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180 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

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Marcus Aurelius on How to find your purpose?

What is your Reason for Living?

This post will help you to discover your life purpose and enjoy the wonders and beauty that life has to offer you every day.

180 Reasons to Live and Enjoy Life

1. To take care of your family

2. To protect your family and your friends

3. To take care of yourself

4. To take care of your home.

5. To take care of your neighbourhood

6. To take care of your spouse

7. To take care of your children

8. To take care of your grand-children

9. To take care of your environment

10. To take care of your school

11. To take care of your college

12. To take care of your career

13. To create a hobby

14. To entertain yourself

15. To entertain others

16. To entertain the world and make money

17. To inspire others to entertain the world

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18. To inspire children to entertain the world

19. To develop a sense of purpose

20. To develop a sense of worth

21. To develop a sense of appreciation

22. To develop a sense of trust

23. To develop a sense of self-pride

24. To develop a sense of value

25. To develop a talent

26. To develop a skill of value

27. To help others to live their lives

28. To guide others on their way through life

29. To assist others in need of assistance

30. To mentor young people

31. To train others with useful skills

32. To see the world

33. To make a difference in the world

34. To make a difference in society

35. To make a difference in your field

36. To make a difference in your family

37. To make a difference with your friends

38. To cook for your family

39. To cook for your friends

40. To become a Chef and cook for the world

41. To heal others physically, mentally and spiritually

42. To become a physician and heal others

43. To become an Engineer to build engineering marvels

44. To become an Architect

45. To become a writer

46. To become a Poet

47. To become an Actor or Actress

48. To become a Script-writer

49. To become a Photographer

50. To become a Choreographer

51. To become a Sportsman or woman

52. To become a Model

53. To become a Philatelist

54. To become a Comedian

55. To become a News-Reader

56. To become a Farmer

57. To become a Herbalist

58. To become a Masseur

59. To become an Evangelist

60. To become a Talk Show Host

61. To become a Producer

62. To become a Stunt Man or Woman

63. To become a Florist

64. To become a Butcher

65. To become a Baker

66. To become a Manager

67. To become an Executive

68. To become a Banker

69. To become a Scientist

70. To become a Computer Expert

71. To become a Beautician

72. To become a Plumber

73. To become an Electrician

74. To become an Entrepreneur

75. To become an Opera Singer

76. To become a Collector of something

77. To become a Newspaper Vendor

78. To become a Palmist

79. To become a Builder

80. To become an Artist

81. To become an Inventor

82. To become an Eco-Warrior

83. To become a Fund-Raiser

84. To become a Millionaire Philanthropist

85. To become a Fire-fighter

86. To become a Superhero

87. To become a Comic book artist

88. To become a Comicbook collector or book collector

89. To become a Telephone Operator

90. To join a Music Group

91. To join an Acting Company

92. To join a Writers Circle

93. To join a Poetry Society

94. To become a Blogger

95. To become a website designer

96. To become an Interior designer

97. To become a Sculptor

98. To become a Rock Star

99. To become a Priest or a Nun

100. To Meditate on a Mountain Top

101. To Meditate with the Monks in Tibet

102. To join the monks at the Shaolin temple

103. To Climb Mount Everest

104. To Walk on the Moon

105. To travel in Space

106. To go to the bottom of the Ocean

107. To travel into the Heart of the Rain Forest

108. To visit the Pyramids

109. To walk the Great Wall of China

110. To perform on Stage in a Musical

111. To Travel in a Hot-Air Baloon

112. To meet a Millionaire

113. To meet a Billionaire

114. To marry a Millionaire or a Billionaire

115. To become a World Leader

116. To become a Mentor

117. To become a Public Speaker

118. To become a Rock Climber

119. To live in the Forest

120. To live in a Space Station

121. To live in a Desert

122. To stop Poverty

123. To educate all children

124. To support a Charity or a Cause

125. To invent something which will benefit Mankind

126. To become a Lawyer

127. To become a Novelist

128. To become a Celebrity

129. To live an ordinary life

130. To live an extraordinary life

131. To learn more about Extra-Terrestrials

132. To become a UFO spotter.

133. To travel back and forward in a Time Machine in your imagination.

134. To meet your Clone in the future, using the power of storytelling.

135. To see your great-grandchildren

136. To take care of zoo animals

137. To swim with the dolphins

138. To ride a horse, a camel and an elephant

139. To live in a Tree-house

140. To do Bungee jumping

141. To go hang-gliding

142. To become a Boxer

143. To ride a Black Stallion

144. To meet the Living legends of the world

145. To sip a warm cup of tea every morning as you watch the sun rise.

146. To read the newspapers every morning

147. To wake up beside your loved one every morning

148. To watch the sunrise every morning and write a poem about it.

149. To watch the sunset every evening and paint a picture of it.

150. To have a peaceful sleep every night

151. To visit Disneyland

152. To draw a great graphic novel

153. To paint a watercolour painting of special significance to you.

154. To paint a great canvas painting

155. To bring a smile to the faces of ill children

156. To defend those who cannot defend themselves

157. To be a voice for the voiceless, using social media.

158. To watch a movie for fun and relaxation every evening.

159. To hear the sound of birds twittering in the morning

160. To watch illuminated Stained glass in a Chapel

161. To give money to the poor and needy

162. To feed bread to the pigeons in the morning

163. To make a brass candle stands and other items shine when polished

164. To hear the sound of horses' hooves on cobbles

165. To watch the full moon in a cloudy sky as you watch the skies with a loved one.

166. To live in a Castle

167. To visit the City of Joy, Calcutta

168. To watch the skyline of New York

169. To view the City of London, from the London Eye

170. To become a Universal Citizen, with the ability to change lives globally with your own charitable organization for changes in the world.

171. To sail a boat on a moonlit night with your loved one.

172. To sit with your loved one on a Gondola in Venice

173. To lie on the grass and watch the stars at night with your loved one

174. To write a popular song everyone will want to sing

175. To give gifts to all the children in your neighbourhood

176. To give food and clothes to the needy

177. To provide assistance to the elderly in your neighbourhood

178. To grow fruit and vegetables in your garden

179. To volunteer your services and time to help others

180. To become a Life Coach and help others to discover their destiny

Hypnosis for finding your life's purpose

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