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Fan Fictions and Their Popularity


Are these just fantasies?

Fan fictions are the fantasies related to the favorites of the person who writes them. These are just written down and put out in front of the world. Their favorite becomes the protagonist and is given some special abilities if it's a sci-fi or a superhero kind of story, some totally non- existent relatives if it is gonna be a romantic one and they mold the story as they continue imagining the protagonist getting into some kind of trouble and emerge successful in the end.

Why do people read fanfictions?

I personally read fanfictions to enjoy imagining my favorite artists being in the spotlight and doing everyday chores like we do and go through different situations all human beings do. Because, we never know how the normal life of these celebrities is, off screen. they have to do a lot of mundane things too. Life is not always exciting for them either. So I feel some kind of ease that, atleast for few minutes they get to live like us and it is not always stressful for them, as if someone is watching them.

we are all curious about how their off-screen life is. But, we can't run around filming them. Rather, I like to imagine them doing normal chores like we all do and develop relationships and deal with sadness, heartbreaks, feel proud of themselves when they shine and go back to their loved ones and celebrate with them. I better imagine these things rather than invading their personal space and watching them.

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