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How to Write Technical Bulletins

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Technology for the Enterprising Public

Research is a programming hand in hand with development. Objective oriented research programs and technology development are meant for the advancements which are of use for the public. When there is some commercial outcome for the projects it is always worthwhile to convert it into monetary benefits. In that way, the investment made in R&D comes back with additional profits for the researchers and organisations involved. the time and efforts put in for development of new technologies will be fruitful when it is commercialised to the target beneficiaries. Usually, technical bulletin comes bundled with product process for services.

Purpose of the technical bulletin is to create awareness regarding the useful inventions and also to train the beneficiaries for utilising the process. Gives the operational guidelines process for foolproof operation show that the claim benefits can be realised. This is also a sort of promotional material for technology users.

It is to give the details of the technical aspects of the technologies be it an automatically driven motor vehicle powered by solar energy or utilisation of new water purification system. It may be an organic cultivation practice. It may also be a technical service manual for cleaning a filter valve.

Another purpose of the technical bulletin is to do revenue generation. It is in terms of sales of technical bulletins and the technology or technology license.


Types of Publications

User manuals of various gadgets and machinery

  • Technical service guidelines
  • Process for preparing a product
  • Assembling a circuit
  • Healthcare care manual

Forms of Technical Bulletins

  • Booklets
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Software Applications/ Apps
  • PDFs
  • All the above.

Traditionally technical bulletins were brought in the form of small booklets. Letter on this coming in the form of CDs. Later on, it was given in the form of pen drives. Now, these are more popular as mobile apps.

Depending on the subject and category of the plan there are many such varied technical bulletins, simplifying the process and procedures for the benefit of the stakeholders.

Elements of Technical Bulletins

  • Title
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Brief Background Information
  • Problem Statement or Objectives
  • New Processes or Product Descriptions
  • Checklists and Process Charts
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Contact Details
  • Bibliography
  • Indexes

Depending on the worthiness and distribution capacity, initial sections such as authors credits page, Preface and Forwards are incorporated into the publication.


Title of the Technical Bulletins

This is usually a long-form title including the technology as well as its utilisation and benefits. That means the title also includes useful keywords in it so that it will be easily searchable online.


The introduction is a brief glimpse of the technology which leads to the subsequent details. This will be usually a small paragraph. This part only draws the attention of the user to the main topic.

Background Information

Previously existing technology and the drawbacks of those technologies, benefits of the present one are highlighted in this section. Hindi section no elaboration of the subject or background will be done but only relevant information will be shared so that user will be confident about the technology.

Problem Statement or Objectives

purpose of this section is to make the user clear about the golf of the technology and what are objectives it can fulfil as per as the user is concerned.

New Process or Product Descriptions

This is a section where the technology owner is very very careful and discloses the various aspects and similarity is least safeguards is trade secrets and intellectual property. Details are given precisely what is required for the operation only. no technical details which is not related to the operation are brought into the picture here. If a writer is preparing the content for the technology inventor, He must understand clearly what he can disclose and what he should not.

Checklists and Process Charts

Various component pictures and exploded diagrams will be given under this section to make the operation clear.

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In the case of recipes and chemical processes, operational guidelines a flowchart of information is given so that step by step progression is possible to reach the final goal.

Summary and Conclusions

Cost-benefit ratio and various advantages are highlighted here so that the user will be pleased for utilizing the technology. This section boasts regarding the technology developers claims as well as makes the user feel that this is a worthwhile adoption of technology.


Unlike many of the technical reports, only user-relevant bibliography can be given so that the technology strengths and novelty can be made evident.
This place can also be utilised for acknowledging the technology invention support header in the form of financial or technical cooperation.

Contact Details

Proper details for the contact of the technology inventor and technical personal helpful for real-time guidance may be given so that at a given point of time stakeholder can benefit contacting the persons.

in case if it is non-competitive details of other technology adaptors benefited from this invention can also be enlisted.

Intellectual property rights

If any form of patent, copyright or industrial design is part of this technology, it should be clearly mentioned, so that, ignorant infringement should not take place. It also shows the strength of technology in terms of invention and commercial value.


branding use the benefit not only for the technology inventor but also for the utilising clients. Therefore branding has become a beneficial entity as far as commercial marketing is concerned. It is also a useful easy keyword for the online search. It boosts the commercialization efforts.

End-user agreements

This will be some sort of disclaimer. Which tells the user that the technology owner is aware of the limitations and not responsible if it is used otherwise.

Depending on the category of technology safety precautions and hazard questions can be mentioned here.

Final Words

Commercialization of the technology through the technical bulletin targetting a large clientele leads into large scale development. It not only encourages the technology developer but also forms revolutionized benefits.

The technical bulletin prepared by experts is also acceptable by financial agencies for funding the projects based on that. Therefore, it must also project the quantifiable outcomes for supporters.

Therefore it is the responsibility of every technology inventor to bring out a technical bulletin with required disclosures what the benefit of end-users. The number of technical bulletins brought out by an organisation or element shows the competency and worthiness of the technology source.


Halemane Muralikrishna (author) from South India on April 13, 2020:

Thank you Mr Akash, for going through my article and useful elements in it. If someone finds it useful, my effort remains worthwhile.

AndazeAkash on April 13, 2020:

You wrote your article in a point wise manner which gives me a new way to write. Good one sir.

Halemane Muralikrishna (author) from South India on April 05, 2020:

Thank you, Mr Prateek, for reading through my article and appreciating.

Prateek Jain from Madhya Pradesh, India on March 31, 2020:

Very well explained sir. I don't know much about the research writing but after reading your article i gained some very valuable information. Technical writing is really difficult but you have mastered this topic that you are teaching others. And in case whenever i will be having any assignment related to this particular area i am surely going to direct give you a call because you have mastered in this.

Halemane Muralikrishna (author) from South India on March 23, 2020:

Thank you, Mr Nitin, for taking the time to go through my article. It is a humble attempt to help commercial industries and self-help groups as well as MSME enterprises to help them developing booklets on their technologies or products and services. You may suggest improvements if any.

Nitin Khaire from Mumbai on March 23, 2020:

This is very informative and useful for writing technical bulletins. I will be going through this article again. Thanks for writing this valuable article.

Halemane Muralikrishna (author) from South India on March 22, 2020:

Thank you Ms Prantika for finding value in my article. It is your kindness that you've spent time on my article. If someone refers to my articles for their writings, the purpose of writing here gets fulfilled.

Prantika Samanta from Kolkata, India on March 21, 2020:

An informative and interesting article focusing on how to write technical bulletin. Hopefully, both the aspiring writers and the seasoned writers will be benefited from this guide.

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