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Gay in the Basement

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


gay. Today I am a man
Tomorrow... I am a woman
I . Why... gay I'm free
I . we will see
What is the difference between a man and a woman?
The woman is beautiful and thin
The man has hair on his face and some roughness
A woman's body is like the number eight
the man. His body is like number one
The woman has a womb
The man has...
.I . Why do you want to be a woman?
the world is crowded
gay, I feel like there is a woman inside me
I . We men all have a woman inside us

we just Don't let her go out
hold yourself
be strong
If you have a uterus
We will do surgery to correct
And you will be a woman
but. If your genitals are male
you are a man
just try . shave your beard
You are not free in the world
You are free in your bedroom
wear whatever you want
But outside. be a man
The world... it's deceiving you
to satisfy the lust
I'm not against you
look look
When they write against Islam
They say freedom of opinion
when criticized. gays
They say racist
did you see
They want you in their luxurious offices
in their boats
in their basement
do anything for them
Because you are not feeling well
You are in a strange emotional
be a man just try
Don't be fooled by a man's love
He will leave you and return to the woman
woman. The most beautiful problem in the world
You are not a woman
just try

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