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Introverts - Power of Silence

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I am Lakshmi. I've completed my graduation in the stream of ECE. I love reading and like to listen more than I speak up.

What is Introversion?

Personality is what makes our actions, thoughts, and feelings consistent and, it is also what makes us different from one another.this blog speaks about such a prominent temperament. Introversion is a preference for a calm, less stimulating atmosphere and, this trait makes you free from all the emotional drama that needlessly drains you. It is more like an art since it will aid you to handle some moments of irritation and frustration. Introverts are a calmer and more strategic observer of people.

Nature of Introverts

There is a misconception that introverts are shy and timid. There is a huge difference in their perspective. A shy person is afraid to reveal his thought and excessively worried about being negatively judged. But, the Introvert enjoys being alone and he never cares about what people would say. At the same time, they love talking in-depth about subjects or issues they are interested in. Their vision is broad. Habitually, introverts are good observers. They can think from all perspectives and relate them to any situation. In the same way, Introverts tried to avoid the limelight and always likes to be behind the scene. They love to take risks and challenges in their profession and always craving to learn more and more. In general, they prefer to work alone in a peaceful environment and hates collaboration.

Eminent Introverts

There exists a widespread misperception in our society that a person who could speak loud and able to be the center of attention can be successful where Introverts can't lead effectively. The truth is introverts can perform quite well. Interestingly, many proven leaders have paved the way for the massive change in our society. Their objective was loud, and their contribution to society speaks for generations. They proved their leadership skills through their diplomacy. Here are such eminent introverts who have reached big feet in business and social life.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhiji fondly referred to as the father of the nation was born in a conservative Gujarati family. He wrote in his autobiography that his books and lessons were the only companions for him during his schooldays. Throughout his life, he used his introversion as his armor. He never used any unthoughtful words in his public meet. He reserved his energy through meditation and prayers and assisted the entire nation to combat imperialism diplomatically. He showed his leadership through truth and non-violence.

Ratan Naval Tata

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Ratan tata is one of the most prominent businessmen in India and philanthropists. He is a great-grandson of J.R.D.Tata, the founder of the Tata group. Although he belongs to one of the wealthiest Indian business family, he loves the simple lifestyle. The automobile is his passion and, he made a significant impact in this field by introducing the cheapest car Tata Nano at an affordable price for middle-class families in 2008. Similarly, he launched Tata Indica in 1998, the first supermini passenger car by tata motors. Apart from automobiles, he achieved a lot during his tenure as the Tata group and Tata sons chairman. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he tried to remain as an introvert and, want to be himself. He never wants to sacrifice his privacy because of being a public figure.

Jack Patrick Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is the CEO and co-founder of Twitter(social networking service), and the founder and CEO of the square(Mobile payment company) is also an introvert. He acknowledged himself as an introvert, where his microblogging site is one of the platforms for the people around the world to raise and share their thoughts daringly. Furthermore, he is interested in politics as well and has an aspiration to become the mayor of NewYork city.

Still, there are innumerable legends in our history who have succeeded in life through patience and smartness. Every personality has pros and cons, channel your energy and skills constructively.


Lakshmi (author) from Chennai on October 12, 2020:

You are welcome.

Tammy Winters from Oregon on October 12, 2020:

Very interesting article. I have always thought of myself as an Introvert. Thanks for sharing.

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