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I Am a Man, but I Gave Birth to Two Sons

This hub relates to the time when I was still writing for ViewsHound-a writing site based in UK. ViewsHound went out of business in 2011.

Writing for ViewsHound

I started writing for ViewsHound last August, 2011. On mid-December of that year,I had submitted more than sixty articles and photographs. I had 22 followers, over 23,000 views, 9 badges and two award winning articles (a Gold and Bronze). My target goal will be 75 articles by June, 2012. but ViewsHound went out of business by the end of 2011. However my experience on the ViewsHound writing site will never be erased in my memory.

Vic Vizarra- My Oldest Literary Son

My first son turned out to be Poet

My first son turned out to be Poet

I gave birth to two sons for the ViewsHound Community

I am a Man, but I gave birth to two sons for the ViewsHound Community.

I am a proud father of two sons for the ViewsHound community. My first son was born about 12 weeks ago. He turned out to be a poet. His name is Vic Vizarra. He is an engineer by profession, and a poet by avocation. A fellow Marinduqueno introduced him to me via Facebook. She happened to be his childhood sweetheart.

Vic's first poem, A September Song was published in ViewsHound on October 10, 2011. His latest poem, Crazy Love has been in the "Most Liked" column for several weeks. The following is Vic's comment on my article, Why I have an inferiority complex writing for ViewsHound.

"Two months ago, you told me Sir Dave that the "fire is within me", when you commented on my first ever written poem, "My Forever Love" in my Facebook Notes. Since then, I already have three published poems in ViewsHound within a month's time. Thank you very much for your encouragement and your confidence in me. Having read all the comments from the great writers of Viewshound, I am encouraged to write more poetry and maybe try my hand on writing short articles in the near future. I always have written from the heart to start with, and the fire from within was set ablazed when sir Dave pointed out to me".

Here's an excerpt from Vic Vizarra's ViewsHound profile.

He appreciates the encouragement from his new found friends, Dr. David Katague and Ms. Sofia Velasco-Belbis, and the inspiration from his first and true love, which he called his "Forever Love". He is not a poet by any means, but his poems emanate from the bottom of his heart, making them special. With the popularity of his poem "Crazy Love", he could proudly say that a new poet from Marinduque is born.

I am very proud of the writing accomplishments of my two ViewsHound sons. Frank's first article landed in the most commented column and Vic's poem, Crazy Love was in the most liked column for several weeks. I am looking forward for more articles and poems from them.

Frank Cabunoc

My second literary son

My second literary son

My Second Son-Frank Cabunoc

My second son was just born a few weeks ago. His first article was titled,"why I do not write for Viewshound" received several positive comments including a note from our editor, the very helpful, Ian Howlett.

His name is Frank Cabunoc. I met Frank, last year on-line via my blogs. Frank wrote me that he enjoyed reading my autobiography. We corresponded every now and then. I noticed from his comments that he is a good writer. I asked Frank to guest write for me in my blogs. As of today, he had a couple of guest articles published in my blog sites. When I discovered ViewsHound last August, I encouraged Frank to similarly write for the site. My encouragement resulted in his first article, mentioning my name.

Franks says in his profile that he is the silent type, and can have strong opinions about issues. He is a Filipino transplant living in the US, married to a wife who supports his hobbies, interests and aspirations. He finished his Master in Business Administration(MBA) from the American Institute of Management(AIM), and have worked in marketing and finance in the past. Today, he works in customer service for an insurance company.

Here's an excerpt from his well-received and extensively commented first article.

"A Facebook friend introduced me to this wonderful ViewsHound website, which is read by and composed of people with varying degrees of eccentricities and talents. Based on our correspondence on many issues, he coaxed and encouraged me to write for ViewsHound, but so far he has been unsuccessful.

I have read numerous high quality articles, and I decided to disregard his suggestion. I have no lofty goals of writing my own inferior work and suffer the indignity of being printed beside award-winning authors. Moreover, I cannot be persuaded to write with promises of ViewsHound money and recognition.

On the other hand, my friend has been a prolific writer on his blog sites and an exceptional workhorse for ViewsHound. He is unstoppable by continuously entertaining us with his creative writing abilities and photograph submissions. I salute him for his literary productivity, the distinguished David Katague.

His previous article entitled "Why am I writing for ViewsHound?" inspired me and gave me an idea to create something entitled "Why I don't write for ViewsHound". His opinion of not comparing himself to other writers gave me a slight relief. I should also shun the idea of comparing myself to more experienced writers."

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My Two Literary Sons-Vic Vizarra and Frank Cabunoc

My two sons busy with their creative writing aciivities

My two sons busy with their creative writing aciivities

Writing for Money

Check from Google Adsense

Sample of Check from Google Adsense- Not Mine

Sample of Check from Google Adsense- Not Mine

An unexpected check from Google

I started blogging two years ago just for fun and to advertise my beach resort in the Philippines. Last June, I received an unexpected check from Google's Adsense program

I started blogging about two years ago with no intention of making a single dollar. I am blogging just for the fun of writing and also to advertise my small beach resort in the Philippines. After a year, I felt I run dry with topics and ideas and I almost quit blogging. However, one of my readers suggested I write on subjects close to my heart, perhaps based on my life experiences both here in US and in the Philippines. Another reader suggested that I sign up for the Google Adsense Program.

Three months ago, I received a check of $128.88 from Google. This amount covered a period of 24 months. That means I averaged about $5.37 per month. Not enough to pay even for one month of my Internet subscription, but more than enough money to inspire me writing for quite some time.

Another incentive, that inspired me to continue writing in spite of some physical limitations (back and neck pains from sitting too much in front of the PC, poor eyesight etc.) are the positive comments from several of my readers. Here are five comments that had inspired me to write almost every day for the last five months:

1.I have been reading your various blogspots and websites for about one week now. They are all well written and are great reading. What I have been reading and following intently in your blog is your life story, very interesting indeed. Please keep on writing and thanks for opening yourself up in your blogs.

2.A second reader also commented:

I have been following your blog for quite some time. I learned a lot about Marinduque and the Philippines. I specially enjoyed reading your childhood experiences during the Japanese-American War. Your contribution as an FDA employee to the burnt victims of the bombing in New York and the Pentagon is indeed commendable and worthy of an award. Keep writing !

1.Response to my question, why I am only earning about $5 per month from my blogs:

There is nothing wrong with your articles, they are all great. If you are expecting to generate money from your blogs through advertising revenues, you are in the wrong business. You could sell and advertise your business in your blogs and make more money selling your own products. If you are into blogging for the love of writing and getting fabulous reader feedback, you should continue to focus writing on topics that interest you. You can never be everything to everyone. If you try to please everyone, you will be writing articles half-heartedly on topics beyond your interests. If you want to broaden the readership of your blogs, there are ways of advertising without shelling out your own money. You could get in touch with your local American, Filipino-American or Filipino newspapers and ask them to post some of your articles and plug your blog sites. They in turn can benefit by advertising their papers in your sites. There are many other ways to get more readers, but I hate to bother you with more details.

1.A reader response to my post on delightfully named places in the US:

Your posts can be very amusing, you just made my day. If you haven’t heard there is a town named French Lick, Indiana, which is less thought-provoking. Have a nice day.

1.A reader commented after reading my article “Why We Love Marinduque.”

WOW!! I didn’t know that Marinduque is such a nice paradise on Earth. Hope to visit that place someday.

I hope I will continue receiving suggestions and comments about my blogs, positive or negative

Motivate Someone-A Friend, A Relative or A Stranger

ViewsHound Writing Site-Now Defunct

The Viewshound Writing Site-Went out of Business, December, 2011

The Viewshound Writing Site-Went out of Business, December, 2011

Why I keep Writing for ViewsHound

Positive comments and feedbacks to my articles are the reasons why I keep writing for ViewsHound (VH). However, if by a twist of fortune and luck, I win a couple more awards, it will be icing on the cake and will be highly appreciated.

The following are my favorite commentators and their comments: M. Abott, D. Hamilton, G. Maoli, L. Arota, J. Bird, S. Ozmore, D. Page, D. Reynolds, J. Willoughby, S. Powers, S.C. Joy, L. Silverman, M. Dragoo, F. Lachica, V. Vizarra and G. Buesnel.

Mark Abbott.UTEP- Comment to, You have to fail on order to succeed.

I think this is the most positive thing I've read all week and possibly even all month. I wish everyone had the "can do" attitude that you have. I've been struggling like hell to perfect it for some time now and as discouraging as it can be at times, I think I've made a great deal of progress. I remember reading someones quote once (can't remember who it was) that said if you fail 999 times out of 1,000, you actually succeeded in finding 999 ways NOT to do something. Thanks so much for posting this. It makes a world of difference to see the necessary little reminders in the work of other writers.

Deb Hamilton · Top Commenter · Chicago, Illinois- Comment to, The best Christmas gift I have ever received.

I really loved this story! You must make friends easily... or I don't think your support system would have been this strong. You deserve some of the credit here, for sure. Very sweet tale.

Gianandrea Maoli · Top Commenter · Freelance writer at ViewsHound- Comment to, Am I a born or made writer?

Wow! One of the most encouraging pieces I've seen on VH! I would say that as far as great writers are concerned, I think there's a combination of being born to be great and being made into one. I think that even if your are born into it, it does take a writer a lot of time, patience, and even courage to keep writing and learning until they find the right way to express themselves. I do agree with you that it has great therapy tools to express your thoughts which is what I try to do with short stories in general. You did that very well in this work and I hope to see others from you in the future.

Lorna Paroginog Arota · Chinese Gen. Hospital school of nursing -Comment to, Childhood memories of the Japanese-American war in the Philippines-Part 2

You captured the WWII story through your wife's perspective in such an emotional and personal way. Your mother in- law lost a sister very dear to her heart from the hands of merciless Japanese soldiers who by no means will not spare any lives if you're in their way. I don't blame your mother for hating the Japanese, as my mother also did. That is the cruelty of war. Great article! you deserve another gold prize Dave.

Jan Bird · Top Commenter · College of Ripon & York St John -Comment to, Am I a born or made Writer?

This is the first article I've read today, David and it's a good one! I'm flattered to be quoted but I've never thought of myself as a "born" writer. I'm not fishing there, it's just not how I think of it. I think you can always learn and that we're all learning, constantly, from everything we write and everything we read, whether it's fiction, other writers' articles or mainstream journalism. We learn both how to do it and how not to do it. It is a craft and we can spend a lifetime perfecting and refining it. That's going to be one of life's pleasures for me for the rest of my life. I'm delighted for you that you've discovered such a love for writing and such a talent for getting your personal thoughts into words. You followed your heart and it shows. Your pieces are always deeply personal and reflective and I really enjoy that.

Susan Ozmore · Top Commenter- Comment to, I have an inferiority complex writing for ViewsHound

I really enjoyed your article. I'm a math/science person and also feel a sense of inferiority when compared to people who have spent far more time writing than I have. Although, I've done quite a bit of technical writing and have been told I do a very good job "translating" complex things into understandable prose, I still haven't gotten up the nerve to write for ViewsHound. I have started a blog though, and knowing that I'm not alone in feeling inadequate, maybe I'll get up the nerve soon to write for VH. The only thing is that your article is Excellent! I don't know if I can compare :-) Keep writing!

Dennis L. Page · Top Commenter · Onondaga- Comment to, Childhood memories of the Japanese-American war in the Philippines

You have presented the reader with a gut wrenching and true to life experience that only those like you, who experience such things can relay to the rest of us. My deceased father served in the United States Army in combat during WW II. First he was in New Guinea and then in the jungles of the Philippines. He was also taken from the front lines to learn how to do the initial land invasion of Japan. That, of course, never happened, but my dad always spoke highly of the Filipino people.

Debra Copley Reynolds · Top Commenter · Consultant at Princess House, Inc. -Comment to, Childhood memories of the Japanese-American war in the Philippines

A fascinating read, thank you. My grandfather served on a supply ship during WWII and told a few stories, I wish I had listened closer. Consider writing your tale in book length, please!

Jessica Willoughby · Top Commenter · Hard to Define at Developmental Skills Center-Comment to, Why I have an inferiority complex writing for ViewsHound

I love that you wrote this from such an authentic and honest viewpoint of how you felt. However, I want you to know that you are not alone in that feeling. I think that you are a good writer. I enjoy reading about the things you write about, and there is never a need to feel inferior to anyone else. Easier said than done, I know. I am much better at giving that advice, than living that advice. Thanks again for your kind words. Nice piece, and keep up the good work. The more we write, the better we become. You know the old adage, practice makes perfect :) Have a great evening David!

Sarah Powers · Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Comment to, Domestic abuse against men: the battered husband

Thank you for writing this article, I know of a lot of people who don't believe, excuse, ignore, or even laugh at abuse of husbands. It's unfortunate that society feels this way about the abuse, and even rape of men. Hopefully articles like this will inspire people to think critically about these issues and what equality really means.

Susan Creamer Joy · Top Commenter · Works at Freelance Artist- Comment to, Memorable excerpts from the writings of my favorite authors at ViewsHound

Leslie is correct, David. We'll need enlarged exits from VH now:)) As for me, I am flattered and thrilled to be among this talented bunch and am equally inspired by and impressed with the many other wonderful writers here, yourself included:) Now, will someone call my driver and fetch my wrap? :)) Thank you, indeed!

Leslie Silverman · Top Commenter- Comment to, Why I am writing for ViewsHound

As always, David - honest, and direct well stated. Thanks for the mention. Keep writing for viewshound so we have the pleasure of reading you!

Michelle Dragoo · Top Commenter · Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology at Edward Hospital-Comment to, Memorable excerpts from my favorite ViewsHound authors

I have never been recognized, so, thank YOU. This truly brought tears to my eyes. I feel blessed to be in this esteemed group of writers.

Fernando Ceballos Lachica · Top Commenter · Works at Triond-Comment to, I have inferiority complex writing for ViewsHound.

Your writing style is great and I loved it! I can relate to your article actually. A Gold for you today! Cheers David!

Vic Vizarra · Top Commenter · Technology Consultant/Managing Owner at Viz-Mart Int'l. Computers-Comment to-Afterglows in the sunset of our lives.

I am now beginning to follow your articles and blogs. Hopefully you could lead me to your article about the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. I was then an electrical engineering student in 1977 when I visited the nuclear power plant as part of our field trip requirement for graduation. I was pretty much impressed by the design and set-up of said power plant and was just sad to know it just got wasted and not utilized as intended.

**Gail Buesnel · Top Commenter-Comment to, Childhood memories of the Japanese-American War in the Philippines**

David thank you for this aspect of the war. My uncle was a British POW held by the Japanese and freed by General MacArthur the same day the Japanese sent in death squads to murder all prisoners. He has written a book and a portion of it deals with his POW experiences. It would be fascinating to have all aspects recorded in a book, yours as a civillian, the POW's, the liberating Americans and even a Japanese soldier. I am going to try to send this article to my uncle via my cousin. Congratulations on winning the prize.

I have several more positive comments from my other articles for the ViewsHound community. But this article is already long. May I reiterate that the above comments had inspired me to continue writing for ViewsHound-one of my favorite writing site. If you read ViewsHound, please continue your feedbacks and I will continue writing for ViewsHound.

New Guestbook Comments

David B Katague (author) from Northern California and the Philippines on November 13, 2012:

@anonymous: Thanks again, my literary son. I believe, you are now a full grown poet and my inspiration and guidance is no longer needed. Keep up with your writings!

anonymous on November 13, 2012:

This is my all time favorite of all...I appreciate your friendship and the monicker as your literary son, tito Dave. May you continue to enjoy writing to share your knowledge with us and the whole wide world.

David B Katague (author) from Northern California and the Philippines on January 16, 2012:

@victoriuh: Hi victoriuh. ViewsHound is an excellent writing site, but will closed by the end of this month. Please visit my articles about the Philippines before the end of January, 2012. Good Day!

victoriuh on January 15, 2012:

I admit, your title hooked me in! I had not heard of Viewshound before. I will check it out.

anonymous on December 09, 2011:

Wow! Tito Dave what can I say, I'm speechless...I am very proud to be your first born literary "son." I guess I know who is going to be your daughter...thank you very much for giving me a new meaning in life together with my "Forever Love."

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