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Calypso Christmas By Ruskin Bond - Book Review

Calypso Christmas Book Review

Calypso Christmas is a novella fiction written by famous Ruskin Bond. These treasure of short stories brought laughter on my face. Moreover, the scene of pathos loaded my heart with compassion. Its adventurous stories were also thrilling to read.

So here are the reviews of all the stories of this wonderful book.


Here the Ruskin Bond takes us into the world war II. Well, not exactly on the battleground but into the lives spent by American and British Soldiers in Dehradun - A Recreational Centre.

The main part of this story is about a beautiful coffee-coloured girl having sloe-eyed, glossy black hair and full enticing lips. Gracie was the most beautiful girl in the narrator's eyes. But unfortunately, Gracie didn't know about his one-sided love.

I found the story witty, suspenseful and emotional.

Read about the relationship between the soldiers, Gracie and the narrator's one-sided love; and, yes, of course, to have a tour in beautiful Dehradun of that time.

The Room on the Roof

This is a thrilling excerpt from another book of Ruskin Bond. This book has made him win the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize.

The story gives a glimpse into the life of a 17-year-old boy called Rusty, who was fed of his cruel guardian and how he rebelled against him.

Death of a Familiar

This is a humorous read about a narrator's mischievous friend, Sunil. He met Sunil at a wrestling pit, which the narrator regretted.

Everyone in Shahganj was annoyed with Sunil, so the narrator (forgetting that he annoys him too) invited him to travel to Simla. There, he fell in love with a teacher who was way older than him; all the real trouble begins here.

The title is named as "Death of a Familiar" because the narrator remembers all his mischievous and an emotional unsuccessful love story when he hears the news of his death.

I think the word, "Familiar" instead of "Friend", is used because even if Sunil offered him this friendship bond; he never approved it. For Sunil, the author was a presumed friend.

Bhabiji's House

Here the narrator tells us about a visit he paid to a sweet Punjabi family in Delhi. It all consists of a humorous family drama.

Calypso Christmas

So we are finally at the story which is the title of the book. The story is a great combination of humour and pathos.

Calypso Christmas is a warm story about the narrator's Christmases in London with his crazy friends. The story made me think as if I am with the narrator celebrating Christmas.

My Father's Trees in Dehra

The author feels nostalgic after his return to Dehradun. He tells us about his childhood memories associated with his grandfather built bungalow.

He takes us on a tour into the beautiful valleys and Dilaram Bazaar of Dehradun. While wandering the street near the bungalow, he meets an interesting street vendor with whom he has an intriguing and deep conversation.

The reason behind naming this story as, 'My Father's Trees in Dehra', is because of the words of wisdom shared on seeds of the tree by the narrator's father to him.

An Evening at the Savoy with H.H.

This is a laughable read that I enjoyed a lot. Ruskin narrates an evening full of comedy that happened because of a wealthy drunken dame. The fun tale starts from a birthday party and ends the narrator pushing a rickshaw; to know what happened in between, read the book.

Panther's Moon

This an adventurous tale of a boy Bisnu, who with his smartness, fights a Panther to save his village. To find out whether he wins or lose, you have to read the book.

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Prithviraj Shirole (author) from India on October 09, 2020:

Hi Sowspeaks,

That's amazing! I am really glad the article refreshed your memories associated with such a wonderful book.

Indeed, Ruskin Bond's books are remarkable to read.

Thanks for your appreciative words.

sowspeaks from Bengaluru on October 09, 2020:

Hi Prithviraj, I am a huge Ruskin Bond fan and this little review you had in here got me all excited and some of the stories I remember very well like Panthers Moon but some of the others I seem to have forgotten. Time to revisiting. Thanks for refreshing the memories.