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100 Fun Words to Say

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Looking for a way to spice up your conversation? Then you should be looking for fun words to say, not just big words! When it comes to a list of fun words to say, we have a whole slough of them for you to add to your fabulous vocabulary, so read on! Ready....set...go!

Argle-Bargle: A British phrase for a loud row or quarrel.

Baba ghanoush: An Eastern Mediterranean sauce made with eggplant.

Bada bing bada boom: An expression implying that something will happen with little effort. I.e. “Just like that!”

Beelzebub: Satan, prince of evil spirits.

Bling: Shiny, expensive jewelry.

Blubber: A think layer or fat.

Bodacious: Excellent and attractive.

Bonk: To hit something. Slang for sex.

Bonkers: Crazy.

Brouhaha: A very excited response.

Bumfuzzle: To confuse.

Bunghole: A hole used to remove or replenish liquid contents in a barrel. Also slang for anus.

Cantankerous: Uncooperative, argumentative.

Capiche: A question asking if someone understands.

Cattywampus: Diagonal, kitty-corner.

Cockatoo: A large, domesticated bird characterized by its intelligence and crest of feathers that stand up on its head.

Collywobbles: Stomach ache, pain in the abdomen. Butterflies in the stomach.

Crapulence: Illness caused by eating or drinking too much.

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Crotchety: Irritable, grumpy, short-tempered.

Dagnabbit: A slang word for an expression of frustration. “Darn it!”

Darn tootin’: An expression of “absolutely!”

Didgeridoo: A wind instrument made of a long piece of wood, usually a tree branch, which produces a deep sound.

Dilly-dally: A waste of time.

Dinghy: A small boat.

Dingleberry: A piece of feces stuck to the hair surrounding the anus, usually in animals. Slang for a foolish person.

Dingus: Referencing something where the real term cannot be recalled. Slang for a stupid person.

Doodle: A drawing, often involving little detail.

Doohickey: A small gadget

Doozy: Something difficult or unique from the norm.

Dumbledore: A Bumblebee. Also the name of a professor in the fictional stories of Harry Potter.

Fartknocker: A general insult coined by Butthead from Beaveis and Butthead.

Fartlek: A training program.

Fiddlesticks: A bow for a violin. A slang expression for frustration.

Flabbergasted: To be astonished by something.

Flapdoodle: Nonsense.

Flibbertigibbet: A very talkative or scatterbrained person.

Fuddy-duddy: An older, fussy person.

Gee golly: An expression of surprise or wonder.

Gee willikers: An expression of surprise or wonder.

Gibberish: Something that doesn’t make sense. Nonsense.

Gnarly: Dangerous. Slang for going beyond extreme.

Gobbledygook: Nonsense.

Gung-ho: Eager to do something.

Hanky-panky: Sexual behavior.

Hasta la vista: Spanish for “see you later!”

Hipster: A person who is always up on the latest fashion trends, always “hip.”

Hooligan: A trouble-maker.

Hootenanny: A gathering involving folk music and singing, sometimes dancing. Country slang for party.

Hullabaloo: An uproar, a fuss, commotion.

Incredulous: Showing disbelief, skeptical.

Itty-bitty: Really small.

Knickers: Pants that fall between the knee or mid-calf.

Lickety-split: To move quickly.

Lollipop: A piece of candy on a stick.

Lollygag: To spend time without direction or activity.

Malarkey: Nonsense.

Mellifluous: Pleasant to the ears.

Mugwump: A politician who does not follow a specific political party.

Nincompoop: A foolish person.

Nincompoopery: The act of being a nincompoop.

Padiddle: A game played in a car: When a vehicle is seen driving with one headlight out, occupants of the vehicle must say “padiddle!” and the last person to say it must remove an article of clothing.

Pantaloons: Baggy pants gathered around the ankles.

Paradiddle: A sequence of beats performed on a drum with alternating hands.

Phalanx: A group of police officers or men of authority. A bone in the finger or toe.

Piccadilly: high wing collars worn by men in the late 19th century.

Poppycock: Nonsense.

Pronk: To leap in the air with arched back.

Quagmire: A piece of land that is soft and cannot hold weight, such as a swamp. An awkward situation. Also the name of a sex-obsessed character on Family Guy.

Rigmarole: A lengthy list of steps to execute a single action. An unnecessarily long story or explanation.

Sasquatch: Bigfoot.

Sassafras: A tree native to North America and Asia, commonly used for it’s medicinal properties.

Scandalous: Disgraceful, shameful.

Scatterbrained: A mentally and physically disorganized person.

Schmoozer: Someone who likes to strike up intimate conversation. Slang for a suck-up.

Schmuck: A foolish person.

Scrumptious: Very delicious.

Shenanigans: Silly or mischievous behavior.

Shucks: An expression of frustration.

Skedaddle: To run away in a hurried manner.

Skullduggery: Trickery.

Snickerdoodle: A cookie made with flour, butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Spiffy: Appearing sharp or smart.

Squeegee: A tool used to remove water from windows or floors.

Sucker: Something or someone that literally sucks. Someone who is easily fooled. Another term for lollipop.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: A ridiculously long word meaning wonderful, a term coined in the old movie Mary Poppins.

Swag: A window dressing that is hung in a drooping fashion. Slang for money or material possessions.

Taradiddle: A lie. Nonsense.

Tarnation: Euphemism for damnation.

Turd: Fecal matter in a long, solid form.

Turdiform: Having the structure of a thrush.

Turducken: A meal made with chicken inside of a duck, inside of a turkey, often topped with bacon (mmmmm).

Uber: Emphasis of another word, to a high degree.

Ululate: To wail, hoot, or howl in an expressive way.

Umpteen: Many, a lot of.

Uvula: A piece of flesh connected to the soft palate that hangs down in the back of the throat.

Vestibule: A foyer or entryway.

Vomitory: The entry/exit of an auditorium. To induce vomiting.

Wabbit: Tired or exhausted.

Weiner: A smoked hotdog or sausage.

Whippersnapper: A young and inexperienced, yet overconfident person.

Willy-nilly: Haphazardly. Whether someone likes it or not.

Zimbabwe: A country located in South Africa.

With all of these fun words to say, your conversations can sound more interesting for a lifetime! My favorite part of using fun words is using words that someone hasn’t heard before, causing the most befuddled of expressions! Just try it and see just how fun it can be!

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