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How The Book You Are A Badass Changed My Life and Why You should Read It

Jen's Journey - what I like to call my experience into connecting with spirit. Always on the search to be better and aim higher.

Are you stuck in the same chapter learning the same lessons over and over again?

It feels like every couple of years I go through the same process. Feeling like I'm stuck and looking back to have accomplished, well, nothing of significance. Yes, that's how I felt in the past, but no, that's not the actual reality of my life.

You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life came into my life during one of my darkest periods...and it still took me well over a year to actually read the dang thing.

My hope is that if you've ever felt stuck or lost that you reach for a copy of You Are A Badass and you experience the same positive mental changes that I experienced.

You Are A Badass: The Self Help Book For People Who Aren't Into Self Help Books

5 Reasons Why You Need To Read You Are A Badass

1) The author, Jen Sincero, uses language that us sassy folks can relate to. I've found that the people I talked to about You Are A Badass either love Jen's writing style or they, well, don't get it. I'm a sassy person with a sarcastic sense of humor - which is why I quickly began to relate to what I was reading.

2) You will get something out this book. Even if you end up being in the 'that was okay' column after reading You Are A Badass, I can assure you that there will be something inside of those pages that you will keep with you - even if you don't realize it. It might be a story she shares or a sentence you read, but somewhere inside of that book it will leave a positive mark on your soul.

3) Everyone could use a little encouragement and boost of confidence. Maybe you're not looking for a self-help book to read because you feel GREAT! But even in our times of feeling like we're on top of the world it's a beautiful feeling to keep adding to that sensation. If you're dancing in the streets or snuggled under your covers refusing to face the world, this book is going to give you that boost of confidence to take you to the next level.

4) Learn to unlock your potential. I know, this one seems obvious (and a little corny) - but it's very true. I'm not an emotional person. I don't go around telling people I love them or looking them in the eyes and giving them a compliment (although you're supposed to; this is about building confidence after all, isn't it?) That being said, the people I love have no doubts about it and I have no problem in giving someone a random compliment - I just don't like to dwell on it or make a big fuss over it. So to say 'unlock your potential' just sounds so corny. Then again, corny isn't a bad thing. You Are A Badass is going to rewire your brain, or at least plant that first seed to do so, so that you can figure out what is holding you back and you guessed it, what's keeping you from seeing the greatness that is within you.

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5) It's filled with lessons, not quotes. I love this book - I wouldn't be sitting here typing this entire page out if that wasn't the case. I re-read You Are A Badass about every 6 months, because whether I'm in a good headspace or a negative headspace this book helps keep me focused and moving forward. I wish this book was filled with quotes I could post around my room as little reminders, but don't expect to read a single line from any given page and think 'wow! that's true!' This is a book filled with meaningful lessons, not just relatable quotes.

Quote From You Are A Badass Book


My Journey To Finding My Inner Badass

I'm not going to lie - this book was given to me as a gift at Christmas time when I was at (what I thought was) my lowest of lows and it sat there for months and months before I finally picked it up. I opened the cover a few times and started to skim over or even dive into the reading, but I couldn't get into it.

Then, I was in a situation with my career where I was absolutely miserable. I was having these moral fights with myself over good vs evil. Conforming would have been easy - throwing my conscious out the window and doing whatever was asked of me because it meant I would get more money in my pocket. (Don't worry, the bit about me basically selling my soul to join in on the shady business practices never happened. I did get a little spiteful, but if you knew the details I don't think you'd blame me.)

While I was struggling with good vs. evil and trying to figure out why on earth I would have been brought into that situation if there wasn't going to be some magnificent outcome I decided it was time. It was time to finally crack open that yellow cover and give Jen Sincero a chance.

I started reading You Are A Badass on my lunch breaks. Then I became so addicted I would leave work for just a little earlier so I could get a few pages in before work - not because I couldn't find the time to read at home. Nope, it was because I needed those few pages of encouragement so that I could maintain my sanity before walking into work.

Eventually that (nightmare) career chapter closed and another (a m a z i n g) chapter has started, but in the darkest moments You Are A Badass truly did become my saving grace. I don't know if it was Jen's writing style, the messages within the pages, or that it was just straight up the timing of the book coming into my life, but whatever the reason is I am thankful for it.

I now go back to this book almost every 6 months and each time I open those pages again it's like my tank fills right back up with how much I trust the Universe.

So if you're looking for a self-help book that isn't written in your typical fashion, You Are A Badass is the route to go. What do you really have to lose?

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