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Fallen Academy Year Three - a Personal Review

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The Basics

Title : Fallen Academy: Year Three

Author : Leia Stone

Publication Date : December 4, 2018

Page Length : 272 pages

Third book in the Fallen Academy series.

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Brielle had been kidnapped by Lucifer and was being kept drugged. That is until she realized she needed to follow his orders to be allowed off her "medications". With a new friend being made, slowly over time, she plots ways to escape Hell, retrieve Sera, and be reunited with her friends and family. However, time passes differently in Hell and when, with the help of her new friend, she escapes, she finds a lot of time has passed and a lot of things have changed and she has to find Lincoln. However, it isn't just the world and her friends have changed, Brielle has changed as well and now it more determined to kill Lucifer than she ever was.

Right into it

I read this book in about eight hours. It was extremely hard to put down. So far out of all the books in this series that I have read, it was the most emotional. With it being the third book of the Fallen Academy series, I say it gives enough foreshadowing to make you desire finishing the series off and hoping that all this leading up will finally give you exactly what you want, an epic battle. The previous book left you with a huge cliffhanger, and I am pleased to announce, it was worthy. The way this book starts off, explains why the cliffhanger was there. Brielle is in Hell.

I have to say I would have loved more details about Hell than we were given, but since we were seeing it through Brielle's eyes, I can understand the lack of information. I did enjoy though watching her get herself built up, only to be broken again when Lucifer deemed it worthy. With her warden being her only regular friend, it is easy to understand why depression and hopelessness keeps creeping into her. Not to mention the drugs she was given if she was deemed dangerous by Lucifer, himself. I really enjoyed how he was portrayed. His character was well written and exactly how most of us picture him. Evil incarnate. Brielle refers to him as Lucy, which is a great comedic relief when things got serious, though she calls him that in her mind since he hates it.

I have to say there wasn't enough action in the means of her escape, but since the reason for the haste nature of it, I could understand why. I really wish there was more scheming and action for her escape, but it is what it is. The escape though did hold your interest. I found this whole book was filled with lots of issues that were hard to overcome and enjoyed watching the characters go through these trials to get to another part of their lives. I enjoyed watching how Brielle's time in Hell changed her, and not just internally, and how it changed those she was closest to. Out of all the books so far, this one didn't seem to have as much intense actions as the first two, but it was still important and made you smile or root for Brielle.

I only wish it was longer. I felt there could have been more included in this extension of the series. With what we were given though, it was a very good book. It transitioned smoothly and gives you enough of a glimpse to really begin hoping the next fight and final book will be action packed. As much as I am looking to the final addition of the series, I am hoping it will be filled with more action and problem solving than this book gave us.

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Rating and recommendations

I definitely say you have to read these books in order and would recommend it if you have read the first two in the series. It is an amazing series. Even if this book was a little slower going than the early ones, you do get to watch Brielle go through two different adventures. Three if you count the escaping part. I would rate this book four stars out of five stars. I only rated it this way because even though I loved the emotional rollercoaster, I had higher hopes for the part of Brielle's stay in Hell. Overall, it was a great read and totally worth sitting down and reading.

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