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Driving my Tractor, "chug, chug, clank, clank, toot! It's a very busy day."


Children love tractors. Share a great sing-a-long book from Barefoot Books. Use to for circle time or to start a preschool theme.

Chug along with a farmer and his tractor on this multi-season animal adventure! A busy farmer picks up fifteen animals along his route, but when his trailer hits a stone, chaos ensues. This colorful book combines simple counting instruction with humor, repetition and rhythm to encourage learning fun.


Tips for Reading this Book with Your Child

Talk about the book cover with your child, read the title and author's and illustrator's names.

Do a "book walk" by asking your child what is happening on each page. This is an excellent exercise for beginning readers and great for vocabulary building. You will soon find them picking up this book and reading the pictures to you. After you have taken the "book walk" read the book to your child. Encourage them to count the animals as the farmer drives his tractor down the bumpy road.

Ask your child...

What kinds of farm animals did the farmer pick up?

Which animal was your favorite?

Now Enjoy the Lively Singalong - may find yourself singing "chug, chug, clank, clank, toot! It's a very busy day."

I suggest reading and discussing the book before you listen to the singalong. Children love this singalong and will want to listen and look over and over. Have an easy to use CD player handy, so your child can learn to restart the song on their own.

Barefoot Books - These books hold a special place in my heart. I believe they are the stuff that children are made of. You can get your own copy. Just click thr

Buy the book @ barefoot

Buy the book @ barefoot

Explore. Imagine. Create. Connect. Give Back. That's what Barefoot Books is all about. It's exploring other cultures, our planet, ourselves. It's making time for make-believe and letting imaginations run wild and free. Most of all, it's about using the power of stories to nourish the creative spark in everyone and strengthen connections with family, the global community, and the earth.

Lets Make Farmyard Finger Puppets - An activity from Barefoot Books

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This is a great activity to complement a circle time or tractor theme for your preschoolers. The puppets can be used for literacy or dramatic play.

Materials Needed

Toilet paper rolls, cut in half to make short tubes

Crayons or markers



What you Need to Do

  1. Have your child color and decorate the farm animals above from the story.
  2. Give your child the half toilet paper rolls. They can decorate the rolls with crayons or markers.
  3. Cut out animals.
  4. Have your child glue the animals on the tubes; let the tube stand until dry. When the animals are dry, show your child how to put the tubes on their fingers.
  5. Play the singalong again and use the puppets to play along this time.

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Bambi Watson on November 21, 2009:

Fun lens!

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Great book lens! 5*****

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Your book lenses are great, and I love the activities!

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