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How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

Stephani is a lazibone but a free spirited girl. She loves gardening as much as she loves writing. She believes writing clear outs her mind.

Do you believe love at first sight?

one side love

one side love

Love is not a magic

Do you believe in love at first sight? Most of the people don't. Because it is like a magic. Magic where Cindarella and her fairy god mother lives. I am also a person who didn't believe in love at first sight or magic but it all crossed in my life in an unexpected way.

Since childhood I also had this beautiful dream. A dream of having proposed by a charming prince. Stupid me. I wanted a charming prince but I didn't thought whether I am a princess. Actually no. I am not kind of a princess material. It hit me way too later. While in High School I had a huge question in my mind. Why all my friends are having boyfriends but no boys ever approached me. I am a good cultured girl. But still I am single. How can this happen?

Actually Good culture is a damn thing when it comes to dating. I am girl with a dark complexion, to make the case worse I have dark patches all over my face. But I wasn't in a state to understand my negativities. I think I was too immature. But I didn't realize it that all of our dreams would never work until we save ourselves.

The Reality

The reality hit me so hard sooner than you think. After graduation, to cover up my college fees I thought to have a part time job. I got a job in a call center. And they paid me good enough to keep going. I got friends, a good job, I am interacting with new people, all is well.

How I met my prince charming

One day suddenly I saw my prince charming! Right there! in my office! In my department! I fell for him by the first glance. My god! Harry! Thats his name. Harry. I couldn't stop staring at him. He had that brownish skin, dark hair and also deep dark eyes. He looks totally manly in that white shirt. Even though I scanned him completely, My bloody mouth is shattered and I couldn't speak a word with him. You might think this is like a drama with a sudden turn. But actually reality is not that much dramatic. Even though I couldn't make a word with him, I love that special feeling.

Rumors are a great way to know more about your love

A little while later I got to know that he joined our department as a newbie. Yeeeehhh! I am oozing with happiness. I am having butterflies in my tummy, and I couldn't eat anything that day. I couldn't stop gazing at him. He just looked into my face suddenly and smiled. I was frozen. I couldn't make a word or even a smile. He turned away. "Hey! stop look at me. I wanna smile at you." I thought. Oh come on! I missed my golden opportunity of smiling at my crush.

The first day went like gazing at him hundreds of times. or make it two hundred.

On the second day while entered to the office premises I got to know a rumour about harry. I have to say that rumor contained one good news and a bad news. Good news is Harry is single. Yeahhhh! my heart flipped. The bad news is our team leader Miranda is also having a crush on him. No way. She already have a boyfriend. How can this be happening.

The days went on like this. Miranda is continuously flirting with Harry. On the other hand me, the stupidest cow of the city, having no guts to speak with him directly. But the only positive side is he knows that i'm into him head over heels. But he didnt even bothered to look at me or speak to me for a second. He is my facebook friend. so through facebook I used to chat with him as just as a college. But he cuts me short. I know it is not a good sigh. Specially when your team leader b**** is flirting with the man of your dreams.

Those dark eyes are a killer. Whenever I decided to give up on him just meeting his eyes made me fall for him more and more. But why is he ignoring me? clearly he dont have a girl. everyone knows that. but Why?

love is magic

love is magic

We all need some advise and help to achieve our love

I need some help immediately. I need to find someone intelligent and at the same time who understands my feelings. With this thought I arrived to the office the next day. Right when I was entering I saw that My friend Jess was talking to Harry. Yes Harry. Just like good friends. My head is spinning with a great idea.

At lunch hour I saw Jess at the cafeteria. That day I sat next to her with great love and start talking. Then slowly I opened up my crazy one side love story. She was happy for me. But when she heard the part of I was being ignored she was mad at me. She said something about "moving on the wrong way".

On that day Jess talked to me like a relationship expert. She said that she can help me on this and asked me to recite my story again from top to bottom. I think I let out all of my feelings and sorrows flawlessly. I felt a bit relaxed after letting someone know about my stupid love. After I finished it. She said that we need to talk more. So she is gonna visit me that evening, after work.

That evening was crazy. Crazy enough to make me a new person. It all started when Jess arrived at my place. She just said "if you really need to achieve success in your one side love, just do what I'm telling you without any question."

I nod my head slowly. But with the way she looked at me, I understood she need a solid approval from me. So I said a big approving "Yes".

The makeover

Then she started talking. Actually it's not talking, it's like a big speech. It goes like this. "Okay girl now listen. Girls should not take the first move. It's an insult. We have to make our men come to us. That's the first rule. But you went on stalking on him at the office and talking to him in facebook. This is ridiculous"

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"Now I am gonna tell you an ugly truth. I know Harry as a good friend. Harry have no feelings for you. Don't just start feeling bad. okay. Now I am your fairy god mother. So let me deal with this issue practically."

Harry don't love you. Why? He don't love the way you are. Girl, have you ever thought about that? just look at your dress its like and old grandma's closet. A girl working in an office without any fashion ideas. Can you imagined that? You are like a black and white dream my girl. First we have to change that. That is the ugly truth part.

Now the good news is, Harry is still single. So we have a chance to change his mind. Before Miranda steps into this game. You know she is all into him. What a b**** She already have a boyfriend and still wants more and more.

"Okay now back to our story. If you win Harry's heart it would be a win win situation for me too. Because I hate that Miranda. Totally bitching around my work. I could teach her a good lesson by this."

"Let's take a look at you, you are a pretty girl, but your flaws are your hair, patches on your face and of course you need a new closet. We need a lot to do. Today is a friday so we have three more days to stunn Harry with your new appearance on monday. Im gonna take you to some place. You shut your mouth and coming after me. and dont forget to take your card. We are going for shopping."

Thats it! Thats it. my godddd. look at me now. By the end of the day, I started loving myself. I cant deny that. I look so, so, different. Different from my nerdy look. I love this dayyy. I love Jess. It all started like this...

First of all we went on shopping for some outfits. As I am not much of a revealing person Jess brought some new shirts, skirts and a little revealing dress. when I wore it, I started feeling so good. Because throughout my life my mom played the role of my stylist. She made me believe my wardrobe is the best in the world. but it seems like there are much more things I need to learn about fashion.

Then Jess took me to a parlor to give me a make over. Makeovers are great. Man, all you need to do is sit down comfortably and closing your eyes. When you have a fashion expert friend like Jess, nothing to worry. She gave many instruction to the parlor girl. I should say that Jess and that girl did a great job by the end of the day. I became a new person. I look so pretty and hot. pretty hot I should say.

But it cost me hundreds of dollars, that's something I have to be worried about. But I was definitely happy with my new look. I can't stop smiling at my face in the mirror.I was so thrilled.

She gave me some instruction to deal with my face patches and some makeup ideas. But I know I'm gonna get some ideas from YouTube too.

I've never had so much attention in my life. On my way home Even the taxi driver tried to flirt with me. Which means my new look is worth flirting. My confidence boosted up a bit higher.

At last on monday before meeting Harry I had to meet up with Jess at the office. She dropped me a text saying " meet me first before you are doing anything tomorrow." But when I met her, Jess started another speech about how to approach boys.

According to Jess.

  • First of all you should be polite and say a casual hi! just hi!!
  • He will certainly come for you within few minutes, just remember not to overdo. Don't just jump up and pretend you never knew him, at the same time don't smile like an idiot and go after him.
  • Remember boys love to chase girls. They chase girls who are demandful. So you are gonna be the one who is gonna say good bye first on every conversation.

It did worked for me. Basically I felt so shy around Harry. Its not like I wanted to but I think I couldn't control it. when I said a "HI" to Harry, the person who ignored me for months just looked at me with wide eyes. I smiled at him shortly and went for my daily activities. I had not clues about what to do next. But the magic magic worked for me.

Jess was 100% right. Within few minutes Harry came to me and asked about my work. He wanted to know more about me. He clearly wanted to have a conversation with me. It was like magic.

But I remembered the rules of Jess. So I talked to him in a polite but a "I am not so interested" way. May be he became insulted or maybe he wanted to talk to me continuously. I don't know. But I recieved a text from Harry that night. Even though I wanted to reply that instant I waited for a whole ten minutes. How the hell he got my number. May be men are better in stalking. But we girls have to give them the space to come after us.

The conclusion

When it comes for men looks plays a major role in falling in love with a girl. So girls be aware about how you look.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Stephani Adam

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