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Happy Birthday Meme For Friends With Funny Poems

Happy Birthday Memes For Friend

Internet and social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp looks bit boring if you spend some time there without discovering a new meme for your friend's birthday. Now doubt generating a memes with some clever captions is always a fun for most us, but sometimes we only want to enjoy other’s work. The following collection of funny happy birthday memes with naughty poems will definitely force you to wish your friends on the Facebook with a mind blowing meme.

You may also create or generate a brand new meme by applying any of these funny poems as a meme caption on a personalized photo.


Yes I know the

Importance of meme

So accept it

Or reject it

But I did

An important task


Hey you beautiful girl

One the Blue Facebook planet

Look who is wishing you

A happy birthday


No matter where you hide

In some jungle or some beach

I will surely catch you before

You end your birthday party

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So you are waiting some

Happy birthday

Meme, photos, cards and quotes

On your Facebook timeline

Ok, I have no objection to

To fulfill your birthday wish


Oh don't look at my face

Don’t note my expressions

Just accept my birthday wishes

My account is running blindly


Who say cats don't say a word

I could sing a birthday song for you

But first of all, you need to

Learn the language of my planet

Birthday Meme or quotes?


Do you know? how dog eats?

Whatever if it's their birthday or not

They never eat a food on fire

So please put the candles off


Once a mouse singing

A birthday song

Only for you

Only for you


Roses are red

It's your birthday

Violets are blue

Happy birthday


Hey you, don't stare at me

I am not your dad's servant

I am here just to wish you

A happy birthday with this meme


Before I wish you a happy birthday

Let me know who is giving you a birthday kiss

If I am not on the list

I am not on the wish list too


Ritika on December 25, 2015:

Nice collection thanks [link] href="" [link]

Jack on September 01, 2015:

Lmao these are too funny birthday meme ideas, I must use it on my Facebook

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