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7 Christian Poems for a Daughter



Your body is a Temple,

Keep it clean,

In and out,

From drugs, porn,

Lust and sex,

Jesus Christ is what it's all about!

Tell the guy,


Into your body,

He cannot go,

No fornication,

No masterbation,

Licentiousness is out.

Sex can wait,

Jesus Christ is what it's all about!

Keep your body at it's best,

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You will come to see in time,

That God has a special man for you,

One who's striving to have a Christlike mind.

So for now my daughter,

Sex can wait.

D Alsup


The sun will rise tomorrow

Upon the newborn day,

And give you faith and confidence

To start you on your way.

Thank God for all his blessings

That He bestows on you,

And granting you forgiveness

Time after time anew.

Your life will be more brighter

And far more worthwhile too,

If you let God be a part

And share each day with you.

Harold F. Mohn


If you feel a strong need

For the Lord to be there,

But have never partaken

In the practice of prayer -

You don't need a talent

For well-chosen words

For the needs of your heart

By the Lord to be heard.

So with trust, cast aside

Shortcomings and fears;

The Lord's always ready

To dry bitter tears.

Sweet peace will unfold

As you follow the path

To total elation

And joys that can last.

Catherine Janssen Irwin


We find rich blessings everywhere

In earth, on skies above:

All gifts we see so bright and fair,

Have come from God above:

O shall our lips, then silent be?

No, grateful hearts we'll raise

For heavenly gifts, so full and free,

That bless our earthly ways.


A record of a Christian faith,

Foregiveness, mercy, too,

The story of Onesimus

In memory review;

He was the slave of old who robbed

And from his master fled;

In Rome known as an artisan,

And free, he earned his bread.

But afterward it came to pass

He heard the words of Paul,

Confessed his theft from Philemon

And gave to Christ his all;

Advised by Paul, apostle brave,

To Philemon he went,

And telling all his fault with fear,

In humbleness he bent.

But Philemon, all wrath withheld, -

For Paul had pled the cause, -

Then full forgiveness freely gave,

According to Christ's laws;

A story true with symbol blest

That evermore will live,

For souls who seek the Christ with faith

Shall find He will forgive.


Lead me, ever lead me

On the path that says forgive.

Help me, my precious Lord,

To love each day I live.

I need your guidance daily

As I go along my way.

Open my heart to listen

To every word You say.

Thank You for understanding

My each and every need.

I want to always follow

Wherever You may lead.

Dona M. Maroney


Every seed is sewn with love

And watered with his tears...

Each one is cultivated

By his word throughout the years.

He protects each beautiful blossom

In the shadow of his wings...

Jesus, the Master Gardener,

The Creator of wonderful things.

In His eyes He sees a garden

That is waiting to be grown...

From the smallest little seedling,

He calls each one His own.

Within his little garden

Are folks, like you and me...

Growing stronger in His sunshine,

Where love was meant to be.

Jill Lemming

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you really enjoyed this hub. Please feel free to share with us here any Christian poetry or verses for a daughter that you may have.

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BIGCSSHOP (author) on August 02, 2012:

Hi whittwrites, Glad you enjoyed the poems and took the time to share your comments.

Timothy Whitt from New Jersey on June 18, 2012:

Great poetic works. Keep up the good writing

BIGCSSHOP (author) on January 22, 2012:

Hi htodd, So glad you liked the poems. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a Great year!

htodd from United States on January 14, 2012:

Awesome poems..Thanks for writing

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