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A Memorable Night

Just an extremely short, fantastic, dream of a 5 minute short story. I don't write enough, people's time is expensive.


Tre wakes up in the morning, eyes stinging, head throbbing, with the acrid smell of cocaine burning in his nostrils. Last night was memorable, as the beautiful anonymous female laying next to him is proof of. He picks up his ps4 copy of sekiro shadows die twice, and chuckles to himself, then turns on the console and inserts the disc. After about a half an hour, his companion stirs to awareness. "Tre... i guarantee you I'm a hell of alot more fun to play with than a ps4... turn up."

"Ma chill, I'll get at you in a few...," Tre's eyes widen slightly in smug satisfaction as his companion responds with what seems like overly sincere anger for a woman as beautiful as she is. "Fuck negro do you, I'm taking a shower." "Whatever, you'll, be back, like you said, still turnt up, I'm not sweatin' you." He put the console on pause and did some pushups to get the blood flowing in his ball player's slim but muscularly beautiful in their perfectly shaped anatomy, arms and legs, sensually visible through the tight sleeves of his fresh out of the package wife beater and basketball shorts. This also increased the diameter of his Polo model chest by an inch or two, just in case she didn't come out of the bathroom eager as he was to swing another episode.

Tre's life was an odd one, trafficking narcotics here and there, running into the odd promiscuous corporate employer, be it male or female... It made him spoiled in his life. You would call the man blessed if it didn't seem like his pampered life was the product of the devil's plan. The type of dude who would murder you as soon as look at you but looked like a creole choir boy.Miss thing decided to pull up on homie and stepped out of the shower completely wet, nude, covered in glitter and blew your man's mind with four words. "Did you miss me?" Tre responded in corny retort but homegirl was cool... "Did Shaq miss foul shots?"

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