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Who Is Husband?


An story worth reading which came out of my imagination.....

story telling

Tamang was the daughter of the chief of the Apatani, a famous tribe of Arunachal. Seeing the fair-looking, laugh-eyed Tamang's golden hair, the tribes considered her to be the daughter of the sun god.

Tamang was very proficient in singing and dancing as well as making clothes on handlooms. So his father Donigarth wanted to earn money by marrying one of his only daughters such as Ding Sil, Achu Abayo or Tubo Leoba! It was the custom of his tribe that the boys give money to the girl's father to marry the girl. On that day, the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh had a handloom-making competition for women, followed by arrow-fighting competition for men.

Like every year, Tamang received the first prize. This year Tamang had done wonders. On the silky shawl of the sky, the moon, sun and stars were woven in white, golden, red and pink. The shawls were decorated by weaving a wreath of constellations all around. Could not believe it was a woven shawl. The skilled painter seemed to have made a beautiful picture.

On the other hand, a young man named Abutani kept flying with amazing arrows, butterflies, such that no one else was around him. Tamang and Abutani met for the first time in the dance after the competition, and began to like each other in the first meeting. Seeing them dance, people also said, "What a beautiful couple!"

Later they would meet secretly. Because both knew that Tamang's father would not approve of the marriage of both. So both of them secretly got married.

One day Tamang's father tells him that three Devpurush want to marry him. Tamang told that he has been married. The father said that he does not believe in such marriages, nor will they consider all three Devpurush. He cannot offend them. Therefore there is only one solution. "What daddy?" Tamang asked. “Everyone will collect and place a bet. Whoever fulfills the condition will be your husband. " The three Devpurush and Abutani were summoned. The first condition is that all four have to dance or jump on the ground in such a way that the music sounds from the ground.

Abutani and Tamang were upset on hearing the condition. But Abutani's sister said, "Don't worry." Whereupon Abutani had to dance, he pressed 'Talo' or brass plates under the soil. The dance started. The dances of the three Devpurushas started. There was no sound even when the three Devpurush people jumped and jumped many times. As soon as Abutani began to dance, the sound of ton-tones wired up after every meditation. Abutani won.

But the father and the three gods did not agree. Another condition was laid. With the arrow command, aim at the 'sphere', that is, the metal sphere so that the arrow is placed on the 'trunk "there. This time also, the sister of Abutani gave the remedy. She applied the wax extracted from the bee hive at the tip of the arrows of Abutani. .

The first Devpurush targeted. His arrow fell before going to 'Tunlo'. The other Devpurush also shot an arrow, but targeted. He passed by Tunlo. The third Devpurush hit the arrow 'Tunlo' right. There was also the sound of a ton, but the arrow fell down. Ultimately, Abutani shot an arrow. He was directly in the middle of 'Tunlo' and stayed there. This condition was also won by Abutani. "Now the last condition will be your husband if he wins the abattoir." Tamang's father and the three Devpurusha spoke.

"This is dishonest. And one condition each time Abutani wins! Trying to separate me and Abutani by saying. "Tamang spoke indignantly. The rest of the village supported Tamang. Seeing the anger of the people, Tamang's father and Devpurush said," Now this will be the last condition. "

The one who throws away the pieces of coal and the clay clan, will be the husband of Tamang.

Tamang acted with his intellect this time. He put honey inside the clutches of Abutani and soaked his domestic bees with coal powder.

One by one the three Devpurus threw the kuldas and later the pieces of coal. Now it was the turn of Abu'tani. He threw away a clump of clay with great force, which fell more than the clusters of the three. Then he ... caught the bees in a fist and stuck them in the air. The smell of honey reached Kulda, while the pieces of coal of Devpurusha did not even reach their Kulras. People cheered on Abutani. "Tomorrow morning I will make Tamang's marriage with Abutani. Everyone is invited. " Tamang's father announced.

Tamang was surprised when she arrived in the field disguised as a bride. Four men stood as Abutani. This also did the trick.

"Recognize who the husband is, and garland him," said Tamang's father.

Tamang opened his eyes for a while. Then she said, "I will first shake hands and then garland myself."

"Very well," the three Devpurus said happily. But Tamang looked up, the real Abutani stood silent. When Tamang shook hands with the first Devpurush, he pressed hard and slapped his eyes. Tamang released his hands angrily. Near the other Devpurush. When Tamang reached out to shake his hand, he was so mad that his arms began to move forward. Tamang slipped out. Then the third Devashah rashly pushed his hand forward and grabbed Tamang's hand and started shaking loudly. Tamang with great difficulty. She freed her hand. Now she came to the fourth i.e. the real Abu'tani. She shook hands with Abutani. Her familiar touch and love spilling from her eyes ensured her. She was quite confident and she wore Abutani.Tamang's father and the three Devpurush continued to listen to the shrieks of people bowing their heads in shame. People happily completed the wedding ceremony with a wreath.

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