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Captain Marvel: Shazam



Captain Marvel another one of my favorite super heroes from DC comics. This lens will be mostly about the animated film Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. Although, I think Captain Marvel deserves more, he really isn't the most popular of super heroes. I think however, this character is pretty awesome especially for young new comic readers or just super hero fans in general. His secret identity is Billy Batson, just a kid that was chosen by the wizard Shazam which gives Billy the ability to become a hero. Young Billy becomes Captain Marvel and gaining his power of Super-Strength, Speed, Flight, basic Superman powers basically but instead of having heat vision or super breath he has magic and lightning. All Billy Batson has to do is speak "Shazam!" and he will become this awesome hero. The one next to Captain Marvel in the picture is Marvelman or Miracleman (his name in the US).

Captain Marvel was a super hero for Fawcett Comics originally till a lawsuit with DC comics. The claim was that Captain Marvel was a copy of their character Superman. L. Miller & Son reprinted black and white copies of Captain Marvel and other characters in the UK. When the lawsuit came about they made Miracleman with the help of Mick Anglo to which was like Captain Marvel but except he used the word "Kimota" which would be atomic backwards. This was because during the lawsuit no new comics could be published of the Captain Marvel issues which was at the time popular. Eventually Marvel comics obtained the rights to Miracleman and still does to this day.

Captain Marvel's latest change of name to purely Shazam has nothing to do with a lawsuit or anything. It just made sense to them to change the name, not surprising since most call him Shazam already. I actually don't like the change of name because it just doesn't make sense to me. Lets say Shazam introduces himself to another super hero saying "Hi, I'm Shazam." Wouldn't he just change back to Billy Batson? So to me he will always be called Captain Marvel to me.


Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam


I thought this was a great short film that included other shorts such as Jonah Hex, Green Arrow, and Spectre. It's a great buy now on amazon to think how much I paid for it. I usually wait till the price goes down of movies before I buy them, but not on this occasion. The movie gives a great story of how Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel and discovers his powers and responsibilities. Captain Marvel also makes an appearance in Superman Batman Public Enemies. Cool scene you can see it in the youtube vids below.

Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam - Also TV Series


New 52 Look for Captain Marvel

Going by Shazam

Captain Marvel's new look, looks awesome. I especially like the incorporation of the hood with the suit. He does look a little evil though, don't know really all the facts on this new version as of yet. As I mentioned above this is where he is now known as Shazam. What do you think of the newest look and name, let me know in the comments.

Shazam New 52 Stuff

Black Adam

Black Adam


Wizard Shazam, Captain Marvel, and Mary Marvel

Soloman: Wisdom

Hercules: Strength

Atlas: Stamina

Zeus: Power

Achilles: Courage

Mercury: Speed

Captain Marvel Vs. Superman

Captain Marvel Superman

Captain Marvel Superman

Obviously Superman is vulnerable to magic. Do you think he can over come that and win or would Captain Marvel Slaughter him in a fight??

Superman Shazam

Lightning Strikes Twice


Marvels - DC vs Marvel


What did you think of the Movie or this Character?

Gabriel (author) from U.S. on February 17, 2013:

@jeremecausing: Right you are.

Jereme Causing from Philippines on February 16, 2013:

He's one of the few characters who can injure superman (aside from Batman) since he uses magic

Gabriel (author) from U.S. on September 23, 2012:

@Scarlet Spider: Cool, it is a good one to see not a very long movie though. I agree great fight and great character, in my top five favorite superheroes.

Scarlet Spider on September 22, 2012:

Haven't seen the movie yet alas, but I thought the fight Captain Marvel and Superman had in Kingdom Come was fantastic.The Captain's a great character all around, IMO!

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