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Factors Essential For Time Travel

Cynthia Lynch Lynch is an experienced and creative writer. She has been writing for 5 years. She is now working as a Marketing Manager.

Loving Others and Satisfaction: Characters Essential for Time Travel

Loving Others and Satisfaction: Characters Essential for Time Travel

In the Stone Age, life wasn't advanced. The people were unaware of the basis of living a good life and they were not able to live a graceful life. People would hunt animals, live in the caves, wore clothes of animal fur and leaves, and ate leaves, barks, and animals. They had no interest in living a good life. It was the era of peace and harmony.

Slowly, mankind thought of doing something else. They made remarkable achievements and invented the wheel. The wheel was of use in many respects. People thought of building houses, wearing clothes, and eat good food.

After that, people started bargaining. They sold one thing for buying another thing. This was the beginning of the trading system. Then, they developed coins and started selling things for coins.

The people who had more coins were considered rich and they could easily build new houses. Slowly, the people got to know that there is something called ruling as well.

People started fighting for gaining money and benefits. Every person wanted to rule over other people. He wanted the other people to follow him and obey his orders. Man wanted to gain everything. This was the beginning of greed and lust.

Gradually, the people developed palaces, castles, and other monuments. The king ruled over the people. There was an army, magistrates, and king-makers. People obeyed the orders of the king and lived their life under the influence of other people. They didn’t like this life, so they killed each other for getting their life standards high. This was the beginning of hatred, selfishness, and the will to kill.

As the human population grew, the negative characteristics of people grew even more. The world that was one at a time was divided into regions, countries, and cities. There were rulers and public, sellers and buyers, teachers and students, and others. The people were divided as well. The black was different from white and the rich were different from the poor.

The world got itself into a dilemma. The people hated each other and the people had greed, lust, and will for more. Nobody was satisfied with his contents and wanted more than what he had got. This was the beginning of the present era.

Nowadays, humans have advanced. We are not living in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Gold Age, or any other age. We are living in the Science Age. Thanks to the advancements of the previous eras, now we have the access to various things. While living at this age, we have forgotten what we want to do. We chase after things that we don’t want to do, and the things that will get us benefits. The dissatisfaction of humans has risen to an incredible point.

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Now, we have wars, political wars, greed for more, lust, hatred for others, and various other factors. These factors aren’t controlled by us. We are being controlled by these factors.

When we talk about love stories, give examples of previous ages. When we have to tell other people to do good deeds, the exemplary actions of previous people are used as advice. When we have to tell how to behave, the previous era comes to mind.

Importantly, when we have to talk about peaceful life, there is no “nowadays”, but all “there was a time.”

Because of this “there was a time”, mankind is suffering. We all want to have a time machine to go back in time and live a peaceful life there. It is a wish of every human. As we dream of getting more advanced, we don’t have the courage to do.


Because we are suffering now, and we don’t want to suffer anymore.

If we want to go back in time and live a peaceful life there, shouldn’t we consider what has caused the condition of today?

It was the previous times. We, humans, have advanced in every matter. We have advanced through times in bad characters.

If we really want to have the same peaceful life, shouldn’t we consider getting advanced in good characters; like loving others and satisfaction.

These two characters; loving others and satisfaction, can change our modern life.


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 17, 2021:

This is an interesting article, Cynthia. Yes, I agree those two characteristics "loving others and satisfaction" could change the world for the better.

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