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Frog Idioms

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Ben has a life-long interest in language and is particularly interested in the expressions, phrases, and idioms that contribute to it.

Idiomatic expressions sourced from the life and behaviours of frogs.

Idiomatic expressions sourced from the life and behaviours of frogs.

There is something about frogs that endear them to most people. These little amphibians are often thought of as being a bit quirky, and comical. Their antics and behaviours have weaved their way into our language through a number of idioms and phrases.

1. Like Herding Frogs

Meaning: to suggest that something is disorderly or chaotic.

Example Sentence: "Trying to keep those people queuing in an orderly fashion was like trying to herd frogs."

Gathering Frog Idioms and Phrases Can be Like Herding Frogs

Like a herd of frogs - idiom

Like a herd of frogs - idiom

2. Fine as Frog Hair.

Meaning: something exceptional.

Example Sentence: "I love this new sofa; it's as fine as frog hair."

3. If Frogs had Wheels, They Wouldn't Bump Their Butts.

Meaning: that it is useless to wish for impossible things.

Example Sentence: "I know you want to win the lottery; you need to get real; after all, if frogs had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts."

If a Frog had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts - Idiom

If a Frog had wheels, they wouldn't bump their butts - Idiom

4. Frog face.

A derogatory phrase and somewhat of a rude way of addressing someone.

Example sentence: "Look here, Frog Face, why are you looking at me that way".

5. To Have a Frog in Your Throat.

Meaning that you are unable to speak clearly, so much so that you usually have to cough to clear your throat.

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Example sentence: "You sound very rough. It's like you have a frog stuck in your throat. You had better have drink or water."

6. Boiling Frog

This idiom describes a situation that creeps up on you until its results are devastating. It is a metaphor taken from an anecdotal parable about a boiling frog. The frog was placed in boiling water, and it immediately tries to save itself. But, a frog that is placed in cold water, that is gradually brought to the boil will not notice the increasing heat until it is too late, and so it boils to death.

7. To Frogmarch

To march an unruly person away from an incident. Usually requiring physical contact, holding their arms in restraint.

8. A Big Frog in a Small Pond.

Meaning: a way of saying that a person is dominant or influential when among less important people.

It's Raining Frogs

Meaning: to suggest that something genuinely abnormal or disturbing is about to happen.

It's raining frogs. Time to take shelter.

It's raining frogs. Time to take shelter.

The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

A Chinese Frog Idiom

Meaning: that someone has limited vision.

The story of a frog who lived at the bottom of a well. Eventually, the frog saw a passing turtle who lived in the sea, which was near the wells edge.

The Frog told the turtle how happy he was living in the well, and how he could hop along the edge of the well, and that when he was tired he could always go back into the well for a sleep. The frog also told the turtle how he could swim for fun with only his head and mouth above the water, and how he could even walk in the mud. The frog explained that all the tadpoles, and crabs envied him as he was the master of his well. He was free to do whatever he liked. The frog beckoned to the turtle to come in and see how good it was.

At first the turtle wanted to go into the well, but as he was taking a step into it, the turtle caught one of his feet in the well fence, the turtle stepped back immediately, and then began to describe the sea to the frog. "Have you ever seen the sea? It is thousands of miles across and thousands of feet deep. Long ago it rained for nine out of ten years - but the sea didn't swell that much. Later, there was a drought for seven years out of eight - but the sea didn't fall that much. So you see, neither floods or droughts have much effect on the sea. It is a much better place to live than this well". The frog was stunned and said nothing.

Time for a bit of fun - The Frog Song from YouTube - I hope that enjoy it.

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