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Saved By My Enemies

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Whenever Jane visits her boyfriend, she has never for one day acknowledged any of us, the guys living in the same compound with her man.

She doesn’t greet us. She has never looked our way. She will simply walk in front of us and head straight for her guy’s apartment. In fact, none of us existed in her world.

But why is she always like this?

Maybe, it’s because she considers us as good-for-nothing layabouts who only know how to stare at women, make nonsense chit-chats, and smoke cigarettes and weed all through the day.

But even at that, is that enough reason for her to constantly treat us with such utter contempt and disdain?

Well, we concluded within ourselves that the only possible reason why she was such a snub and always feeling so pompous and so full of herself is simply because her boyfriend is really made. Well paid job, nice car, very handsome, well educated, good height and physique—you name it! The guy has got it all.

Plus Jane too.

Yes, Jane is a very pretty beauty with an equally awesome voluptuous body to go with it.

Each time she walked past us, not minding that arrogant snub, we couldn’t help it but stare at the gentle rolling of her well-proportioned derrière under her often provocative attire.

Some guys are just so lucky in this life, we would often smirk and tell ourselves.

One Sunday morning, the five of us guys were gathered as usual in our usual spot where we normally come to lift weights and exercise in the morning.

Most of the occupants of the other flats in our compound must have gone to their various churches because everywhere was quite quiet—just the way I normally like it!

Then all of a sudden…

“Help me! Help me! Please, somebody help me! ”

The terrifying cry for help was followed by steady sound of thumping feet.

Startled, we looked towards the direction of the commotion.

It was Jane.

There's fire on the mountain! Run! Run! Run!

There's fire on the mountain! Run! Run! Run!

She was running for her dear life. Her heavy boobs were wildly flapping about in the blue singlet and boxers she wore as she ran towards us.

Ordinarily, this would have been such a refreshing, invigorating, energizing, exhilarating and exciting sight to behold!

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But then, this was no ordinary times.

Because following Jane in close pursuit, was a very ferocious looking Boerboel.

We were all a little bit stunned by the scenario unfolding before us at first, but Kevin was first to react.

“Quick, quick, run into that room! And close the door behind you!” he commanded the terrified girl.

In a jiffy, he reached forward and quickly grabbed the barbell lying on the floor.

The rest of us made a mad dash and grabbed the closest objects within our reach which could serve as a weapon before taking our formation.

I could only grab my slippers while Chris picked up the bench. I think I saw James holding a towel.

As Jane zoomed past us heading towards the door that Kevin had pointed out to her with the mad dog just behind her, Kevin released a powerful blow aimed at the dog’s head.

It was a very clean, well timed and perfectly struck blow.

It landed heavily on the dog’s neck.

Such was the power of the blow that it took the beast out one time!

It was all over in a flash.

Jane, still panting from the impromptu morning race, slowly opened the door and came out.

I noticed there were some tears in her eyes.

She saw our questioning glance and then she started to narrating what happened to us.

According to her, she slept over in her man’s house because he had traveled again, as usual, and had requested for her to be around. So this morning, while she was spreading her clothes on the line for them to dry, lo and behold, this fierce looking dog just came out from nowhere, jumped over our short fence and made straight for her.

She was sobbing as she spoke.

According to her, that was when she just dropped everything immediately and took off for her dear life!

Then she stopped sobbing and started laughing.

And then, we all burst into laughter too.

Well, I couldn’t help but watch the way her big braless chest jiggled as she sobbed and laughed at the same time.

The whole thing was very dramatic, I must say.

Luckily for her, the only injury she had was the slight scraped skin on her upper arm which she must have sustained while trying to squeeze through the partially open door during her narrow but very lucky escape.

Since that very event and that very day, everything has changed between her and us.

If you see us having conversations now, you won’t even believe this was a girl who had successfully snubbed us for close to fourteen good months!

The funny thing is that she’s even very playful and a very good conversationalist too. She now refers to all of us as “my husbands”.

You can imagine our utmost joy anytime she joins us in our morning exercises, most times in those short and very revealing outfits, which always gives us more than enough reason or zeal to stay motivated.

There’s never a time again she visits the compound that she will not buy plenty beer and cigarettes for us while always making sure that we are thoroughly fed.

Did I mention she is a very good cook too?

She’s now like one us which is why we so often and normally tease her by calling her Ben Janeson which is the nickname we subsequently gave her in reference to the famous Canadian Olympic bronze medalist sprinter Ben Johnson.


Emmyboy (author) from Nigeria on June 23, 2019:

Thank you so much for stopping by, John.

I'm so glad you found it interesting.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 23, 2019:

An interesting story Emmyboy.

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