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Everyone gathered around a tall man. He was tapping a crystal glass with a silver butter knife. He was dressed in a suit made from the finest silk. Two young ladies stood beside him; his wife Lilian and his daughter Margaret. Lilian wore a red velvet dress, and Margret was dressed in a purple gown, covered in delicate lace. The man and his family stood on the bottom step, of a tall winding staircase. They lived in a sparkling, expensive mansion. Around them stood guests, wearing the finest clothes. Everyone was laughing, dancing, and drinking. The tall man looked down at the guest. He looked down on everyone, no matter their height.
“My friends. My friends. I am delighted to have you in my humble abode. I am immensely grateful that we can all gather here. We can all gather in celebration of our world. We truly live in a perfect world. When everyone gets equal, we are all blessed. We have finally achieved equality. To Equality!”
“To Equality!”
Everyone gathered around a wooden table. Four seats were filled. There were two kids and two adults. On the table was a moderate amount of food. There was no food in abundance, but it was enough for them. They ate as they talked about their day. They were all dressed in different accents of jeans, t-shirts, and other everyday clothing. They laughed and smiled. The kids were happy, but the adults worried. Their kids were growing, they needed to eat, and they would need warm clothing with winter coming. And they were cutting the schools. They were told there was no need for education when people did not even have jobs. How much more could they take of this? There was food for now, but what if there were more cuts. What if they got less. Everyone got the same thing, so they couldn’t complain about not getting enough. Could they?
Everyone gathered on the floor. Six people sat. All of them were dressed in dull, worn clothing. They all had a small bread, some mashed vegetable, and a glass of vile water. None of them smiled. None of them laughed. But they were thankful for each other. Grateful for what they had, no matter how small it was. They all go the same as their neighbours, but their neighbours are not the same as them. Every house got some the same amount of food, the same amount of water, and everything. But some people still had more. Some people got more. They were all equal, but not everyone had what they needed.
Three people lay next to each other. One had on a nice suit, in a nice coffin. One had on nice clothes in an average coffin. One had on rags and lay on the bare dirt. The ground which they lay on was all the same. They were all level. They had received the same things all their lives, but for the first time, they were truly equal.


John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 22, 2021:

What a wonderful message in this piece of writing. I enjoyed reading it very much.