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Confessions of a Witch's Daughter

As a fellow white lighter and Empath, I meet a lot of people with interesting stories to tell..

The Good Witch


There are witches and unknown entities among us.

The following entry is factual. This is a real entry from an individual whose identity will be protected.

Confessions of a Witch's Daughter

Dear diary, mother is at it again! She says this time she was done for real then five days later she returns to him. Nothing gets me more frustrated than being used for her plots of vengeance and solicitation of jealousy. She hasn’t even been back a day and she is already assembling her altar of terror. Last time she assembled the altar we had to destroy two sacred statues that were one of a kind and heirlooms. This time I don’t know what will happen. These altars have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to destroy her enemies. What she seems to forget is that you can’t fight fire with fire. When you mess with the spirit world you have to keep your promises! You have to deliver what you promise once they give you what you summoned them to do.

Mother thinks because she is half holy that she can mess with those things and get away with murder..Sadly, I don’t mean this figuratively. I wonder what the job is this time. I am scared to even think of what she might have offered. She doesn’t have much more to give. She has lost her beauty, her talent, her man over and over again and most recently her vision. When there is nothing else to offer what is there to give? I shudder to think. All my life all I wanted is to be nothing like her and yet I inherit her gifts and I am looking more and more like her everyday. I won’t allow it. I know even though this is passed down through the bloodlines, I can fight my evil and not give into it like she does. She used to be so loving and caring. Now she is lost, mean and only cares about revenge.

Out of curiosity, I asked to see what her altar looked like. I guess I just wanted to see what forces she was engaging with and to prepare myself for the disaster to come. See one of two things will happen. She will either get what she wants and these new “things”, will be attached to her for life. Or her plan will fail and backfire and she will get it tenfold. Either way is a loose- loose situation, but that’s how magic works. You can’t get something for nothing. Evil always has a price. You see a lot of people get mad when they pray and the good spirits don’t get things done in time and when they want something bad enough they give up praying and turn to the dark side. I do often wonder why the good side takes forever to give the miracles and answer prayers while the evil ones can make things happen with a snap of a finger. Then it hit me, it has to be a numbers game and the good ones play by the rules. This means they can only help if you allow them to, if you pray, but really if you believe, truly believe. While the other guys don’t play by rules at all. In fact, they find enjoyment out of breaking them. They just need an offering and if it’s big enough they work faster and they come in legions.

I often envisioned the angels trying to come down to answer someone’s prayer only to get sidetracked and stopped by the evil gangs messing around and putting roadblocks in their paths. I am certain this is the way. The good guys come from dimensions unseen above, but the bad ones..well they’re already here. That is why humankind is constantly tempted, taunted and often tortured. We think we have free will. Really we are driven to our choices. We have these things whispering in our ears and making us believe we are in full control. Only our intuition or soul which is connected to source allows us to question it. But it is often too difficult to figure out what is real and what is fake. Seeing is not believing as technology advances our eyes are easier to deceive. Our feelings though, are not. That’s why I try to block out everything and trust my gut in most situations.

Mother sends me a photo of her new Altar. Even though I hesitate to do so, I look. As predicted it is a dark one.There are something’s I can’t even pronounce and two figurines I recognize. I don’t really comment back except for that they looked cool and I asked her when did she assemble this. I only really cared about my timeline. She replies I am getting back into my old religion. These guys will get the job done and they will not be played with. I say good luck with that mother and end the conversation. It makes me kind of sad. She’s far gone now and I have to watch my back. My mother is not out to get me but those evil forces can’t stand to see a good witch or too much white light. I know the nightmares will begin and attachments will happen. That last attachment took me over a month to get rid of and it was at the expense of losing my job. Like I said, something must always be sacrificed.As she goes darker they will taunt me and drain my energy as energy vampires do. So I must prepare.

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