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Expressing a Feeling of Love


I write to people to write a lesson so that they can write me down and help me with my words in my life.

Expressing A Feeling Of Love


Love is the feeling of love

Love is the secret of life

Burn the heart of love

Show love in your own way

Love is the feeling of love

Love is the secret of life

DO love to everyone

because it is special

To live in peace.

Love is the feeling of love

Love is the secret of life

What Is Love?

The feeling of expressing love.

The word love is not just a word. This passion is a very hidden passion. Many problems can be easily solved with love. The feeling of love lives in our hearts. Here is life. There are many other types of love. Many people around do not understand this and there is nothing wrong with them because they do not see this feeling in the people around them.

When the baby is in the mother's womb, she begins to love her baby without seeing him. She feels real and sensitive to her baby. He is unable to express the feelings inside his heart. All these feelings are called love. We love our parents, obey them, and respect them. Have we ever wondered why we love them and obey them? Why does the Father fulfill our desires?

Because our Father loves us. Yes, this feeling of love that is inside our father's heart, he works hard outside the house, earns money by facing a lot of difficulties, and for whom is he doing all this? For his family, He loves his family. He wants to fulfill his family's wishes, so he works outside the home day and night. It's a feeling of love

The teacher teaches children how to move forward in life. There is a different phase of the relationship between teachers and children. Teachers provide guidance to motivate their children. This shows that the teacher makes the student's life easier. Why is the teacher doing all this with an unknown child? Because the teacher is kind to his student. The teacher is attached to the student, he keeps the children as members of his family, so he loves his students and guides them to the best of his ability. Why are teachers doing this? Because teachers have empathy in their hearts for their students, it is also a kind of love.

The most important question that arises here is how can we feel love for someone? How do we know we love it? I have a straightforward answer to this question. "Compromise". No one is perfect in this world, everyone has their own characteristics and some flaws. If we love someone, we completely ignore their faults and accept them, including their faults, and try to make that person a good person. If we feel a little bit in ourselves and something in our heart, it proves that we love it.

It is love and love is a feeling of kindness and humanity. It is a feeling that human beings can express. It is love that brings people together and keeps them happy.

Loving someone gives you peace of mind that you are free from depression or any other mental stress. Man loves God. He loves God and makes himself strong and peaceful. You want to love yourself for everything because your heart is full of feelings and emotions.

When we experience the love of perfume when you are accustomed to a particular fragrance from that person. When you wear a particular perfume that you have always liked, you get used to it. When we talk to this person about our day, we experience a sense of hearing in the relationship. Listening to them alone does not include these feelings.

Love Is A Blessing

Spreading love and peace is a heartbreaking personal experience I am a sincere girl who wants to love this world and its nature. Human beings love animals and birds. This is their right and it is wrong to deprive anyone of this right.

How To Make Love

A feeling that is felt.
Love solves many problems between us.
Love is the passion that completely changes a person's personality.
After feeling love, man feels peace in his being.
Love changes not only human beings but also their society.
A passion like love has been in this world for eternity and will last forever.
Turning oneself into love, being satisfied with the happiness of others can do all this
only if one truly loves someone sincerely.
No matter how strong you are, no matter how hard your heart is,
when you become weak in front of a single person,
one tear of it melts your heart.
That is love.

Love With A Special One

When we feel a special love, we should only purify ourselves of it. That is why we live, we love Him, we obey Him. We all like to talk and laugh. His love in our hearts is very special and different. The love we feel for him we do not and cannot do with everyone because that person is very special to us. Even if he is not, think about it and smile remembering his words and deeds. Finding him in a thousand people, wanting to be anxious to talk to him, it's all love. Every time you look at her, it looks like she will fall in love again like she did the first time. Spending day and night with him gives peace of mind. It's all love. Love makes life easier and happier. Congratulations to those who love this special person who loves them so much in this fake world.

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Hertha David from Windhoek, Namibia on September 25, 2020:

In addition spreading love which is pure.

Buju Banton once sang a song that says, love me for who I am.

I love your article. It teaches acceptance and humanity.

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