de Bachajón:

Como lom bayel c'ux ta yo'tan Dios spisil mach'atic ayic ta bahlumilal. Ha' yu'un laj yac' tal te hip jtuhl Snich'ane, scuenta yu'un spisil te mach'atic ya sch'uhunique ma' ba yax ch'ayic. Ya me xcuxajic sbahtel q'uinal yu'un. Como te Diose ma' ha'uc la sticon tal Snich'an ta bahlumilal yu'un te ya ya'bey castigo yu'un smulic te mach'atic ayic ta bahlumilale. Pues ha' la sticon tal Snich'an yu'un te ya swehtesbey scolel te mach'atic jayeb ayic ta bahlumilale.

Tzotzil de Chamula:

Yu'un ti Diose ep laj xc'uxubin ti cristianoetique. Jech o xal laj yac' talel ti jun no'ox Snich'one. Buch'uuc no'ox ti ta xch'unic ti ja' Jpojvanej yu'unique, mu xch'ayic. Ta sta scuxlejalic sbatel osil. Ti Diose mu yu'unuc laj stac talel ti Snich'one yo' tal yac'be stoj smul ti cristianoetique. Ja' tal scolta.

Tzotzil de Chenalhó, Chalchihuitán:

Li Jtotic Diose toj c'ux ta yo'nton scotol cristianoetic ta banamil jech la stacun tal, vu'un li Xnich'onune. Pero c'ajumal jtuc. Scotol boch'o ta xch'un ti vu'un ta jcoltae ja' mu ch'ayeluc ta xbat. Ja' ta xcuxiic o sbatel osil. Li Jtotic Diose la stacun tal li' ta banamil pero mu yu'unuc tal cac'be castigo yu'un smulic li cristianoetique. Ja' tal jcolta.

Tzotzil de Huixtán:

Lum ep laj sc'uxubin scotol cristianoetic ti Jtotic Diose, jech yu'un laj yac' ti milel ti Snich'one. Jun no'ox Snich'on oy. Scotol ti much'utic sch'unojic ti icoltaat xa yu'une, ja' mu sch'ayic. Ja' cuxul sbatel osil. Ti Jtotic Diose laj stac talel li' ti balumil ti Snich'one. Muc un tal yac'be castigo yu'un smul ti cristianoetique. Ja' tal scolta scotol cristianoetic.

Tzotzil de San Andrés:

Li Jtotic Diose toj c'ux ta yo'on scotol crixchanoetic li' ta balumile ja' yu'un listac talel, jo'on li Snich'onune. Yepal o junun li Snich'onune. Scotol buch'utic ta sch'unic ti jo'on ta jcoltaique, ja' muc bu chch'ayic o sbatel osil. Ta xcuxiic o sbatel osil. Li Jtotic Diose listac yalel talel li' ta balumile, pero muc bu tal cac'be yich'ic vocol li crixchanoetic ta scoj li smulique. Yu'un tal jcoltaic ta scoj smulic scotol li crixchanoetique.

Letter U



Hewa toi-mi Alata'ala mpoka'ahi' hawe'ea tauna hi dunia', alaa-na napewai' Ana' -na to Hadudua, bona hema-hema to mepangala' hi Ana' -na toe, uma-ra mporata huku', tapi' mporata-ra katuwua' to lompe' duu' kahae-hae-na. Bela patuju-na Alata'ala mposuro Ana' -na tumai hi dunia' bona mpohuku' manusia'. Patuju-na mposuro Ana' -na tumai-le, bona mpohore manusia' ngkai huku' jeko' -ra.



Otioyi Oghene guono akpo na te, O de siobo n'Omo royi na vuovo rhe, rere, okuko royi, otu ri se or'oyi gbuyota vbo j'ewhro, ekevuovo ayi vb'arho ri bede.


Zero Hudo olamni xunjalik sevdiki, Wzining yagona Wglini berdi, toki Unga ixongan har bir kixi halok bwlmasin, balki abadiy hayotga erixsin.

Letter V


Pathianin khawvel a hepi ma ma a, chutichun, a chapa changkhat neisun chu a hun pe tan, ama chu kuale a ging taphawt chu mangthai lova, kumtuang a hinna a nei zawkna dingun.


Vi Duc Chua Troi yeu-thuong the-gian, den noi da ban Con mot cua Ngai, hau cho he ai tin Con ay khong bi hu-mat ma duoc su song doi doi.

Letter W


Kay ginhigugma gud han Dyos an kalibutan, nga iginhatag niya an iya bugtong nga Anak, basi diri unta mamatay an ngatanan nga nasarig ha iya, kundi makaangkon han dayon nga kinabuhi.

Welsh (Cymraeg):

Canys felly y carodd Duw y byd fel y rhoddodd efe ei uniganedig Fab, fel na choller pwy bynnag a gredo ynddo ef, ond caffael ohono fywyd tragwyddol.

Carodd Duw y byd gymaint nes iddo roi ei unig Fab, er mwyn i bob un sydd yn credu ynddo Ef beidio a mynd i ddistryw ond cael bywyd tragwyddol.

White Hmong:

Rau qhov Vajtswv hlub tibneeg ntiajteb kawg li, Nws thiaj li txib Nws tib leeg tub los rau hauv ntiajteb, tus uas ntseeg Nws Leejtub, yuav tsis raug kev puamtsuaj, tiamsis yuav tau txojsia ntev dhawv mus ib txhis.

Letter X


Kuba wenjenje uThixo ukulithanda kwakhe ihlabathi, ude wancama uNyana wakhe okuphela kwamzeleyo, ukuze bonke abakholwayo kuye bangatshabalali, koko babe nobomi obungunaphakade. Kuba uThixo akamthumanga uNyana wakhe ehlabathini, ukuze aligwebe ihlabathi; wamthuma ukuze ihlabathi lisindiswe ngaye.

Letter Y


Pakuwa Mlungu wanonyele mnope wandu mpaka wampeleche Mwanagwao juwawelelekwe jumpepe, kuti jwalijose jwakumkulupilila jwelejo akasajasika, nambo akole umi wangamala.


"Bwé'ituk júu'u Liós, 'iním 'ániapo júka'a yoémraata, túa 'á'a nákekai, 'áapo júka'a wépul 'á'a yoémiata, jiókot 'áu 'á'a bítnee'ebetchí'ibo 'á'a sú'u-tójak. Junúen-béja, sí'ime júme'e 'á'a súaleme, 'iníme'e, káa jíba-betchí'ibo kókkoka, táa 'ála 'iníme'e, jíba-yúu-jíapsiwamta bém bítnee'ebetchí'ibo. Júu'u Liós, káa júme'e 'iním bwíapo jíapsame, káa-tú'isi 'ám tawáabaekai, júka'a 'á'a yoémiawa 'á'abo 'á'a bíttauk. Táa 'ála 'áapo, 'iníme'e jínne'ubaekai."


Nitori Olorun fe araiye tobe ge, ti o fi Omo bibi re kansoso funni, ki enikeni ti o ba gba a gbo ma ba segbe, sugbon ki o le ni iye ainipekun.


Letter Z

Zapoteco de Chichicapan:

'Laasii guhca nadzii'hi sto' Dxiohs la'h ra' bwiinn guidxyiyuh, ni'chin guxe'hla Ãi'h yu'pi Llii'n Ãi'h loh guidxyiyuh, tin garaa ra' bwiinn ra' nin chechiisto' ra' ñi'h xchi'dxyi Ãi'h ayi ñichiloh ra' ba loh Dxiohs, sino que gapa ra' ba tuhbi guelnabahan nacuubi nin ayi ñichilohtii', laasii Dxiohs ayi gulu'nehza dxi'h Ãi'h la'h Llii'n Ãi'h loh guidxyiyuh tin gudzii'ba Ãi'h duhlda yihca ra' bwiinn guidxyiyuh, sino que guhlda'h Ãi'h la'h ra' ba loh duhlda.

Zapoteco del Istmo:

Purti nadxii xhaata Dios binni guidxilayú ngue runi bidii tobi lucha Xiiñi', ti irá tu guni cre Xiiñi be que la? cadi initilú sínuque gapa enda nabani ni qué zaluxe. Biseenda be Xiiñi be guidxilayú cadi para udxiiba donda ique binni, sínuque para ilá binni pur laa.

Zapoteco de Miahuatlán:

Tac Diox axta arid nazin' mèn no nque' lezo' Diox ñèe Diox mèn loo izlyo'. Por cona, mtel' Diox angoluxte xgan' Diox loo izlyo' par gàca le' ryete mèn co' yila's loo xgan' Diox, ne'quiexù'de Diox mèna par co' xà' Diox mèna loo Diox yiloa. Ndxe'leque', yòo ban no mèna Diox thidtene yiloa. Diox ne'ntel'te xgan' Diox loo izlyo' par quexù' xgan' Diox mèn loo izlyo'. Ndxe'leque', mtel' Diox xgan' Diox loo mèn loo izlyo' par lyá' mèn loo con' ryes por cón che'n xgan' Diox.

Zapoteco de Tabaa:


Pasianin vanneiy a it seng seng a, khuchiin a Tapa tangkhat nei sun a hing pe ta, koizong ama ging tapou khu mangthang loua kumton hinna a nei zoh na ding un.

Zoque de Francesco León:


Ngokuba uNkulunkulu walithanda izwe kangaka, waze wanikela ngeNdodana yakhe ezelwe yodwa ukuba yilowo nalowo okholwa yiyo angabhubhi, kodwa abe-nokuphila okuphakade.

How do you feel about John 3:16? - Did you find it in a language that has special meaning to you?

lawrencealcala on July 31, 2014:

I've learned this at my early days in a christian school. Until now it is still inside my mind and heart.

topclimb lm on June 17, 2014:

First my grandparents taught me... :-) Great lens!

BodyHairRemoval on May 29, 2014:

Wow some lense! Thanks for sharing.

Judy Filarecki from SW Arizona and Northern New York on October 17, 2013:

John 3:16 and the 23rd Psalm (King James Version) have been my favorite verses in the bible throughout my life ever since I memorized them as a child. They are what give me strength on a daily basis.

Christine V from Philippines on September 01, 2013:

Very interesting. Found here several translations of John 3:16 in many dialects of the Philippines. Good job.

mrducksmrnot on July 27, 2013:

AMEN to John 3:16. Very well researched lens. I'll be coming back to review again for sure.

Delia on June 15, 2013:

John 3:16 says it all! Wow I'm glad we have an easy language to read and write... Amazing all the languages and dialects.. I donate to the Word for the World they translate many new testaments into languages and dialects.. Your lens is quite interesting...lots of work in it.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on June 15, 2013:

What a project, and what a backstory to the project! I love John 3:16 in English. It's very interesting, very touching to browse this page and imagine people of all those languages praising the Lord together. What a day that will be!

Pat Goltz (author) on May 28, 2013:

@Will Marcus: Thank you very much! It is always good to meet someone who understands the meaning of John 3:16. Hopefully, I will have a few more languages to add.

Will Marcus on May 28, 2013:

As a Bible student I find this Lens very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I wish every person would read and consider just what it is the meaning of John 3:16. Blessings, Will

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