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In the Universe of Books, I Met With Soul

A Cantonese man sitting on a Kowloon foot path. His face was stern with concentration. His expressions was changing as he scrolled book.

Company of books


Soul-lets find it via books

A flash Back.

Colom Tobin once recounted an incident of a Cantonese man sitting on a Kowloon foot path. His face was stern with concentration. His expressions were disturbed at progress. His fingers were tracing the line being read. In the end, he looked up at the sky with face beaming with pleasure.

Lesson we got!

This story tells us that how strongly we are effected by the company of books with zero effect of our surroundings. Just imagine yourself in a library with some situation as describes above, will add a lot to your soul peace and eternal pleasure.

It is said that,

’Room without books is like a body without soul.”

When asked from someone, what is the most valuable thing you found in the history that Man has ever done. The answer, without any guess, was the ability of human being to read and write. In the world we all live in is a temporary halt, where everyone, either it is an individual’s dilemma or nations’ milieu, books have been playing a key role in developing them.

How books play their role.

Books are actually act as a conforming bridge between the reader and the world of imaginations. A reader when reads a book, builds a bridge of thoughts provided by the writer, which helps him to break the confines of time and leads him to the world of imagination where a reader finds himself completely merged in the fictionist world created by the writer. In this way it helps in connecting two human beings far from each other, does not know each other, but are connected with each other through the power of ideas just like the modulating frequency in communication gadgets.

Expunged into History.

To completely understand the vitality of books in human progress we need to pore ourselves into the history to have some flashback because without it we are like tangled in a bush with no guidance towards destination.

  • The first human being on the earth, honorable Adam, was given the superiority over the imperceptible creature, the angels, because honorable Adam knew much than the angels.

The Man has been created as the best creature and in the best form on this planet. The secret to this supremacy is the knowledge and intellect, God has given to him.

One still remember the veneration of Rome. One of the greatest civilizations of all times. The great counselors and then Emperors, were supposed to be taught by the best intellectuals and literary personnel of that time. The books, along with the analytical approach of the Rome’s scholars, saw the revelation of great discreet leaders which construed the new meaningful era in the history of Rome. The likes of Julius Caesar, Tiberius Gracchus, Constantinople, Augustus Caesar, and the great military commander Pompeii.

A nostalgia.

If I have to reiterate the past to expound the importance books then close your eyes and imagine yourself being in the era of 70 C.E. The biggest rebellion against the Rome, by the masses of Judaea and Jerusalem, led by a great Jew scholar, Josephus. Roman general Titus, obliterated the rebellion and conquered the sacred city of Jerusalem. But Titus spared Josephus alone on such condition that he would write the history of the Rome in a precise manner and whatever is known today about Rome, is actually because of the work of rebel Jew commander, Josephus.

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Books in revolution.

The evolution in the Arabian Peninsula, in the form of Islam, has was started with the message that begins with the command of “To read”. The actual words of the revelation which was revealed upon the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are,

Read in the name of thy Lord; who created.

Created the man from congealed blood. Read thy Lord

Is the most bountiful, who taught the man; taught

Which he knew not.” (Holy Qur’an)

The world saw to it, as new epic history was created in the form of great civilized Islamic state of all time. The universities of Cordova, Antioch, Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Syria, Spain and Aleppo reminiscent the ideal model of a society man has ever come across.

The tragedy.

In 1192, the coup of Halaku khan on Baghdad, saw 0.25 million books, present in the library of Baghdad, were spoiled in the eminent river of Farat. The water became black in color due to the ink that had in it, the stories of greatness and progress, rise after fall, honesty and kindness, the invention of camera by Ibn-al-Hathium, the tips of the greatest surgeon Abu Qasim al zahravi and more importantly the secret of being “The Jewel of the World.”

World before books.

Having said that, “a good book is far better than several friends.”

Just wonder, how it would have been looked like to be in a forest, with nothing to dress up, to cook a spicy meal, to drive the black Mustard Ford, to work in a firm located on 50th floor. How it would have been difficult and veracious for the soul while seeing one’s child losing his breathing connection with body, but no hospital around to rescue. How it would be scary to think of the moment when got stuck in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, assuming that someone might come to rescue you even if you had no radio signals, no tracking chips and no radar system whatsoever.

Man learnt from books, catalogued by his forefathers and then add marvelous inventions to the human history. It were the books that solved the ambiguous questions of nature. Man when accompanied by books, is like a meteor, which burst out to illuminate the world.

Napoleon of France, had read each and every book written in French, of that time, at the age of 19 during his training days as a cadet.

In short, read books of your interest, but remember, be cautious about choosing a book because non-disciplined books can be harmful 100 times more than a scorpion. So keep moving and keep learning.

© 2021 Muhammad Babar Taimoor

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Muhammad Babar Taimoor (author) from Pakistan on August 13, 2021:

Effort of pure class!

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