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iWriter vs Textbroker: Which Is Better To Write For

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iWriter And Textbroker: What Are They

These two sites connect writers and clients who need content written. Even though both sites' have pretty much the same concept, they are two completely different platforms, and both have pros and cons, both for writers and clients.

Since this article is aimed at writers, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of writing for iWriter and Textbroker and then we will come to the conclusion as to which one is better for writers to write for.

iWriter For Writers

Let's discuss the pros and cons of writing for iWriter.


There seems to always be articles on iWriter, but the key is to refresh the screen as often as possible, when there are no articles available. The chances are you can easily write 5 articles per day on the site, but refreshing the screen may be necessary from time-to-time.

It pays weekly, on Tuesdays. You can choose to get paid less frequently than that, but if you wish, you can get paid weekly. Just remember you have to reach a certain amount of money before the site pays you.

You can move up in rating. The higher you move up, the more money you'll get paid per article. Most writing sites like iWriter has this similar feature.


Your articles can be rejected by clients for any reason and you won't be paid for the work. This means if you write a 1,000 word article, and the client doesn't like it, then they can outright reject it.

When first starting out, you will likely start off at the lowest rating, which means the rate per article you get will be relatively low. Don't let this discourage you though because the more you write, the better your chances are of moving up in rating.

Those are just a few pros and cons for writers who choose to use the platform.

Textbroker For Writers

Now let's discuss some pros and cons of writing for Textbroker.

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You can make great money writing for Textbroker. You can move up in stars/ratings, and this allows you to make even more money. Even if you're only a 2-star writer, you should still be able to make a few hundred dollars per month.

Textbroker is 100% legit and most clients on the site give clear instructions.


Sometimes there's no articles to write, but this is the case with iWriter too. This is pretty much the case with writing sites like iWriter and Textbroker.

Also, sometimes clients will ask for a revision and if they are not happy with the revisions you send back, it will be up to Textbroker to decide whether or not the article should be accepted and rejected. This actually isn't a bad thing, but some writers may not like this.

There are probably more pros and some cons we haven't discussed, but the above are just a few that come straight to mind.


iWriter vs Textbroker: Which Is Better For Writers

Honestly, both sites are good to write for and if you write for both sites, you could make a decent monthly income or weekly income. Our advice is to give both sites a try and you can continue to write for iWriter and Textbroker if you like to, or you can choose to write for only one of them.

The choice is up to you, but we are a fan of both iWriter and Textbroker.

Tip: Join both sites and try to write at least 3-5 articles per day for each site. Doing this can increase your earnings and the better you get at writing, the more money you will make. Remember, there's no guarantee you will make a lot of money writing for one of these sites, but if you write for both of them and you are consistent and you start getting more and more articles approved, then you could end up making some decent money.

Our advice is to give both iWriter and Textbroker a try. They are both legit sites and have been around for quite sometime and they will pay you once you meet the requirements for payout.

The Final Verdict

Both sites are great and you should give them a try today.


Vwede on May 08, 2017:


I have quite a good deal of experience writing so i am far above an intermediate writer. I have written for iwriter employers and my article was rejected. But only for such articles to be used by the writer on their sites after rejecting and not paying for it. I think iwriter is a nightmare not a means to earn anythings. Unfortunately, my country is not listed for writing on textbroker so i cant write there but i am doing just fine on, cant even cope with the job order.

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