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Head Over Heels ~ To The TMC Nurse I Would Never See Again.

Stephanie Reign is a creative writer that is in the process of publishing her own novel. She is also a current editor at RozNovel.

Memories of You

I have been known to forget information faster than I could learn them.

So, when I tell you that it has been remaining in my memory for over a week, know that it is very important for me. Very important.

I made a bet with my friend that in three days, I would've probably forgotten all about you. Well, guess who lost?

Obviously, me. I am writing to you a week after I last saw you. I never got your name, or whatever, but still. The image of you is tattooed in my brain and I have thought about nothing but meeting you once again.

It might be a reach to title this capsule as "Memory of You" but it is. Though I have never really gotten your name, or never really talked to you besides that time when you asked me if it was my second dose, I have had you roaming in my head for the longest time.

I've talked about you with my friends, wishing that somehow, and it does sound like I'm insane, they would know about you. They would know who you are. My friend had a lot of connections with people all over Santa Rosa, so I thought that maybe, she'd know who you are.

My friend did an amazing deduction. She told me that you probably aren't a nurse, maybe you were a MedTech, as people who usually administer doses of vaccine were MedTechs. I wonder if she was right... If that's the case then if I had my blood checked up, would you be the one on duty?

Am I riding this sort of cloud nine? Dreaming and wishing that by some god of lover or fate, I would see you again soon?

I might be insane to keep thinking about you when I never knew anything about you besides you working in that hospital... which isn't even confirmed as maybe you were only there for the time being and you're not really a staff in that hospital. You were maybe just there to help out or I don't know.

Am I insane? I keep wishing for this fantasy of meeting you once again like my life is some sort of a fairy tale.

Letter to You, Lover

Dearest TMC staff whose name I have yet to know, if not, never know,

I know that it is absurd of me to be writing this letter to you in a blog post. Well, what's crazier is that you have been in my mind and I have this weird fantasy that I would meet you again in the near future. Right? I know. Crazy.

But what's crazier is how I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Maybe in the following days or weeks, I would come to forget you ever even existed in my life. Or maybe, I just lose my shit and straight-up walk to the hospital and request to get my blood checked for some disease or something, and you'd be the one taking my blood.

Unrealistic high hopes, I know, but I'm a romantic who has this kind of inkling to a fantasy-romance type of love. I believe in fate. Like a red string connecting the two of us. Like two bodies abiding two souls as Aristotle had said once.

And maybe this is just fate, messing with me. It let me meet you and it would never let me see you again.

But until then, I would always be asking myself.

Though I know it's unrealistic that I ever see you again, I would always look up the ceiling, asking, "Are you real?"

The most obvious answer would be yes. You are a staff of some hospital.

And then I would sigh defeatedly, asking the heavens above...

How Real?

Are you real?

I would say, without a shadow of a doubt, yes. You are real to me. Your voice, your eyes, your touch. You are real, even if it is only for me.

How real?


As real as Jack was to Ennis, Patroclus was to Achilles, Hephaestion was to Alexander, or Juliet was to Romeo.

As real as those lovers that loved so deeply and ended so quickly.

© 2021 Stephanie Reign

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