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Cactus Never Get a Hug

imma' a teen gypsy sharing my stories as in my journey I'm unraveling them on every turn that i come through

Cause a Cactus Never Get a Hug~~

And the baby cactus used to keep staring outside the window, with longing little poorly eyes. The dandelions on pavement, the green grass, the chirping birds , rustling leaves, dancing wind were all its friends. the sunshine would come tickling it in the morning , birds singing ode for it. Yet the baby was loner in the crowd. all it was longing was for a hug.

everyday in the morning , it would keep staring its owner with those poorly innocent eyes , just in the wait that someday the owner would hug it just like other plants get hugged. The owner loved the cactus alot, it was a little cute baby, different and beautiful looking of all , but was never cuddled or hugged because it was a cactus. It was meant to have thorns. One fine morning , like everyday the owner came with the watering pot , he watered the Rosemary kept on the shelf and randomly hugged it , and came next to the baby to water it, and suddenly one of the thorns got pricked in his hand. The wound was bleeding , watching the blood running the baby was disheartened, it turned around to then dandelions and asked, "why can't I have hugs?" , on hearing its words the mean daisies chuckled," Cause you are a cactus, and a cactus never get a hug!", the dandelions yelled at daisy to be quiet , poor baby starting weeping alone. The dandelions looked at the baby and assured it that a day would come when it will have someone who will hug it.

But the baby was still stuck in the memory of how its thorn pricked its owners hand and it started bleeding. The seasons passed , the years passed by , the baby grew up into a healthy beautiful looking young cactus , having the medium grown thorns, having graceful elegant body. It was the most beautiful plant of all from the collection that owner had, everyone who would visit the house ,would just stand by the window and appreciate its beauty ,but the cactus was all longing was for a warm hug rather than that of sweet words. All its friends were gone , the leaves , the daisies, the dandelions too. It was all alone,standing on the window. The days were passing ,and the poor cactus was in the hope at every sun set that the coming morning would bring it a warm hug as a gift.

And one day , finally the wait was over. It was birthday of the owners daugther, the whole room was decorated with colourful ribbons, flowers ,rugs ,ballons , dazzling lights and alot. A colourful aura was around. poor cactus stared everyone with a smile on its face, while it was lost in its thoughts ,it heard a whisper from its side, it turned its neck to left and was surprised. "hello friend!", came a little baby voice from his side. It was a little red ballon that someone tied on the handle of plant rack. The cactus was confused what to respond , with his young dulcet voice he replied ,"hello dear, what are you doing here?", "hanging here and adoring the outside world just like you!", the ballon replied giving cactus a grin smile , watching it grin the cactus chuckled . They talked for hours , laughed , giggled. They were more of a besties now. Finally the dark days for cactus were over, the little baby that lost its friends years ago found happiness around it. The days passed they both would talk together for hours , spend time together. The little ballon would ask cactus silly question while the cactus would narrate stories of his past friends. As the days passed they become a family.

But as someone has quoted, nothing is permanent not the sorrow not even the joy too. On one random evening while they both were staring the sunset , the baby ballon turned to cactus and asked ,"may i hug you?", hearing those words the whole past flashed in front of cactus' eyes. The memories that kept it haunting once again knocked its doors. It become silent as every moment of the painful past flashed , and before it could say any other word , the little ballon came closer to it and boom! The dark from which the cactus escaped , was now again thrown into it. it happen in all of sudden that it couldn't bid a goodbye to its friend. the doors of happiness were again closed for it. The cactus was all alone again, that loneliness again surrounded it . The cactus was now all alone again on that window staring at the set and now wishing that a hug shall never come to it.

And again the seasons changed, days passed , the cactus grew older. On one beautiful morning of spring, a beautiful butterfly came flying to cactus , it sat near it and asked,"may i hug you?", as those words hit its ears, the cactus turned red with anger and yelled, "you dare to come near me you little idiot!" and listening its reply the butterfly flew away terrified . The dandelions on pavement yelled at it, "why would you behave so mean to it, why would you say like that?" , the cactus turned it back with tear brimmed in its eyes replied, "cause a cactus never get a hug!"

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